Some GREAT News!

Mark Steyn is Back!

The great Mark Steyn, the finest commentator in the English Language on current affairs has returned to active duty in the commentariat!

He’s produced a series of masterpieces recently, such as:

These are all examples of one of the finest inventions in the English language: Steynian Prose.

Steyn is the absolute king, the emperor, the Rolls Royce, Cartier, the Dom Perignon of the bon mot, of the astonishingly well-turned phrase.

When you read Mark Steyn, the muscles you need to say to yourself, “Man! I wish I’d said that!” become cramped and fatigued from overuse.

He’s today’s commentariat’s  Shakespeare. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, can turn a phrase as Mark Steyn can. Not P.J O’Rourke, nor Jonah Goldberg, nor Victor Davis Hanson, nor even Ben Shapiro (who might get there one day) can write as fluently, as easily, naturally, as smoothly, suavely, rollingly as Steyn.

I’m a big admirer, as you might have guessed.

And … He’s baaaaaack!


— xPraetorius



4 thoughts on “Some GREAT News!

        1. You’re very kind. Many thanks!

          Steyn’s essay on Weiner is at I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it, though, as you might have guessed, he turns many a phrase on body part references. Not inappropriately, but the young kids might find it surprising.


          — x

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