Whenever the Left Takes a Position on an Issue…

This struck me a long time ago, and nothing since has dislodged me from this conclusion: Whenever the Left takes a position on an issue, someone winds up dead. Or impoverished.

Go through the issues one-by-one and it always leads to someone dying.

Abortion? Baby dies. Was there any doubt on which side the Left would fall on this issue?

– The rising “issue” of Euthanasia? The Left supports the “right” to, you guessed it… die. Again, is there any doubt on which side the Left will fall on this question?

Healthcare? The Left always supports the the option that ensures that everyone has insurance, but that few can then use that coverage to obtain… healthcare. People die who wouldn’t have. Healthcare rationing kills. The British NHS is vivid evidence of it.

– How about the places where the Left has controlled all the issues for generations, the cities? Major American cities are places of early, violent death for many, but especially young black men.

Welfare? The Left supports policies that keep people poor. Poor people die early, far more than prosperous people.

Foreign policy? The Left was the main reason any American administration was hamstrung in its abilities to resist militant, aggressive Socialism and militant, aggressive Islam.

In the Socialist hellholes of the twentieth century, people died violently by the tens of millions. And militant Islam has murdered tens of thousands in the past few years alone. More death from the Left.

– It should be noted that the Socialist and Islamic regimes dealing death on a massive scale in their countries are all of the… Left.

– Because of the American Left, America surrendered South Vietnam to the Socialists. The result? More Vietnamese murdered — in “peacetime” — than died in the entire two decades of the war.

– Because of the Left, America surrendered Laos to the Communist Pathet Lao. The result? The Hmong people were nearly wiped out entirely in Laos. Again, more people died at the hands of the international Left in a couple of years of “peacetime” than died in the preceding decades of war.

– Because of the Left, America surrendered Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge Communists. The result? Pol Pot’s goons slaughtered 1/4 to 1/3 of the population of the country. Yet again, more people died at the hands of the international Left in a couple of years of “peacetime” than died in the preceding decades of war. Far more people.

Go ahead… name the issue.

Education? Academia at all levels is owned by the political Left across America. Leftist teachers’ unions are working hard to deny to all children an education in what really matters in terms of preparing them to obtain real skills to deal with real life. Instead teachers are indoctrinating children in useless codswallop that will guarantee that they’ll have a harder time finding meaningful (for them) work, and will consign them to poverty. Yep. Poor people — die. Earlier, more frequently, in more awful ways… than prosperous people.

The environment? The Left is intent on dismantling all the engines of prosperity that have lifted billions out of poverty, ensuring (1) that no others will escape poverty, and (2) consigning many millions who had escaped poverty, back into poverty. Poor people — die.

– How about COVID? I don’t know, let’s ask Andrew Cuomo, who did everything he possibly could have done to ensure that the maximum people possible would… die. So did others. Not all of them leftists, it should be noted. However, since hustling people to their death seems to be an end goal of all leftist policies, it appears intentional on the part of the Left, and and accidental on the part of others. Inexcusable all the same, but accidental.

– How about personal morality in general? Well, when the subject of homosexuality in general came up, which side supported gayness in all its aspects? To the point of making it not a disorder, but rather something noble and courageous and virtuous. Gay people die significantly earlier than straight people. Social science has not determined that it’s because of “discrimination,” because America openly discriminates in favor of gay people. I have nothing whatsoever against gay people, and have many gay friends. Likewise, I have nothing against alcoholics and have alcoholic friends too. I don’t pretend with either of them that their particular abnormalities are good things.

– Which side was all in, in support of the “Sexual Revolution” of the ’60’s? The phenomenon now recognized as a major factor in the devastation of the nuclear family.

The dissolution of the nuclear family has led to… death. Of course. From depression to dysfunction to detachment to despair… the horrific fallout from the destruction of the nuclear family will continue to harm, wound and kill Americans for generations. Another result of the dissolution of the family: generational impoverishment.

– How about all things “trans?” Well, who supports the “right” of children to inflict permanent damage on their own bodies without parental consent? Suicidality in the “trans” community is orders of magnitude higher than in the rest of the population.

And on and on and on and on and on and on and on it goes. Pick the issue.

I’ll paraphrase my opening thesis: Whenever the Left takes a position on an issue, someone winds up dead or impoverished — frequently both.

— xPraetorius

July 7/2021

13 thoughts on “Whenever the Left Takes a Position on an Issue…

  1. And the right has never been responsible for the death of anyone?

    You’ve obsession with hating the left is nothing short of bizarre.

    1. “And the right has never been responsible for the death of anyone?”

      Incorrect. And, of course, I never said that, or even suggested it.

      As far as hating the Left goes, that is also incorrect. I hate leftism, not leftists.

      Leftists, like you, are merely misguided or ignorant. There ARE leftists who are truly malevolent people, and those people can be found in the leadership of the Left.

      People like you, though, are just ignorant.


      — x

    1. Wellllllllllllllllll, THAT was nonsensical!

      Since I never suggested, or even HINTED that I have it all figured out, you’re going to have to divest yourself of your warm fuzzies.

      Sorry ’bout that.


      — x

        1. Only one personality to a customer, dude.

          You have one — a really dumb one, but one all the same.

          And, I noted the paucity of arguments against any points we’ve made, going instead straight to the insults. Ok, I guess it’s open season again.



          — x

  2. Yep. History, science, empirical data of any kind has no weight against the vast, universal knowledge and unarguable intellect of xPraetorius. We’re just idiots to his supreme intelligence.

    1. Let’s see what you got wrong here:

      — History, science, empirical data DO have weight.
      — xPraetorius has no “universal knowledge,” just a LOT of knowledge.
      — xPraetorius has no “supreme intelligence,” just a lot of intelligence.
      — xPraetorius’ intellect and knowledge are not “unarguable.” Few things are unarguable, obviously.

      You DID get one thing right: You are just an idiot.



      — x

      1. “You are just an idiot.”

        That’s always your go-to when you have nothing else to bring to any kind of conversation.

          1. Do you ever have ANYTHING to say, that’s NOT just boilerplate sayings from the ultra-Left playbook?

            It’s funny watching you and the rest of the lefty herd parrot the latest leftist whines as they strive ceaselessly to deflect attention away from their own nitwittery.


            — x

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