Socialism Take-down Essay #17

Essay #17: Socialism is Evil — It’s THE Main Reason for Nearly All the Atrocities of the Past and Current Century

I’ve been running a mini-series of essays detailing the evils of Socialism as a governing philosophy. This is the seventeenth installment in that series. 

Socialism has served as the principal justification for nearly all the atrocities of the past and present centuries. Hundreds of millions dead, and billions impoverished because of… Socialism.

There’s a common misconception out in the world today. It’s the notion that Socialism is kind of a “Communism-lite.” Some much more benign form of governmental control over the means of production in society, and over the lives of the citizenry.


All the Socialist totalitarianisms of the past and present were absolutely adamant that theirs were not Communist countries, but really SOCIALIST countries… on the way to Communism.

The fact that they were SOCIALIST nations, and not Communist ones, was the main justification for committing the atrocities necessary to bring about Communism.

Communism, you see, was supposed to be an idyllic state in which the government had “withered away” (Karl Marx’s words) and everyone was contributing to their society what they were able to contribute, while taking from society only what they needed.

But people living in Socialist countries were very well aware of the millions upon millions upon millions of people starving and dying around them; of the millions upon millions of people shot or frozen to death in slave labor camps; of the family members who had simply disappeared in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. It was noted that not one single family escaped losing at least one member to the Socialist repression of Stalin’s Soviet Union.

When Socialism comes here, to America, which family member are you prepared to lose?

To label their various hellholes “Communist,” the leaders knew, would be to utterly discredit the very idea of Communism in the eyes of the people forever. Hence, the adamantly SOCIALIST leaders of these hellish nations needed SOME justification for staying in power while slaughtering, starving and bludgeoning the citizenry. The justification was simple: They had arrived only at the SOCIALIST stage of their countries’ “progress” toward full Communism. Communism, you see, is supposed to be the very pinnacle of societal evolution; the utopian future end goal that would make all the CURRENT suffering under Socialism worth it.

A common mantra for past and current Marxists has been: “Don’t condemn Communism; it’s never been tried before!” Which only indicts SOCIALISM even more!

Since no country ever GOT to Communism, then it’s inescapable:

  • It’s SOCIALISM that has been slaughtering tens of millions and impoverishing billions.
  • It’s SOCIALISM that Lenin used to justify incorporating terrorism as government policy into his new régime.
  • It was explicitly SOCIALISM that Stalin used as justification to liquidate the kulaks as a class, to starve upwards of 10 million Ukrainians to death, to kidnap nearly the entirety of Chechnya and forcibly relocate that entire people to Siberia. (The Russians are paying for that particular atrocity to this very day.)
  • It was about SOCIALISM that Stalin said, “to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.” To which, Vladimir Bukovsky replied rhetorically, “So, where’s the omelet?

As mentioned above, the Socialist leaders and theoreticians were adamant: They had not arrived at Communism, but were only in the Socialism stage, so what they were doing was justified, as it was a necessary part of getting to full Communism.

To the people, the government was saying, we know this is horrible, but just grin and bear it, because we’re only at Socialism now, but we’re on the way to the Communist paradise!

Socialism is NOT “Communism-lite,” but rather, as Bukovsky called it: “A conveyor belt of death.”

Socialism is what current prominent morons support in the United States today. Idiots like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, like Rashida Tlaib, like Bernie Sanders, like Van Jones and Elizabeth Warren. These are half-wits who like to pretend that they’re edgy, that they stand for “progress,” that they’re the vanguard of the new and exciting thinking that is American Democratic Socialism! When they’re really only naïve dupes who’ve fallen for the oldest, and deadliest, scam in the book: Socialism.

— xPraetorius

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