People I Like (and some I don’t)

I Like: 

  • insanitybytes – That’s how she refers to herself on her blog. I don’t know her real name, and don’t want to, because she refers to herself that way, so I’m content to know her that way. She writes wonderfully; with style, grace, humility, a great sense of the ridiculous and the sublime, and with more heart than anyone else out there. And she never, ever takes herself too seriously. IB — as many refer to her — has astonishing patience. She’s a no-bones-about-it Christian, so takes a lot of abuse from various non-believers. She handles it with gracious kindness, politeness and general sweetness. She’s what bloggers all should be when they grow up.
  • Tricia – Intelligent, incisive, nice, pleasant and very, very perspicacious, Tricia writes from a decidedly Christian perspective. She’s witty, wise, warm and friendly, but she can write with an edge too. I enjoy her blog immensely. She’s young and I’m not, so I’ve seen writers like Tricia. I have a good feeling about her, and my feelings are rarely wrong. Watch, and read, this one. Here’s a bit more about Tricia.
  • BrothaWolf – I had to think about this one for a while. Many of my on-line blogger friends have told me that I ought to despise this guy, but I just can’t bring myself to. In fact, I rather like him. He’s a black man, and a more bigoted, racist, closed-minded guy you’d be hard-pressed to find. If you have a white skin, James (his real name) will immediately have you completely categorized, described, pigeon-holed  in his brain; the very definition of a racist. Mind you, if you showed the slightest hint of a whiff of a tendency to do that same thing to him, he’d denounce you as an uglier-than-Hitler racist. Then he’d tell you how he’s all about anti-racism.(1) Few on-line interlocutors have been uglier, more abusive, less intelligent (or here) less open-minded, less welcoming, or less friendly than “BrothaWolf.” But, the truth is, I went to BW’s site thinking there might be a fight, and there was one. Shouldn’t have been much of a surprise.  Still, I can’t help myself. I like him. He and I (and a colleague) went toe-to-toe on his web site, and he hung in there for quite a while. Then, he went off a deep end and banned me. During all our back-and-forth, though, I developed an affection for him, along with a bit of respect. He sincerely believes his own, really ugly, bigotry reflects a terrible reality of an America that is just awash in racism against black and brown people. Still,  despite mountains of contrary evidence, society has continuously told him this very thing. He’s heard from all over, for so long, that his own racism is okay, that one can understand how he continues to cling to it. Shame, though. I still like him.
  • Mike – Mike suggests to us all that we should make an effort to keep our platitudes to ourselves. It’s an exhortation to interact with him, and with anyone really, in a substantive way, avoiding the “Hi-howya-doin’-fine-and-you” kind of exchanges. He’s constantly self-deprecating, and plainly doesn’t take himself too seriously. Important Note: This is one of the things I like most about the above-mentioned bloggers: they don’t take themselves too seriously. Even the racist James will interact with those who differ from him for a good while, before admitting (by way of the ban) that he’s out of gas. While not taking himself too seriously, Mike’s a thinker of the highest order; ie one who plainly was not spoiled by a good deal of higher education. Read this post for some of the more excellent insights on life that I’ve read.
  • ColorStorm – I love this guy’s stuff! What a writer! What a thinker! Wise, observant, kind, humble, unfailingly nice to all, even to those who abuse him — and since he’s an unapologetic Christian, he attracts a lot of abuse. If you want to read some really good stuff go here. I defy you to find a piece in which someone talks about himself the entire time, in a more gracious, unassuming, graceful, un-self-focused way. Colorstorm also has a sense of the sublime that appears in all that he writes. This man’s writing is the very picture of graceful humility. Frequently, as soon as he starts writing, he removes himself from the picture, and you embark on a journey of imagery and imagination that rivals the finest writers of the English language. I thought of Saul Bellow when I read several things he wrote. If you want to read really fine writing of English, read Saul Bellow. And ColorStorm. I don’t know ColorStorm, but I feel that I love him as a brother. As I love IB, Tricia and Mike(2).
  • Allallt – Allallt is an insufferable sophist. He’s constitutionally incapable of admitting it when he’s been shown to be wrong; or that he’s been beaten. When he’s been badly beaten, as I did to him several times on his blog, he resorts to torturing the beautiful English language to make the plain meaning of words …mean something else, and then to pretend that he’s escaped a good debate drubbing. I debated him a few times on his blog and rather easily mopped up the floor with him. At which point he then tried desperately to make words mean what they plainly do not mean, as any good sophist would. However, being on the losing side of an internet exchange is not an easy thing. Nor is it an easy thing to respond gracefully to it. Needless to say, Allallt didn’t respond gracefully to being the instrument of a good floor mopping.(3) Still, as with James, I couldn’t help myself. I ended up liking  Allallt. If you debate politely with him, then he will debate politely with you. The problem: polite debate rarely arrives at anything resembling the truth, only a “good-show-let’s-agree-to-disagree-shall-we” kind of silliness. The only good debate is a good, ol’-fashioned, gloves-off, knock-down, drag-out slugfest in which no prisoners are taken. The most informed participant will win one of those every time. That’s why I win them all: I can’t be offended, I don’t  care what you think of me, and I’m almost always — as with Allallt and me — the best-informed participant in any given debate.(4)
  • There are more. I’ll write more about this later.

