Brothawolf Replies! (and … doesn’t reply)

Yep. Brothawolf (BW) replied, sort of, here to our challenge posted here. Our suggestion was a response to BW’s attempt to be provocative, and his threat to inform on us to the great WordPress Thought Police, if we didn’t stop disagreeing with him. (Do you smell the totalitarian mindset in there too?)

We suggested that BW take a deep breath. Other than a few well-placed barbs, we’ve been way more respectful toward him, than he toward us! By a very big longshot!

Anyway, in the above-linked (the second link) exchange, BW berated us because we didn’t respond in what he considered a timely fashion. Apparently that meant that BW expected us to respond on the very same day! Well, he hadn’t then responded yet at all, and it had been almost a week!

Except, that is, on his blog. Which, I’m sorry … doesn’t count.

Why? Because it’s the coward’s way out. Anyone can respond on one’s own blog, then block any replies one doesn’t like. Rebuttals, for example.

Here at our small, but increasingly influential blog, we allow any and all comments, from anyone and everyone. At all times. No exceptions. BW invited us, on our blog, to respond to his questions, which we did … on our blog. As requested. Where BW then would have been more than welcome to respond. He didn’t.

BW’s blog’s tagline is “Howling For Justice!”  Yeah. Apparently not.

BW has written a post (here) in which he’s accused us of a bunch of terrible, terrible things. You’d think, that in the interest of actual justice, he’d allow us at least to defend ourselves … to get the last word even!

A gentleman, or someone supposedly “Howling For Justice,” would do that.

But…nope. Not BW. What kind of person supposedly interested in “justice,” doesn’t allow an accused person even to defend himself?!?

The answer to that is simple: someone who’s not a gentleman, and who’s not interested in justice … especially when the going gets a little tough. Then, it’s: “F-U, justice! I’m burying my head in the sand until the bad man(1) goes away!”

BW has blocked me from even responding to his attacks on his own blog… the very definition of the coward who hides behind censorship and bullying as he abuses those who can’t defend themselves.

BW has responded to our post … on his own blog … in the comfort and safety of his worshipful echo chamber of those who simply nod and agree with everything he says. Plainly without ever having challenged their own worldviews against someone who might simply have a different point of view, and who, in this case, is plainly more informed than either he or his echo chamber.

And, as mentioned above, I cannot respond, except here, which I’ll do now. As is our blog’s practice when dealing with those who censor us, I’ll take the contents of the post into this one, and respond to them point-by-point.

An interesting side note: One of the things of which the Left — my usual whipping boys in such exchanges — accuses me, is that I (we) respond only selectively to things. That’s actually kind of funny. I know of no other blog, or even single commentator, who does as we do, in responding nearly completely comprehensively to what is tossed our way.

So, if I’ve understood the accusation accurately, then the accusers are irritated at us because we don’t give that full-response treatment to every single one of their posts. Well, simply enough, there’s not enough time, and some of their posts are just so stupid that they don’t merit a comprehensive treatment, so we either ignore them, or respond more perfunctorily to them. Others of their posts might be topics we’d already addressed well before that.

Here’s our policy: If we deem the post worth responding to, then we address it as completely as we possibly can. Simple as that.

Furthermore, to those posts we do address, we respond way more comprehensively than just about anyone we’ve ever seen. We adopted this modus operandi on purpose; first because we enjoy addressing the issues of the day, and second to set ourselves up as the commentators who do address issues comprehensively.

So, without further ado, we’ll talk a bit about BW’s response/non-response here. In doing so, we’ll take each paragraph into this page, and address react to its content in a kind of point-counterpoint manner. Then we’ll regretfully take our leave of Brothawolf. First each of BW’s paragraphs, then our reaction.

BW’s Post and My Responses:

BW said (Paragraph 1): No more!

My Response: Uhhhh… okay.

BW said (Paragraph 2): I tried to be civil, patient and I even tried to ignore you. None of that worked. You constantly invade my blog with your snobbish demeanor, cyberstalking through sock puppetry and juvenile style of name calling and peer pressure that should be above you but apparently isn’t due to you using numerous identities and take no responsibility for any of them. This is no longer a battle of ideologies or politics. This is about you being so deranged that you can’t tear yourself away from a simple g******mn blog who’s sick and tired of you. All of you!

