An Important Read

Key Phrase: Islam is king on a field of corpses.

Here’s the link to yet another great essay by the incomparable Mark Steyn, the finest commentator on the earth today. It’s called “The Incoming Roar” and it’s worth every second of the five or so minutes required to read it.

Yes, as islamists continue their campaign to bomb, behead and burn Christians out of the lands in which they and hundreds of  generations of their family have lived, Islam itself rises to stretch its blood-drenched hands over the Middle East. Over North Africa. Over increasing swathes of Europe and Asia. Darkness is descending over the entire planet, and the “multiculturalists” of the west are cheering its arrival .

Western multiculturalists, the American Left, like to pretend that, well, Islam has always been there, so we should just let them have the Middle East. Except… Christians were there 1,000 years before even the existence of Islam. And Jews were there centuries before that.

In America, it’s fashionable to condemn the western white man for displacing native Americans and for establishing the greatest, freest, most humane civilization, by far, in the long, sad history of the world.

Of course, the multiculturalists leave out that second part…

For centuries now, Muslims have been expanding Islam by conquering, murdering, enslaving… and pushing people out of their ancestral homes. All the while, western multiculturalists can’t stop pouring out their love for the bloodthirsty, power-hungry little bastards.

Western multiculturalists — America’s Left — have been in love with bloodthirsty, power-hungry little bastards since the recognition of the Left as a political tendency in the 1800’s.

They’ve had bromances/romances with the most prolific  mass murderers in all of human history: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, the Kims of North Korea, Ho, and more…(1)

The Democrat Party has never renounced its indirectly bloody past, or its loathsome past loves.(2)

More to the point, though, as Steyn’s sobering essay points out, if this trend continues, then western civilization — the only civilization in the world actually worth preserving — is doomed.

— xPraetorius


(1) There are thousands of other more minor names — scoundrels, tyrants and murderers all — who held the Democrats’ hearts for years: Khrushchev, Andropov, Brezhnev, Chernenko, Gomulka, Honecker, Hoxha, Jaruszelski, Tito (for a while), Husak, Kadar, and many, many more…

(2) It’s fascinating: the American Democrat Party has embraced every evil tendency the world has ever had in 19th and 20th Century history. They were the party that defended slavery, established and protected segregation, promulgated the Jim Crow Laws, embraced Communism and Socialism in all its ugly flavors — including for a while Fascism and Nazism — as well as racist eugenics, and more. And now they’re rushing to embrace primitivist Islam, euthanasia and the latest incarnation of racist eugenics.

Yet, they continue to insist that the Conservative movement is the home of racism and reactionary thought! And the media simply pass it along uncritically. If the media were simply honest — forget “unbiased,” that’s impossible — the Democrat Party would cease to be politically viable nearly overnight. To paraphrase Churchill, the American Democrat Party is a lie wrapped in a scam inside a fraud.

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