We NEED a REAL “Left” Opposition!

Time to surprise some of our own readers. Yes, here we are at TPWG insisting that we need a REAL Left.

What the heck?!? What gives?

Well… we need the Left. Yes, we do.

Not the current Left, but certainly a Left.

Why? Easy: for the very same reason that we so desperately need the political Right in America today: to participate in an honest, constructive, creative, intelligent, back-and-forth debate on how to make things better in the world. Currently that debate happens only internally on the Right.

It’s the same reason that a fine baseball team needs fine opposing teams to force them to play better. It’s the same reason for which a chess grandmaster needs other chess grandmasters to force him to play even better than he plays now. It’s the same reason why Tom Brady long needed Peyton Manning. That Mookie Betts needs Mike Trout. That Tiger Woods has always needed Phil Mickelson. (and Jack Nicklaus)

The problem is that, while the Right, like all political movements, is overly polluted by dishonesty, self-obsession, limits in vision and imagination, and excessively rigid ideology, today’s Left is ten, one hundred times, worse.

Yes, that’s right. In the absolutely vital realm of providing ideas for the improvement of society, we have the not-so-hot on the Right providing all the creative, constructive ideas… countered only by the goonish, half-witted, thoroughly corrupt, slack-jawed, drooling, half-witted, navel-gazing Left.

Stating the obvious here: it’s not so good for America’s intellectual life to be dominated overwhelmingly by the “not-so-hot.

The Left admits their own feebleness too. Every time they break out the brainless, brick-throwing, “AntiFa” dullards, they admit that they have no counter for our ideas and our thinking. This is the problem of anyone who responds to a non-violent opponent with preemptive violence.

Don’t expect the Left to admit this, but if we on the Right were to do the very same thing, you can be sure that they’d be the very first — correctly — to bring it up.

This is not intellectual equivalency. It’s a simple rule: the last recourse of the one who’s intellectually out of gas is: insult, invective, slander… and when those don’t work: censorship and violence.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m generally on the Right. And we on the Right have been providing all the intellectual and political dynamism in America for more than 100 years.

So, when I criticize my politico-cultural tendency I have plenty of credibility. Yes, the Right is overly polluted with “dishonesty, self-obsession, limits in vision and imagination, and overly rigid ideology.

However, our ideas are superior. Stronger, better researched, more completely thought-out… better.

But they’re not… perfect. And that’s okay. The problem is: they can be a whole lot better! And that would be a whole lot better. And “a whole lot better” is a whole lot better than just: “better.” Our ideas and thinking and reasoning are… just better.

That’s why we need a real Left. Not the mindless, moronic, brain-dead, power-mad, witless Left of today.

real Left.

Okay, okay… let’s break briefly out of the left-right paradigm.

What America needs is a real opposition to the blindingly, incandescent fact that only the Right has contributed anything of intellectual value to the world in the last 100 years.

The Right proposes idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea after idea… Get the point?

The Left’s response to all the Right’s ideas is (see if you can fill in the blanks here):

Yep: “Racist!” “Sexist!” “Homophobe!” “Islamophobe!” “Xenophobe!” “Trump Supporter!” “Nazi!” “Fascist!” “Republican!” “White Supremacist!” “Blah!” “Blah!” “Blah!” “Blah!” “Hogwash!” “Blah!” “Absurdity!” “Blah!” “Brainless Blah!” “Blah!” “Blah!” “Mindless Blah!” “Blah!” “Baloney!” “Blah!” “Gibberish!” “Blah!” “Poppycock!” “Blah!” “Half-witted Blah!” “Fill-In-The-Blank!” “Nitwittery!” “Codswallop!” “Twaddle!” “Flapdoodle!”

Now, we on the Right will never, ever, not ever, not even once… come up with a perfect idea, policy or program, but we can have damned good thoughts. And we’ll come up with damned good ones if and only if we can run them past honest critics and analysts who are able to look at our ideas with honest, intelligent, critical analysis.

More to the point, if we come up with damned good ideas, we can make them a lot better.

And who wouldn’t want that?

Look, we on the Right have come up with damned good ideas. Here are a few of them:

  • Free speech
  • The Right peaceably to assemble
  • The Right to petition the government for redress of grievances
  • The presumption of innocence
  • The right to keep and bear arms
  • The right freely to worship as you choose

Those of you with some real education will recognize some of the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

And, yes, the Left today has insisted that these ideas — the Bill of Rights — are indeed a product of right-wing, European, white males.

These things are unprecedented in history… never even seen previously in human history… before they appeared in the Constitution of the United States. These things are nothing short of miraculous.