My Response: First of all, the very last thing BW ever tried was to be civil or patient. He was never, not once, able to refrain from the most ridiculous of name-calling… from the start. As for “invading his blog,” we’ve gone there from time to time, maybe once per year and a half. Hardly an “invasion.” With that said, BW is prone to hyperbole, so I understand his word to mean: “unwanted visitor.” I liken it to this: Jehovah’s Witnesses and a home invader might both be unwanted visitors at our residence. If we liken our residence to a blog, then BW has characterized both the harmless Jehovah’s Witnesses — us — and the blog equivalent of a potentially violent criminal as “invaders.” BW is usually careless with his language, which is odd considering that he obviously places great importance on the content of his blog.

Furthermore, as I said to BW, the people who supported our point of view on his blog were not sock puppets. I then showed him how his “evidence” to the contrary was, simply… wrong. He then listed everyone who had written in support of our ideas and again insisted that they were just one person, me, xPraetorius.

Never mind the sheer ego in the accusation, he was, is, wrong, and then he did exactly what he accused us of: not listening, not assimilating new information, not acknowledging even the obvious truths that we wrote. Here’s one of them: BW accuses Roger (English IP address) of being me, and of really writing from the same place as all our other supporters. Well, if that’s the case, if we all write from the same place, but display IP addresses from around the world, then my point is correct: the IP address is not any kind of evidence for the origin of someone’s post.

As anyone who reads this blog knows well, we guard our anonymity jealously. as a result, we make extensive use of technology (both high and low) and software (perfectly free, by the way, to anyone who wants it) that masks the actual origin of our posts and replies.

Then in the same post, BW calls us all “deranged.” He gets upset at “name-calling,” and we have indulged in it from rare time to time. But for every incident in which we might be guilty of indulging in name-calling, BW and his supporters did it 100 times. “Deranged” is just one of many, many names, and all of them repeated many, many times.

Then, at the very end, BW calls us “all of us.” Sheesh! To call BW less than entirely coherent is to be kind.

BW said (Paragraph 3): xPrae, Roger, Apollo, whoever you are. I warned you. And even though your alter ego Roger used a different IP address, I’m not stupid enough to be convinced that you’re two different people. And even if you are, Roger, you’re as much of a sorry a** bully as xPrae. I don’t care if you claim you’re a professor at f****ng Hogwarts. You should know better than that!

My Response: More of BW’s bloviating on about what I’ve already proven conclusively is wrong. Note also, that BW is unable to control his language. His writing degenerates regularly into the trashy and obscene. Undisciplined language is the first indicator of undisciplined thinking. Or disordered thinking.

BW said (Paragraph 4): So yes. Cry, b***h and moan about how the left is restricting your freedom of speech. Call me names if that makes you feel superior while compensating for something. But let me inform you that with freedom comes responsibility. Just because you can say whatever you want is not a license for diarrhea of the mouth. And you calling me a coward shows you’re not intellectual or mature enough not to resort to childlike tactics to get your points across, disagree and take a hint like an adult.

My Response: Lol! In this paragraph, BW resorts to another of his favorite tactics: taunting — and artless taunting at that. Now, no one appreciates good snark more than I, but this is not good snark. Furthermore, there’s nothing in the paragraph to react to. Except to say something like, “Whatever.”

What’s even funnier is that all while accusing me of calling him names, BW then calls me stupid (not intellectual), immature (not mature enough), egotistical (superior feeling), inadequate (compensating), and a blabbermouth (diarrhea of the mouth). It’s as if BW had written something like: “xPrae, you’re nothing but a stupid, immature, egotistical, inadequate, blabberemouthed name-caller!” Apparently, BW also lacks any sense of irony.

The point? Even though there’s nothing to react to in BW’s paragraph, we extended the courtesy of a reaction. 🙂

BW said (Paragraph 5): And yet, you still call me a coward. To that I say f**k you.

My Response: Welllll… you’re still censoring me (us) from your blog. Apparently, you’re afraid of what I (we) might say. If you wish, you can decide on what label to attach to someone whose only weapon is… words. What do you call such a person?

One more note: In deciding that anyone who disagrees with you is, well, me, then you’re essentially saying that no one who disagrees with you can contribute to your blog. Again, what label would you attach to that?

BW said (Paragraph 6): So, I have no choice but to report you to Word Press. It will take time, but I will make my case clear and concise. How they will handle this is unclear, but I hope they will do something to get you off my back.

