France’s Horrible Choice

France will elect a new President soon. They get to choose between a hard left-wing doofus, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, and a weird left-wing doofus — labeled (of course) an extreme rightist — named Marion Anne Perrine (Marine) Le Pen.

Mind you, this is not the only choice the French have, but it appears these two are the leading candidates.

Le Pen is superior only because she has a slightly better understanding of immigration in France. However, both Mélenchon and Le Pen are idiots.

Mélenchon’s ideas for France would doom her, while Le Pen’s ideas for France would doom her. A tad more slowly.

France is headed toward a very bad cliff, and Mélenchon would lock the steering wheel in place, and step on the gas. Le Pen would lock the steering wheel in the place and not step on the gas quite as hard. That’s the difference between the two.


One of the cradles, France, of mankind’s greatest invention ever — Western Civilization — is, essentially… doomed.

Okay, okay… it’s not a foregone conclusion. However, this particular election outcome in France guarantees that things will get far worse in that once great country, before they get better. The only question is whether this further deterioration will lead to some devastating inflection point.

For the sake of this once wonderful country, with its beautiful language and people, one hopes not.

— xPraetorius


6 thoughts on “France’s Horrible Choice

  1. Yeah, France is not in a good spot and their dismal choices will unfortunately affect all of us in the long run. The problem with France is the citizens have an insufferable soft spot for socialist/nationalist candidates and they never seem to learn from their mistakes. I say this is being half French myself and a lover of the country. It’s a shame really what’s going on there.

    1. I’m with you, Tricia. I have some French in me too, and I speak French, and Paris is my adopted home town. I have such stories about France and the French!

      That’s why your on-the-nose observation that the French have an unfortunate soft spot for socialist half-wits is so painful.


      — x

        1. Yep. You said it, Tricia.

          One quick story:I lived in France (in the South and in Paris) for my Junior year in college. I’m not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that I, an impoverished student, could have dined in a different family’s house or apartment, every day I was there.

          I did take some of the French I met up on their generous offer of dinner and conversation, and they treated me like a king. And in that manner, I frequently ate like a king… on a pauper’s budget.

          Many French people approached me to tell me how grateful they were for America’s involvement in World War II. Even many Parisians! — who were supposed to be so snootily anti-American — told me of their love for America.

          I love France, so this is painful for me.


          — x

          1. Oh what a great story x! And you’re right, a lot of the French, particularly in Normandy of course, really, really appreciate and love America. Their downfall is painful for me too. I’ll be there over the summer, should be interesting.

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