It’s Unimaginable!

Seriously. This is the 21st frickin’ Century!

  • Why are there primitive, bloodthirsty governments such as the one in power in China?
  • Why are there primitive, goonlike governments such as the one in power in Cuba?
  • Why are there primitive, thuggish governments such as the one in power in Venezuela?

This is the 21st frickin’ Century!!!

We put men on the moon! FIFTY years ago! We have computers that do things that were in-frickin’-conceivable just two decades ago. We have devices that look deep into structures one-millionth the width of a human hair!

  • Why are there primitive, vicious governments such as the one in power in North Korea?
  • Why are there primitive, barbaric governments such as the one in power in Vietnam?

This is the 21st frickin’ Century!

Look what we’ve done with medicine! Look what we’ve done with deep space travel! We’ve sent sophisticated cameras out to take close-up pictures of Jupiter, and Saturn, and Pluto, and various asteroids, for crying out loud!

  • Why are there primitive, brutal governments such as the one in power in Syria?
  • Why are there primitive, apelike governments such as the one in power in Iran?
  • Why are there primitive, neanderthal governments such as the one in power in Libya?
  • Why are there primitive, violent governments such as the one in power in Russia?

Why are there such knuckle-dragging, drooling, slack-jawed, slope-headed throwbacks to a time millennia ago when the only rule was might makes right, in positions of power anywhere in the world?!?

Thomas Hobbes said of life: Life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short.

Why doesn’t everyone who’s seen what we’ve done in America spend much of his time scratching his head and marveling at the poverty, the backwardness, the squalor, the viciousness, the callousness, the casual disdain for human life, the solitude, poverty, nastiness, brutishness, the shortness of life, in so much of the rest of the world? Why don’t all those people ask, “Why? Why the f***?!?” as we did above?

Look around you. In America we defeated all that utterly.

  • We made it so that if you suffer, we can nearly completely alleviate the pain.
  • If you hunger, we feed you.
  • If you thirst, we give you drink.
  • If you have no home, we find some way to put a roof over your head.

We did all that with only two things: Christianity and Capitalism.

The two C’s, of which the Christianity “C” is by far the greater. Without the Christianity “C” there’d be no motivation to ease anyone else’s pain, to feed the poor and slake their thirst, there’d be no desire to put a roof over the heads of the homeless.

Capitalism is the how of doing best the right things Jesus Christ told us to do.

The Left is always taunting us Christian Conservative Capitalists. “What would Jesus do?” they sneer, then propose to answer their own rhetorical jeer with, “He’d say to feed the poor and the homeless.

To which the retort is easy, “Yes, He did tell us to do that (link), but He wouldn’t then tell us to leave them in their poverty, as you lot do!

Jesus didn’t say, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” some Chinese guy did.  There are, however, numerous occasions (here, for example) where that is the exact message of the Bible, including this one: “For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” (link)

The point of the Chinese proverb, and the Biblical messages, is that the individual should expend some productive effort — work — in order to put food on his table.  Productive effort means:

  1. Work that directly results in letting the man put food on his table; gardening for instance, or…
  2. Work that someone else values enough to pay the man for it, thereby enabling him to put food on his table. Computer programming, for example.

That, and all its offshoots, kind of sums up practically all of human interaction since the dawn of time.

Jesus Christ and Adam Smith (link) then gave us the framework to fix human interactions, resulting in the most astonishing, spectacular phenomenon ever seen in all of human history: The United States of America.

Don’t mistake it: Smith needed Christ, else Capitalism would be all that the leftist doofuses say it is. Because Capitalism would die and decompose into Socialism: a tiny, ultra-greedy, power-hungry élite minority taking everything for themselves, and leaving the rest with whatever’s left. The way Socialism as an economic system operates (not: works) “whatever’s left” soon means: next to nothing.

Socialists constantly try to depict the end state of Socialism — vast poverty, no basic freedoms, iron-fisted tyranny — as actually being Capitalism. The joke is on the listener: Socialists are always warning us away from… actual Socialism.

The Socialist is what he so passionately warns us all against! Worse, he’s either too stupid to know he’s that way, or he’s too evil to admit that he’s that way.

Or, he’s both.

Why point all this out? Because there are such wonders in this world and in the entire universe. Free market Capitalism and Christianity have liberated hundreds of millions, billions, of people from (1) poverty, and (2) primitivism, so that we can be free to watch and study and observe and marvel over all these wonders, and to know and understand more about all that is around us.

The Left is bending all its efforts to take all that away from us. Remember: Socialists spend a lot of time and effort heaping scorn on Christians and Capitalists… the very ones who’ve nearly totally liberated us from literally all the past oppressions of history.

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