My Response: BW resorts to the usual tactic of the Left: shutting up dissent. In the Soviet Union, they killed you… and your family and friends. BW imagines that WordPress is the KGB and that he can simply turn me in, and they’ll take care of us on his behalf. I think that might be okay. I’ve checked with our legal counsel. It might be a good idea to bring this to the courts to see how strong the First Amendment really is.

It should be noted that the entire crux of this is the following:

  1. My colleague, representing this blog, went to BW’s blog and suggested that if black Americans get an education, work hard, learn to speak well, get along well with others, and present themselves more or less normally, then they have no more obstacles to success than anyone else.
  2. BW and his supporters then called my colleague, and others of us when we joined in: racists, liars, deranged, uneducated, uninformed, stupid, immature, and more. By way of “arguments,” BW and his supporters presented a few anecdotes, as well as source materials from either obscure hard-leftist, or fellow race-mongering blogs.
  3. We presented sources and arguments that most everyone recognizes as either valid, or without taint of bias, or even biased against our side, but agreeing with our points. In short, we presented solid arguments and evidence. We suggested that BW’s irrelevancies were insufficient arguments to overturn our premise and continued to press the points. In short, we won the argument(s).
  4. This upset BW and his supporters, who, unable to counter our points, insisted unanimously that we be silenced. This is, needless to say, the real modus operandi of the left, and of the race addicts. They have no real arguments, so they must shut down the debate before it even happens.

BW said (Paragraph 7): If anyone else has problems with xPrae, please chime in.

My Response: Uhhhh… okay. Calling all snowflakes! If you too are insecure in your beliefs, and are tired of having your poorly fleshed-out thoughts challenged, contact BW. I’m sure he can offer constructive solutions so that you can remain comfortable in your ignorance. Goodness knows, he’s an expert in that! 🙂 Yes, I recognize that I indulged in a bit of name-calling there.

BW said (Paragraph 8): UPDATE: I got some advice from others, and the best way to remedy this is to block your IP addresses, the one you usually use and the one you used as Roger. And if you use another IP address, I’ll block it as well. Consider this my farewell present.


To summarize, it looks as if our attempts to find someone in the Race Grievance Industry (RGI) who might be ready, willing and able to learn from us, or to teach us, or to debate honestly, or to engage in an honest exchange of ideas… has proven fruitless.

From this blog we approached Brothawolf and Abagond. In both cases, our attempts to be firmly confrontational but polite were greeted with irrational outpourings of howls and derision, without any actual substantive arguments. Remember, this was over hundreds and hundreds of posts and replies.

Now, that was in this blog. We did this in dozens of blogs across a wide spectrum of areas and bloggers, of races, ages and locales. We found not one single RGI blog willing to address seriously the idea of race in America. Not one.

There are a lot of potential conclusions that can come from this slice of the RGI that we investigated. Surely, however, one of these conclusions is that we will get nowhere in America, as it pertains to race, if black Americans are convinced that they have no chance to succeed because of their race.

My conclusion, and that of our blog, is that the leadership of the Race Grievance Industry profits mightily — in money and power — from mostly imaginary racism in America. Since the dominant media are owned by the Left, and the Left have embraced the racialism of the RGI, then it’s part of the fraudulent narrative that they, and all the other fellow travelers of the Left continue to spread. It comes from Hollywood, the media, Academia and pop culture.

It appears that we will not be dealing with BW in the future. Unless, that is, he changes his mind and grows up a bit… a whole lot. Shame, really. He did have moments. They were few and far between, but they were there. I personally focused on those moments and developed a grudging affection for BW. Remember, this is a guy who hated first my colleague, a petite black woman, then me, from the moment he encountered us, and only because of the color he imagined our skin to be.

At the same time, it’s difficult to be all that angry at that patent racism. After all, that is the state of mind in which BW marinates every day. Our experience shows pretty conclusively that he rejects out of hand any viewpoints that don’t explicitly support his own. And he rushes to assimilate the viewpoints and “facts,” no matter how suspect, or even ridiculous, that support his own points of view.

In this sense, he’s not all that different from so many other Americans who indulge almost exclusively in the same confirmation bias. It takes real courage, real intellect, real integrity, to leave one’s comfort zone and engage in a genuine search for truth.

America needs such courage, intellect and integrity now more than ever. We won’t, likely, be getting that from Brothawolf, or the rest of the RGI. Not any time soon, that is.

— xPraetorius


(1) Or, am I a man?!? 🙂

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