Important Conclusions about the Above Admired People:

  • ColorStorm, Mike, Tricia and IB all should write books, in my very humble opinion.
  • James should bone up on the life of Eldridge CleaverThen he could write a book. He has the capacity, the ability, the ambition and the work ethic to pull it off. He simply has to get his head out of the gutter of other racists’ thinking, and look around himself… and think for himself.
  • There is a lot of world-class thinking and writing talent out there. For heart, humility, grace, sweetness, style and gentle good humor, you will not soon beat IB, Tricia and ColorStorm. For perspicacity, gritty humor and trenchancy, you won’t soon beat Mike. For tenacity you’ll have difficulty beating James.(5)
  • I like Allallt, but any book he’d write would be insufferably boring. Allallt should not write a book. He’s a bright dude, filled with utterly conventional, hyper-politically correct thinking, whose maunderings probably attract the attentions of gold-seeking nymphets, but who wouldn’t recognize an original thought or idea if it whacked him upside his  utterly conventional noggin. If he were able to escape the shackles of society’s white noise, then he’s literate enough to write some good stuff.

I Don’t Like:

  • ZandeJohn Zande, the purveyor of this moronic blog, is a rock-headed character who has no self-awareness, and no ability to recognize when something he’s done simply doesn’t measure up. He thinks he’s a great, deep thinker, but he’s really a repeater of sillinesses he’s heard or read somewhere else. I challenged him over and over and over and over and over and over again to produce some of his own thinking, but that was simply not something that he could do. And when he was at a loss to do so, he resorted, as do the vast majority of the left (Zande is a man of the left) to character assassination and vituperation. Zande is a moron who thinks a lot more of himself than he should. I’ve mopped up the floor with Zande several times, but he was never man enough to admit it.
  • AkenatanArk is an occasionally interesting blogger. Except when he writes on the topic of religion. At that point, he proves that he’s a shallow, vapid, uninteresting thinker. Worse, he’s an immature, infantile idiot. As with Allallt and Zande, I’ve mopped up the floor with him several times, but he wasn’t man enough to admit it. He’s an atheist, and I’m a Christian. In our debates, he showed that he’s unable to debate in anything resembling a mature fashion. Ark — I call him “Donald”(6) — is too immature to debate intelligently online, and should stick to the pictures of nature that he sometimes posts. Here’s the real reason I don’t like Ark: He’s an unabashed liar. When he and I locked horns at, he was all about calling me a liar. In that long-ish exchange I mentioned that Hitler was not a Christian. He then launched into a long diatribe about how he considered Hitler to be a good Christian, and that as a result Christianity itself was suspect by its association with Hitler. … Then, I found this, written only a month ago or so,  by Arkenetan (red highlights mine):

Oh, and for the record, I concur I don’t really believe Hitler was a real Christian. But then neither was Luther or a great many who have made such a claim over the course of Christianity’s rather chequered history.

It might be an interesting exercise, based on the biblical text you quote in your article, to explore who, of the many famous Christian ”personalities” was, In fact, a genuine Christian?
A very good topic for you to write a piece on, perhaps?

In other words: Arkenatan simply doesn’t believe what he says. Or, if you will, he’s a liar. Here’s an interesting fact: Liars, like Akenatan, who have accused others of lying, tend to do so because they themselves are liars. They therefore think that everyone else is lying simply because they do. Akenatan is a moron, and a transparent liar. And, apparently, he thinks that the internet doesn’t record what he places on it. Ark is a moron… and an ill-mannered, poorly-raised, ignorant, brainless moron at that.