However, we could always do better. That’s the truth for all of human endeavor. The problem is that the American Left long ago abdicated its sacred responsibility to serve as an effective intellectual counter-weight to the Right, and sold its soul to the intellectually bankrupt Socialist Devil.

I’m not the only one to think this way. If you watch this video, from the great Jordan Peterson, you’ll see that he too condemns the collectivist Left, but asserts, as we’ve long said, that we need a proper intellectual and philosophical counter-weight to the Right in the world today. Here’s the video:

Important Note: The video is something like 83 minutes long! It’s worth a listen, because Peterson is an extraordinarily articulate exponent of his ideas.

Another Important Note: Peterson is not a Conservative. He’s a social scientist who’s plainly interested only in ascertaining what’s true and what’s not. That, by itself and coincidentally, is an extremely Conservative state of mind… but only coincidentally. The Left could choose to have the same state of mind… but simply chooses not to.

At about 27:30 into the video Dr. Peterson addresses what we’ve said so many times in these pages: We need a real opposition for our ideas, else our ideas — unchallenged by real challenges — risk becoming fat, flaccid, impotent, stupid, vapid… like the thinking of today’s Left.

Bottom line: Almost nothing intellectually honest has come from the American Left for more than a century.

That has left the field of legitimate intellectual thought undefended for that same amount of time, and the scholars and thinkers of the Right have filled it entirely.

Over the past century, the Left has dominated the universities, their faculties and administrators (especially their administrators!) while the Right has dominated real, legitimate, intellectual thought.

As a result, though, the Left has been able to beat down, censor, suppress, shout down, bully into silence all the legitimate thinking that has come from quarters other than their own, for more than 100 years.

The reason for that is simple: The Left’s ideas — oppression-vs.-oppressed — are easy to understand, simplistic, alluring, attractive, shallow… stupid.

Most college freshmen are simple-minded. easy-to-persuade, malleable — they’re eighteen years old, for cryin’ out loud! Intellectually they won’t be “fully-baked(1) until they’re long out of college. They’re completely susceptible to thinking that’s “easy to understand, simplistic, alluring, attractive, shallow… stupid”

That’s why the Left made a calculated, tactical decision to target these mush-filled brains before they exited “higher education.” That’s why the Left abandoned truth entirely, in favor of a single-minded, obsessive pursuit of power. Because they knew that once they controlled education they’d won.

On the Right, we say that “The Left has taken over secondary education,” and it’s true. The problem is that we allowed it.

It didn’t happen by accident. Leftists didn’t wake up one day and say, “Whoa! What happened?!? We have control of academia, the media and pretty much all of pop culture! How cool is that?!?

It was all planned.

When, for example, as the head of a major media outlet — like CBS News — you actively discriminate against Conservative political commentary, you know what you’re doing. It’s not a surprise to you when polls show that 98% of your “news”room is a bunch of leftist hacks.

None of this came as a surprise to the Left, because they’d been doing, planning, plotting it all along. But it did come, to our vast shame, as a surprise to us on the Right.  And it shouldn’t have.

The key phrase above is: “It didn’t happen by accident.” I’d love to report to you that the American Left has nothing but the very best interests of the American people at heart, and is not at all concerned with the acquisition and retention of power… However, I’d be lying to you. The reverse is the case: the American Left is obsessed with the acquisition and retention of power and cares not at all for the best interests of the American people.

The Left took over academia, pop culture, the media because they wanted to take it all over, and because they planned to take it all over, and because they acted on that plan, and because they knew they were — at the beginning of the plan — unopposed. Just as they were when they’d succeeded.

The Left might have been surprised that their takeover of academia, the  press and pop culture was so incredibly easy, but they weren’t at all surprised that they’d taken it all over. I mean, that’s what they’d long planned to do!

So the Left did it. When they won, it was no more of a surprise to them than it was to Mao tse Tung when he won power in China after the “Long March.” The problem is that after his triumph (years later in 1948), Mao’s régime murdered more than 80 million people in China. In the 20th Century!

xPraetorius’ Second Law of Politics: When your goal is the acquisition and retention of power, then the ends justify the means. When your goal is actually to bring improvement to your country, then the ends are the children of the means. If your means are good, then your ends will be good. If your means are corrupt, so will be your result. If your means are corrupt, or evil, then the result of your means will be evil, corrupt ends.

Our challenge on the Right: Nothing less than the re-taking of academia, of Hollywood, of pop culture, of the media. 

And, when we take it all back, we have to set up a régime that allows our former foes to continue to express themselves openly, but not to censor us.

Never again.

Simple as that.

— xPraetorius


(1) Ready, willing and able to think independently and critically…


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