The Death Knell for Feminism: “A little over two years ago I had a son…”

That quote is at about 7:52 into this video:

Also: a few seconds before that quote (at about 7:30), the woman says, “My main catalyst, though, is my son…” This is the phrase — or a variation of it — that feminists dread hearing. Feminism cannot stand before the inevitable conclusions that people must draw from such a phrase.

This is what happened with Christina Hoff Sommers… She had a son and realized that all the major systems in America are heavily discriminatory in favor of girls and women. The educational system, government, the military, employment, the legal system, pop culture, the media.

Sommers’ investigation into all this resulted in a major body of work exposing a vast trove of unpleasant truths about America that completely contradict the tenets of feminism that are held as conventional wisdom in most American minds.

There’s some interesting thinking in this video. It’s a bunch of things that we’ve been saying right along in these pages, but see if you notice something else about this video.

Here’s the spoiler: The topic is “Men’s Rights” and these are all women.

In fact, nearly all the prominent figures in the “Men’s Rights Movement” are women.

Why is that, I wonder? Well, I don’t really wonder that at all. I know why. It’s simple: Men shut up and go to work every day.

For all that’s supposedly wrong with men, no one would have any of the creature comforts they enjoy — the astonishing advances in science, the miraculous medicines, the toys, the leisure time, the security and prosperity, and (where there’s peace) the peace they now enjoy… without men’s incredible industriousness, resilience, stamina, tenacity, courage, self-sacrificing nobility, decency, calm, stoicism, ability to endure pain — both mental and physical — and… sheer strength.

The examples are vastly too numerous to mention, but here are several:

  • There’s a reason for which the phrase is: We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.
  • All the First Responders who died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 were men. Did anyone really expect that it would be otherwise?(1)
  • Well north of 90% of all workplace injuries and deaths happen to men.
  • And: ask any man in the office. When it comes to moving the filing cabinets, running the wires under the desks, lifting the heavy boxes filled with files, who does it? A simple fact: for men — your white collar job can become a blue collar job in the blink of an eye. And then revert back, once the heavy lifting is done.

But you will never hear men out and about tooting that particular horn.

That’s why women are the principal face of the “Men’s Rights Movement.”(2)

It shouldn’t be that way. As much as I admire and respect the women of the Men’s Rights Movement, men need to define the parameters and the goals of that movement.

Women can understand that men shouldn’t be abused only in the abstract, but they can’t understand what it is to be a man, and to experience what a man experiences at the hands of a highly abusive, highly discriminatory system.

Another interesting thing to note in this video: all these four women say they’re former feminists. 

Feminism is the default state of mind in America, and to be a clear, free thinker, you have to liberate yourself from feminism’s intellectual shackles.

One last observation — it’s a quote from this extremely interesting video: “If you do not acknowledge the dark feminine, you really can’t create a healthy sisterhood.”

The Dark Feminine! Interesting! And, I think, apt.

— FreeThinker and xPraetorius


(1) No disrespect whatsoever intended against women, but the response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 was, and that type of thing likely always will be… men’s work. 

This was a place and time where the politically correct pieties of the day needed to be shoved aside in favor of simply doing what needed to be done… correctly and quickly. For that kind of thing, you needed, and likely always will need… men.

(2) Christina Hoff Sommers, Cassie Jaye, Christy O’Misty, Janice Fiamengo, Karen Straughan, the women in the above-linked video… Honestly, I can’t name a single man in the Men’s Rights Movement! Kind of astonishing for a movement.


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