  • Abagond – I haven’t really made up my mind about Abagond yet. He’s a racist like BrothaWolf, but he addresses the subject in an academic, intellectual fashion. As you probably know, I like that kind of stuff! However, Abagond is, pure and simple, an ugly, bigoted, racist, moronic throwback to a long, bygone era in which people judged others merely by the color of their skins. Abagond, like BrothaWolf, would suggest to you that his racism is superior to other thinking because, well, just because. Like most leftists, and Abagond is a leftist, the racism of the left is okay, while the accusations of racism directed at the political right, while false, are okay because they come from the left. Still, I engaged with Abagond for some time, and again, mopped up the floor with him. And, as usual with the left, he wasn’t man enough to admit it, so, of course, the coward banned me(7). Still, I couldn’t prevent myself from liking him. Here’s the problem: Though I like him, Abagond is too stupid, too limited, to feel the same for me. As a result, communications between him and me are cut off. This is what the left does: they suffer a setback in an argument, and rather than admit it, in a fit of temper that suggests that they’re out of intellectual gas, they cut off communications. This is also why they lose all their arguments, They abandon the field of battle to the right. This is also why they take all their arguments to the courts: because they know that if they entrust the actual people with their ideas, they’ll lose, lose, lose, lose, and lose again. Best, therefore, to entrust their ideas to the courts; a tiny group of unaccountable people who don’t answer to the people whom the left allege that they represent. After all, what, really, is the truth, if it doesn’t serve the ascendance of the right (left) people to power?

— xPraetorius


(1) We made the observation: The new racists will come waving the banner of anti-racism. This is, of course, a paraphrase of the aphorism: The new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism.

(2) Important Note: Mike is, I believe, an atheist. I’m a Christian. However, he and I largely share a worldview. I could, though, debate “atheism” with him and gain new perspectives and ideas. I couldn’t do that with other atheists. Mike is a cut above. IB, Tricia and I are, I get the feeling, truly brothers and sisters from other mothers. As is Mike.

(3) Important Note: One of the reasons for which I became so good at mopping up the floor with such as Allallt: I became good at admitting when the floor had been mopped up …with me. 🙂 It’s a maturity thing…

(4) Of course! Think about it. Why would you even participate in a debate in which you weren’t the most informed debater?

(5) James is not, yet, world-class — his racism, closed-mindedness and inherent, self-limiting biases prevent him from writing anything that hasn’t been written already a million times before, but I still like him.

(6) Long story. Bottom line: In a different thread, Ark was calling me a different name from xPraetorius. As a result, I figured he wouldn’t mind if I called him something that he didn’t call himself. So, I googled something like, “self-obsessed moron who can’t think for himself.” The result: “Donald Trump.” I’ve been calling him “Donald” ever since. When I did that same thing for Zande, the result was “Cher.”  Hence, Zande is “Cher.” Until, that is, they call me by the proper name.

(7)Coward” is the simple, one-word, definition of American leftist.

7 thoughts on “People I Like (and some I don’t)

  1. I liked this because “Donald” and “Cher” are fantastic names, particularly for those two.
    Also, since your kindness for a Drunk Monkey seems to know no bounds, I’ll offer that I’m not an Atheist. My position is simple… I don’t know. But I’ve never understood the conflict between faith and science. (I know a bit about the history of The Church, particularly as Government, and the age old power struggle between Reason and Faith. I’m an Age of Reason kind of guy as I’ve said many times, but I understand the reaction of The Great Awakening and respect the power faith provides us and the achievements we would have never known without it. I do not believe they are mutually exclusive.)
    In the end, could be a greater insult to God than to not to ask “Why?”
    You’re very kind, X. I’m flattered to mentioned among those whose talent and brilliance far exceed my own. I share your admiration of most of them.
    Until that debate…
    Thank you and Cheers. – Mike

  2. Thank you for your kind words, they are much appreciated. I also really value the clarity and opinions I find on this here blog. The world has gone a bit mad, so it’s quite refreshing to encounter some plain speaking on things like politics and culture. 🙂

    You have good taste. I too love to read Mike, ColorStorm, and Tricia.

  3. Well what a nice shout out here, thank you! I enjoy your blog immensely and think you add an important voice and perspective to today’s increasingly insane world. I also believe you are my brother from another mother, lol! 🙂

    And I agree, the other bloggers you mentioned are great writers.

  4. Well what a nice shout out here, thank you! I enjoy your blog immensely and think you add an important voice and perspective to today’s increasingly insane world. I also believe you are my brother from another mother, lol!🙂

    And I agree, the other bloggers you mentioned are great writers.

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