Abortion: A Thought Exercise

Shouldn’t we take just as seriously the suggestion that we should kill this defendant (the developing fetus), as we did in executing Nazi war criminals? And, of course, shouldn’t we prove, beyond any reasonable doubt whatsoever, that the fetus is not actually a person? Because whatever he, the fetus, is … he’s guilty of nothing whatsoever, and we all know it. Continue reading Abortion: A Thought Exercise

Abortion: Simplify. Clarify. Don’t Overthink It.

Bottom Line: Things that make sense, always do so on all levels. Spiritual, intellectual, logical, practical, moral, financial. In this essay, I’ve examined abortion from a purely logical perspective. Each of the other perspectives, and those I’ve left out, merits its own essay. You’ll note that in this essay, I didn’t address the “Oh, yeah? What about my body?” question that the pro-deathers ask. This is because, as a society, we’re not proposing to kill the woman. Continue reading Abortion: Simplify. Clarify. Don’t Overthink It.