Confirmation of Our Observations by the Great Mark Steyn

In this post, here, (In the “Abagond” section) we said:

This is what the left does: they suffer a setback in an argument, and rather than admit it, in a fit of temper that suggests that they’re out of intellectual gas, they cut off communications.

Here’s the post (“The Left Would Rather Ban the Debate Than Win It“) at that says roughly the same thing. Here’s a key snippet from that great essay (my red highlight added):

The two men then went on to discuss the “fake outrage” that occurred over the weekend when Donald Trump quickly called explosions in New York City the result of a bombing. The Republican presidential candidate’s claim was ultimately verified, and 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami was arrested Monday in connection with pressure-cooker bombings in both New York and New Jersey…

“That [outrage at Trump] is an attempt to shrivel the public discourse and prevent a diversity of views on Islam and immigration and terrorism. And if you notice, that’s the classic left response now,” said Mr. Steyn. “Let’s not debate your point of view, let’s cancel your point of view.”

We were right, but as usual, Mark Steyn says it best.

I might add to the above red highlighted section: “The classic left response is, ‘Let’s not debate your point of view, because we’ll likely lose any debate held on a level playing field, where ideas actually have to compete honestly with ideas, so let’s cancel your point of view.”

It is nice to receive confirmation of what we say, coming from the finest political commentator in the world.

— xPraetorius


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