Socialism Take-down Essay #15

Essay #15: Needed: A Socialism/Leftism “Vaccine!”

Yep. More than a COVID vaccine, America desperately needs a “vaccine” against Leftism and Socialism (basically the same thing). Because they’re FAR deadlier than COVID!

Consider: We already HAVE a fully-functioning far-RIGHTism “vaccine” in place, and we use it all the time.

Anything and anyone to which the label “far-right” adheres, has no chance of attaining any kind of widespread appeal in America today. How’s that? We on the RIGHT purge them from our ranks as soon as they step outside the pale. That’s a good thing. In this way, we Conservatives shed all MANNER of nitwits, crackpots and fringe clodpoles.

Here’s, at least partially, why:

After World War II, in a fascinating historical sleight-of-hand, the basically left-wing Hitler and his Nazis were RE-classified as far-RIGHT-wingers. This despite the fact that in America and elsewhere the ONLY supporters of Hitler and Fascism, in GENERAL, were American leftists (not counting, the strange case of Charles Lindbergh, whose politics were all over the  map.)  It’s important to note that American leftist support for Hitler was reluctant, since Hitler was a vocal opponent of then Weimar Germany’s Soviet-led Communist Party.

However, when in the Nazi era, the Molotov-Ribbentrop nonaggression pact was signed, uniting Stalin’s then Soviet Union and Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the American Left was in full-throated support of Hitler.

AFTER the war, though, the leftist Hitler morphed — presto-changeo! — into a far-right-winger ONLY because he had opposed the OBVIOUSLY leftist Stalin in the war! Another historical note: This kind of thinking led to American astonishment when the relationship between the far-left Soviet Union, and the FARTHER-left Red China soured into deep hostility. How, American analysts and historians wondered, could these two ideological confrères be so deeply hostile toward each other?!?

The answer was easy: the same way in which Hitler and Germany’s communists were enemies: though both were ideologically similar, both were competing for the same power base among the German people.

The Soviet Union and Red China had radically different views for how to spread Socialism around the world, and hated each other. Mao even once suggested to Nikita Khrushchev that he launch a nuclear war against the US and the West, under the notion that the West would be destroyed, and China would have enough survivors that there would STILL be plenty of manpower to overrun the world and establish worldwide Socialism. Khrushchev, as mercurial as he was, recognized the psychosis behind the proposal and rejected it.

Nowadays, historians are realizing that PAST historians needed something ELSE to tie the leftist Hitler to the political right, so they suggested that Hitler’s racial animosity toward Jews and non-whites was the thing. However, in America, racism has always been the province of the political LEFT.  In one fell swoop, leading historians and intellectuals of the day magically re-defined BOTH Hitler AND racism as right-wing phenomena!

That’s how the seemingly transparently LEFT-WING Hitler magically became a “right-winger” in the eyes of the world after World War II. And in so manipulating history, left-wing academics — who rightly wanted nothing to do with Hitler — gave a great gift to the political Right.

How’s that, you might ask? How could it be a “gift” to the political RIGHT to put Hitler and racism in among right-wingers, who wanted nothing to do with either? Easy: this malicious, and historically illiterate, attribution of racism to the political Right made it so that rightists HAD to avoid even the slightest possibility of even APPEARING racist in order to stay politically viable.

Just as Watergate forced the Republican Party immediately to defenestrate all but the demonstrably squeaky clean in their midst, the notion that somehow racism is a right-wing thing forced Conservatives and Republicans to purge any hint of racism from their ranks as well. William F. Buckley, Jr. ejected the John Birch Society from the ranks of the Right more than half a century ago!

Hitler WAS a psychotic, racist killer, held in universal contempt by ALL Americans, and the Left made sure that we on the Right would NEVER allow anyone who even RESEMBLED him, or who had thoughts that even SLIGHTLY resembled his, got anywhere NEAR our side!

There hasn’t been a prominent right-winger with a genuine hint of racism in American politics for generations. Note: No, not Sen Strom Thurmond, or Sen. Jesse Helms (or many other former “Dixiecrats”). Both became Republicans AFTER renouncing racism, and as a reason for joining the GOP. Unlike Sen. Robert Byrd, who renounced racism, but never the Democrat Party, the home of the KKK, of which Byrd had been a high-ranking member.

Bottom line, despite the fact that the Right had long demonstrated FAR less racism than the Left, the noxious odor of racism attached itself to America’s political right-wing anyway.

So… as mentioned above, the Right AGGRESSIVELY purged itself of the notion that racism was in any way acceptable. All this happened more than half a century ago as well. One can look at that cynically, and suggest that the Right did it only for political gain. Or… one could say that the Right’s “consciousness was raised,” to use current jargon. It’s a certainty that our side’s consciousness (if we mean “awareness”) WAS raised, but it’s malicious mind-reading to ascribe BAD intent to an obviously GOOD thing.

