Tulsa DA Calls Officer Betty Shelby “Skittish.”

Bottom Line: In Tulsa, the Race Grievance goons got there first, so that’s who gets to whine about how horrible things are in America. And that’s why you hear not a peep from feminists when a district attorney who’s a man, calls a police officer who’s a woman, “skittish.”

Tulsa District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler called Police Officer Betty Shelby, accused of murder in the death of Terence Crutcher, “skittish.”

Holy mackerel!

Have you heard anything from the hyper-whiny feminists about a man’s having called a womanskittish?


I haven’t. Nothing. Not a peep.

A woman gets called “skittish” by a man, and the feminists say … not a word!

I guess the feminists are cowed by the Race Grievance Industry. I understand the feeling. Feminist women can pretend to be fierce, and in your face, and all that big, rough and tough stuff, but you almost never find any women out in the middle of race riots.

Therein lie many truths.

People wonder at the apparent wacky contradictions in feminism: (1) We’re fierce and we’re in your face, we can do anything a man can do, and twice as well, and yet (2) we need trigger warnings, and safe spaces, and weeks and weeks of paid leave from work, and we need special accommodation, after special accommodation, after special accommodation.

People shouldn’t wonder: both things live perfectly comfortably in the feminist head.

How’s that, you say? Simple: First, we all have contradictions in our silly noggins. That’s a simple fact of life.

When feminist women are out and about in the United States, where men have tamed all the beasts, made the cities, carved away all the environmental obstacles to a safe, secure life, it’s easy to complain about what beasts, and brutes, and cavemen, and dolts men are. But, when a serious environmental obstacle happens — like an earthquake, or a hurricane, or a tornado — or a race riot —  the women go to ground, and the men go out and deal with it.

Something much more basic kicks in at that point, and women, as well as men — read this well — know their place. They rush instinctively to that place, and do what they have to do until the emergency passes. For the women, that means waiting in safety, cooking meals and dealing with the kids, until the men have dealt with the emergency.(1)

I’m sorry if that offends tender feminist feelings, but it’s just simply true, and you and I both know it.

And it’s always true. This debate about women taking over combat roles in the military is happening at a time when there’s no pitched battle occurring that needs to be addressed by things like infantry units(2).

Same with the “gay” thing and the “trans” thing. All that whining is happening for one simple reason: because it can.

However, in Tulsa, the Race Grievance goons got there first, so that’s who gets to whine about how horrible things are in America(3). And that’s why you hear not a peep from feminists when a district attorney who’s a man, calls a police officer who’s a woman, “skittish.”

— xPraetorius


(1) “But, but, but,” I hear you say, “what about all the women serving in the National Guard who are right there alongside the men during the flood, or hurricane, or tornado? And even in the race riots!” Yes… and you’ll note that during the race riots, the women of the National Guard are carrying those great equalizers — guns.

If there weren’t weapons that women could use, there would not, of course, be any women in the National Guard at race riots.

The same is true on the farm, in the construction crews, and everywhere else. A woman without either the tools (that men generally invented for their own use) or the ability to use them (jackhammers, sledge hammers, a 50-caliber Barrett, etc) is useless, and you (1) don’t see them there, and (2) they don’t want to be there.

(2) There would be no such debate if there were such an action. A simple thought exercise will prove this for you, if you doubt it. In my youth, I was a prime candidate for a combat role in any country’s military. I was 6’4″ tall, well-muscled, strong as an ox and fairly bright. I have never, not once in my lifetime, ever met a woman  who I thought could drag my wounded body quickly to safety if need be. Not one. Not even Donna, a tough-as-nails ambulance driver who had the hots for my bod when I was in my mid-twenties.

(3) Important Note: This is not to make a judgment on the shooting of Terence Crutcher by Betty Shelby. I don’t know what happened in that incident. If it turns out that Shelby shot Crutcher unjustifiably, then she should face whatever  consequences the law prescribes for her. Simple as that. And it’s a shame. I have a feeling that both Crutcher and Shelby will turn out to have been victims of the poisonous climate that the media have made.

Crutcher, because there are simply many, many black men out there who believe, based on the fabricated narrative that the media have disseminated, that they have a right to be unarmed and then to do anything they want to do. The video seems to show Crutcher walking away from Shelby, when she’s plainly trying to interact with him. You just don’t do that if you’re a law-abiding citizen.

Shelby might end up being a victim because of a simple, obvious truth: men and women — in general — handle stressful situations differently. Sorry. They do. Ready for this? I’m about to make a great generalization: in situations like this one, I’m betting that — generally — men handle such situations better. Call it thousands of generations of men being bred to be cannon fodder on behalf of their clans, villages, counties and, really, their women. We dudes are used to it.

2 thoughts on “Tulsa DA Calls Officer Betty Shelby “Skittish.”

  1. Skittish because she saw a big black man and assumed he was high on PCP. Because, hey aren’t ALL big black dudes who are unresponsive to commands on PCP? I’m saying…
    She shot him out of fear… Fear of big black men. And then she and her complicits just stood there and let him bleed out. They should all be up on charges of manslaughter

    1. Mornin’, KIA!

      I’m withholding judgment as to her state of mind. As you know, I don’t speculate on the unknowable.

      However, if she wrongly shot Terence Crutcher, then she should pay the consequences. Simple as that.

      I remarked on the lack of outcry from feminist circles. At first it was astonishing to me. Then, I realized it was something simpler than that: the Race Grievance Industry got there first.

      As for the idea that “ALL big black dudes who are unresponsive to commands [are] on PCP,” I don’t know anyone who believes that. However, I know only a few police officers, and then mostly from the Northeast.

      I do know that police officers frown on the idea of someone not doing as they tell him to do.

      I made the larger philosophical statements, because I like to write about things that have wider, possibly hidden, implications, or that serve as illustrations for bigger, more sweeping thoughts.


      — x

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