Let’s Get At Least ONE Thing Straight: There’s No Such Thing as “Democratic Socialism”

Democracy implies that you can vote in someone who will support and enact something, and then you can vote in someone else who can undo all that the previous guy did. No Socialist ever intends to enact anything that can be undone in some future election.


Remember, once the Socialist has stolen what he’s going to steal, he doesn’t just sit on it so that at some future date he can give it back if a future election mandates it. No, once he’s stolen it, the Socialist… uses it. 


This is because Socialism is all about taking. The reason for this is a simple truth: To achieve greater societal equality by elevating those who have less is vastly more difficult than to achieve equality by taking from those who have more.


Socialists understand this intuitively, and, intuitively, they seek to reduce in stature those who have more, rather than elevating those who have less. 


The supporting reason for this is simple too: to elevate the poor, you must put in place opportunities that the poor might or might not take advantage of. This takes time, and some of the poor, will fail to take advantage of opportunities. To dispossess the wealthy, however, you need only to enact some law or other. And you can ignore the poor entirely. Easy!


Since Socialism works to impoverish those who have more, rather than elevating the impoverished, it guarantees a sick society.


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Do You Realize…

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