An Important Distinction

An Important Distinction

Because the Left has been tolerating and encouraging their drooling dullards for a very long time, the list of prominent leftist half-wits and morons is long indeed. There isn’t enough time to call them all out for the slope-headed, slack-jawed boneheads they are… at least we can start with Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, right? Continue reading An Important Distinction

Black Racists <b><i>Created</i></b> White Nationalists

Black Racists Created White Nationalists

Black racists: you don’t like white nationalists? I don’t either, but I didn’t help make ’em…. you did! You’ve been telling all white people that they’re racists because they’re white, and that you hate racism, and that, therefore, you hate white racists… and, by the way, all white people are racists… How did you not understand that you were busily making White Nationalists?!?  

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