Well! Hillary Calls for LOWER Taxes on the Rich!

I mean, she did say that she wants the rich to pay their fair share, right? Right?

Wow! I wonder what that will do with her base!!!

What are the brain-dead left — you know, Hillary’s base(1)  — going to think of Hillary Clinton’s calling for lower taxes on the rich?!?

Usually, you’d expect to hear Clinton calling for higher taxes on the rich! And she has in the past. Now, though — you and I heard it ourselves, with our own two ears: she said, and I quote, “The rich need to pay their fair share of taxes.”

That’s a direct quote! You’d think that’d be some big news, am I right?

Wow! I wonder what the particulars of her “reduce taxes on the rich” tax plan would be. Would she recommend that the rich pay ten percent less? Fifteen percent less? Twenty percent less? How much would you have to reduce taxes on the rich in order that they pay “their fair share?”

It’d have to be quite a lot. The rich have been paying way more than their fair share for a very long time.

Can you just imagine what the brain-dead left will say when Hillary actually reveals the details of her “reduce taxes on the rich” plan?!? They’ll go ballistic!

Personally, I’m looking forward to it.

— xPraetorius


(1) The ones who will vote for her no matter what, because there’s less going on between their ears than between Bill and Hillary Clinton.


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