Men Need To Reject Feminism Too

In this post we pointed to a video in which four women explain why they’ve rejected feminism. It’s really an important video, because feminism is the dominant state of mind in America today.  Obviously, if women reject it, then feminism is doomed.

However, it’s absolutely vital that men reject feminism too. Why? Simple: feminism obtained the grasp over gullible Americans’ minds only because men allowed that to happen.

It was an intellectual takeover of the American mind, and working men didn’t participate in shaping that takeover. Why? Well, as usual, men simply went out every day and did the work that kept the country running so that people with far more leisure time could sit around, gaze at their navels, and formulate the vast array of half-witteries that we all now call feminism. 

Simply put: If men don’t reject feminism — and actively help shape what replaces it — then we’ll do it all over again.

Feminists say that “it’s a man’s world,” and that “men run the world,” but the truth is more accurately stated: “The world runs on the backs of men.” Without those very strong, steady backs, and their willingness simply to keep things going generally without complaint, the world would devolve quickly into hyper-dangerous anarchy.

Feminism’s an ugly philosophy that oppresses men and women alike, confining them into a nonsensical belief system — enforced by shrieking media harpies and docile, empty-headed, liberal men — that ignores science, common sense and rationality.

Edmund Burke said: All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Good men did nothing, and feminism — with all its navel-gazing whininess, its victimhood obsessions, all its nonsensical twaddle about male privilege, patriarchy and “toxic masculinity” — prevailed.(1)

What’s funny is that men simply allowed it all to happen! Some oppressor! What oppressor do you know of who simply allows the “victims” of his oppression to walk all over him? Without so much as the tiniest pushback?

Finally, our banner image is a graphic we found on the internet. Look at it for a moment. Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yet, there are feminists out there who have stated openly that the world would be a whole lot better off if all men were simply to die.

How did we men allow it to come to the point where a feminist could call for the death of 3.5 billion men, and allow the brainless nutball to get away with it without pushback or condemnation whatsoever.

We men need to push back against such mindless codswallop that’s all too common in feminism today. We men need to call feminism what it is: hogwash. We men need to start laughing at the things that feminists say. We men need to take charge of our own lives, to take them back from feminists and feminism, and to stop taking it on the chin day in and day out, year in and year out.

— xPraetorius


(1) There’s a bunch of what appears to be nonsense about “First-“, “Second-“ and “Third-Wave Feminism.” Many say that the First and Second waves were okay, but this surreally nonsensical Third Wave is all messed up.


The First Wave led inevitably to the Second, which led inevitably to the Third. The problem for Feminism was that it realized all its goals — equal pay and opportunity, equal treatment before the laws, non-discrimination — long, long ago, and had become largely irrelevant. In order, though, for career feminists to make a living, they had to fabricate ever increasingly abstract — and ominous-sounding — threats from… men. Or else they had to face the fact of their own irrelevance.

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