If The Canadian Truckers Prevail, It’ll Be Despite:

A massive propaganda campaign of lies and slander — that can only be called: evil — directed at them from the Western World’s Government-Media-Social Media (“GoMeSoMe“) complex.

$10 million stolen from them by GoMeSoMe.

$10 million stolen from them — again! And again by GoMeSoMe.

Aggressive censorship by GoMeSoMe.

Apparently an alliance between GoMeSoMe and cyber-gangsters who hacked the GiveSendGo site.

A significant proportion of society that is not in favor of the movement.

What’s working in the truckers’ favor?

Apparently a significant, but silent, proportion of law enforcement personnel who are not in favor of moving against them. Several police officers have released private videos suggesting this.

Apparently a significant, but mostly silent, proportion of military personnel who are not in favor of moving against them. There were open reports of requests by the government to the military to quash the protests. To which, apparently, the military said, “No.” I don’t have other details.

A small army of street reporters, armed with streaming smart phones, chronicling the entire movement, live and minute-by-minute, and giving the lie to the GoMeSoMe slanders. (Yes, I recognize the contradiction this represents with the multitudinous reports of censorship. My best guess/explanation for that is that the GoMeSoMe goons don’t believe they can yet act with complete autonomy and impunity to quash all contradictory reports and reporters. GoMeSoMe censorship and deplatforming tend to be directed most aggressively against those people and entities that stick out above the crowd — the sore thumbs. An important, if temporary, advantage for the good guys!)

Massive popular support in the Canadian populace as a whole.

This last, in light of the fact that there are many who oppose the movement, demonstrates that our normally, quiet, calm, placid northern neighbor is more polarized, more militant and more politically informed and motivated under the surface than anyone thought. There beats a stout heart under the calm Canadian countenance!

Finally, if the Canadian Truckers prevail, it’ll mean that the movement was far, far more powerful, far deeper, far more consequential than a vast reactionary confederacy of government thugs, thieves, liars, mountebanks, all controlling the police, the military and the communications of the nations, ever realized. And far too powerful for this gang of goons and gangsters to overcome, even with the entire arsenal of grotesque tools at their disposal.

It’ll mean the dawn of new, real hope for the rest of the western world too. It’ll mean that such a sentiment undergirds the thinking and sensibilities of the entire western world to a far greater extent than anyone realized or understood.

In what used to be the freest, most generous, most liberal assemblage of civilizations in the history of the world, truckers across the western world are coming together to say, “Count us in too!” We want back what we once had: Individual freedoms the likes of which the rest of the world had never seen, and could only marvel at with envy and admiration.

There’s good reason for which the peoples of the world yearned nearly unanimously to make their way to the west, to America, to Europe, to Canada. There’s good reason for which there’s never been a counter-balancing migration to the Orient, to Africa, to Russia, to South America.

Freedom can be a powerful draught, intoxicating the vision of the free, quickening the pulse, and inspiring ordinary people to do great things. A people drunk on liberty is the best possible tonic to rid the world of governments drunk on power.

Keep on keepin’ on, Canadian Truckers!

– xPraetorius


3 thoughts on “If The Canadian Truckers Prevail, It’ll Be Despite:

  1. The Canadian truckers have support from all over the world. They fight for the freedom of us all. The GLOBAL attack on our freedoms has provoked a GLOBAL reaction. The globalists unintentionally have achieved something which is very difficult to achieve: to unite freedom lovers around the world in a common cause, in a resistance movement that transcents borders. All the truckers have to do to break the back of the Trudeau regime is, simply stop working. The supply chains would break in a matter of days.

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