Socialism Take-down Essay #16

Essay #16: Socialism is Evil — Really Evil! BUT

I’ve been running a mini-series of essays detailing the evils of Socialism as a governing philosophy. Now, I’m going to contradict myself just a bit.

Oh, Socialism is STILL really evil, and no sane country EVER allows it anywhere near its governing structures and institutions. But…

There IS a place for Socialism in society. I know, I know… THAT sure sounds counter-intuitive! And it is, unless you consider Socialism to be like, say, cyanide. The deadly poison has its uses and, obviously, ways in which it should NEVER be used. Socialism is the same thing.

Like just about anything, Socialism has good aspects and bad. The bad far outweigh the good for one reason: DESPITE anything good in it, when Socialism is implemented nationwide, the bad ALWAYS forces society down a trajectory leading to a horrible place. But, that doesn’t mean that we should completely abandon the GOOD aspects of Socialism.

I’d sum up those good aspects like this: A recognition that any governing system leaves some people behind, and society should assist those people in some way.

Now, those were the WORDS Socialists have long used, but they were always a lie. Socialists lie because their REAL goal is to obtain power, and they need a set of rallying principles to defend the notion that they should have power. That’s Socialism.

I’m suggesting that we could force Socialists to ACT according to what they say they BELIEVE. What could anyone possibly object to in THAT?

So, with that intro, let’s look briefly at the ways we might use Socialism to try to improve society.

As I mentioned several times, I’m not unalterably opposed to Socialist policies under certain conditions. For example:

  • Socialism at the state level or below… never higher than the state, though. Why? Because if a state implements some Socialistic policy or other, the citizens of that state have recourse. They can leave the state.
  • If, as all laws ought to, Socialist-type laws have a sunset provision. Let’s say that no law should ever be able to live more than 10 years without having to be RE-implemented by a full vote of the legislature. AND the law MUST expire at the end of its sunset term. (To prevent an outgoing administration from re-implementing a law before an incoming administration arrives)
  • No law can be re-implemented automatically. It must undergo the same process as any new law.
  • Government must have serious, robust, transparency-guaranteeing regulations — so no law gets re-implemented secretly or automatically.
  • There should be provisions in place to prevent states from doing end runs around the localizing provisions of all this by, for instance, colluding to implement a law across all 50 states at once.
  • If the government is properly constrained, then you can implement all manner of stuff, and the people can get rid of it when it turns out to be bad.

I’d be okay with Socialism, and Socialist-type laws, rules and regulations under those conditions. More to the point, all laws ought to exist under those same constraints.

The benefits of these things to all would be obvious. Maybe there IS some Socialist — or other — law or policy that would work really well to benefit all people. It could be that it works well because of certain temporary conditions, or because of the condition of certain industries, or other things. Go ahead and implement the Socialist-type law at the state or county or city level. See whether it works. See whether it attracts people to it, or repels people from it. If it works, let other states, counties or cities try it, and so on.

And, again, any law MUST expire no more than ten years later. This is a GREAT way to see whether the people STILL think it works. The people  can express themselves by electing people who will campaign for or against the laws or policies that will expire soon.

In that way, we COULD have aspects of Socialism in government. It likely would never work as anything more than a temporary “band-aid” to solve a temporary problem, but who knows?

Sunset provisions on these kinds of laws would make it so that Socialism — or other laws — COULD fill this useful role, while not letting it poison the entire system, as it has so frequently in the past.

— xPraetorius

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