So, as I said, we already HAVE a functioning “vaccine” against “extreme rightism” in America and it’s a powerful one. But what FORM did that vaccine take? Easy:

  • The post-World War II Nuremberg Trials, where top Nazis were displayed, accused, shamed, and executed. Oh, and they were labeled RIGHT-wingers over and over and over and over again. And…
  • The automatic assignment in the media and academia — even today! — of racist groups and individuals to the political Right. Even when it was the DEMOCRAT Party that founded the KKK; that enacted Jim Crow Laws in the South; that enforced racial segregation; that fought Civil Rights legislation. And…
  • The constant and automatic efforts by us on the Right to ban and ostracize anyone displaying any racist animosity or fascistic behavior whatsoever. We’re our OWN extremism anti-bodies on the Right!
  • All this has produced a general zeitgeist in which the very TERM “right-wing” is infused with a kind of musty, starchy, slightly racist, hick, reactionary feeling for those who hear it, all while the term “left-wing” STILL — despite the OCEANS of blood in its past! — has an edgy, youthful, cool, intellectual, bohemian kind of “vibe.”

The result: If you were to draw the Right-Left spectrum for America, you would have a center hash, with a short line segment going rightward, and a much, much longer line segment emanating leftward.

On the Right, moving rightward, you’d see the labels, Republican, Conservative and Libertarian all jammed in together. and “Libertarian” is as far right as you’d get before you ran into “Socially and Politically Unacceptable.” On the Left, though, you have labels sprawling leftward from Democrat to Socialist, to Marxist/Communist, to Anarchist, to all manner of kooks! And ALL of them could get a respectful hearing at ANY newspaper or media outlet in the land. Some of these idiots write books called “In Defense of Looting,” and “White Fragility” and are feted far and wide!

But, there IS no real extreme right-wing in America. Not that anyone on the Right OR Left takes seriously anyway. But there ARE far-left goons in America that everyone takes seriously, even in the chambers of the United States Congress.

This is because, despite the generally acknowledged fact that the extreme Left has killed far, far more people than what we’ve come to know as the extreme Right, there is no “vaccine” for leftism in America (or elsewhere) as there is for extreme rightism.

You CAN be taken perfectly seriously as a Marxist, or a Maoist, or a Castroist — or a Socialist! — in America today… particularly in academia! You can NOT be taken seriously in vast swathes of America as someone who’s been tagged with the label “right-winger,” or “Conservative,” or “Republican.” Swathes of America called: academia, the media, Pop Culture, Hollywood… Go ahead name one of THOSE that doesn’t affect VAST numbers of Americans each and every day.

Racism now lives nearly exclusively on the Left — be it the condescending, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black;” or the unabashed anti-white racism of BLM, Antifa and other groups; or the growing anti-Semitism of the Democrat Party and the rest of the Left. Or, the cruelest of all, the constant deflection of attention away from the killing fields for our black brothers and sisters that our major cities have become… and all under GENERATIONS of left-wing and Democrat Party rule.

We on the political Right are constantly accused of “anti-intellectualism,” but it is the Left that is strangling American higher education, imposing a deeply illiberal, anti-intellectual orthodoxy that is perfectly antithetical to vigorous academic pursuits. Academia DESPERATELY needs a vaccine against leftism!

Finally, few people are cooler in politics today than Bernie Sanders, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or Ayanna Pressley, or Rashida Tlaib, or Ilhan Omar, or any of a raft of other narcissistic half-wits prowling the halls of power to great acclaim… even though they’re ALL adherents to an ideology that has caused more death, destruction and impoverishment than any other belief system in the history of the world.

I maintain that a large reason for this is because there were no loudly public “Nuremberg Trials” for Communists after the fall of the Soviet Union. There SHOULD have been such trials. After all, Stalin and his goons killed far more of HIS people in “PEACETIME,” than Hitler did his OWN people in WARTIME! (Yes, yes, yes, Stalin had more to work with! And “work with them” he did! Many “zeks,” tortured or starved to death, were simply dumped in the cement lining the Belomorkanal. Now THAT’s “working with the people!”)  And when the Soviet Union fell, there WERE plenty of butchers still alive from the Stalin era. Old Bolshevik goons like Molotov died only in the 1980’s! Lazar Kaganovich, the old mass murdering bastard, died in 1991, having lived long enough to see the Soviet Union that he helped build on the bodies of millions, crumble to dust. There were PLENTY of their Stalin-era lieutenants and minions around who carried out the ghoulish orders of the top echelons. But there were no public trials to call these monsters to account.

Oh, there HAVE been attempts at a “vaccine” to prevent Socialism. Here are a few examples:

There is even MORE documentation for the atrocities of the Communists in China. And there’s clear history for “The Killing Fields” of Cambodia, for the re-education camps of Laos and Vietnam, for the concentration camp that is North Korea, for the primitive, repressive prison nation that is Cuba, for the dying basket case that is Venezuela.

The depredations of Socialism are KNOWN! Just not NEARLY as well-known as those of Hitler and his thugs. So, the atrocities of the Left, though far more numerous, and over a far longer time, haven’t  made their way into the deep recesses of all Americans’ psyches as have those of the Nazis.

However, none of these potential “vaccines” against leftism, these exceptional resources for understanding the deadly hazard that is Socialism, has received even one-tenth as much publicity as has, say, Robin D’Angelo’s farcical book, “White Fragility.” 

Far more than a vaccine for COVID, we need a vaccine for leftism. Why? Leftism is FAR deadlier, and doesn’t discriminate. It’ll kill anyone who gets in its path, or even appears to get in its path. It’s an equal opportunity killer. COVID kills almost exclusively the elderly and the sick. Socialism kills anyone and everyone, without regard for anything. It’s a primitive, barbaric system from which the sensible society runs as fast and as far away as possible.

— xPraetorius

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