Us and Our Disclaimers

As anyone who’s paid attention even slightly knows, we on the Right speak in disclaimers: <disclaimer>Look, what happened to George Floyd was horrible, and really wrong, and a bunch of elaboration on all that, and more great and virtuous things about me, and what I believe, and I’m such a good guy/gal, and no one has condemned this more than I have —  in fact, look at all I’ve done to make things better! — and no one knows better than I do what we all have to do to change things, and we all know that things have to change, and I take a back seat to no one in my contempt for… until I believed I’ve been immunized against future abuse for stating my opinion.</disclaimer> Now, here’s what I really want to say…”

Or: <disclaimer>Yes, there’s racism in America, and it’s always wrong, and a bunch of elaboration on all that, and so on and so forth until I’m all disclaimered out…!</disclaimer> Now, here’s what I really want to say.”

Or: <disclaimer>Yes, discrimination on the basis of sex exists, and it must be stopped, and a bunch of elaboration on all that, and so on and forth, until I believe that I’ve inoculated myself against future abuse…!</disclaimer> Now, here’s what I really want to say.”

And, so many, many more. We’ve all heard them.

On the Right, we hope that this will immunize us from serious abuse coming from the Left if we simply express our opinion. If we express what we believe to be the truth. (Not: our truth… the truth.)

Furthermore, we know that we’ll be the targets of such abuse if our opinion differs from that of the dominant Left. We’ve been well-trained, as our constant disclaimers prove well.

Leftists, by contrast, don’t use disclaimers. For example, you’ll never hear a leftist say something like this: “<disclaimer>While not all white people are racists</disclaimer>, white people are racists.”

Leftists don’t need to use disclaimers, even though what they’re saying is nothing more than their opinions — just like what we Conservatives say.

Here’s a simple truth — sans disclaimer: The truth is the truth is the truth is the truth. It has no color, no sex, no orientation, no preference… it’s just the truth.

Why should anyone have to add in a disclaimer in order to say… the truth? Well, the answer to that rhetorical question is simple: He shouldn’t have to use the eentsiest, teentsiest, weentsiest, teeniest, tiniest, merest of disclaimers to get in the way of… the truth. Obviously!

However, and it’s a big one: as soon as the truth that you believe to be true comes out, and it differs from what the Left thinks, you and I both know the accusations start a-flyin’! Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! Islamophobe! Transphobe! PickAPhobe! AnyPhobe! Etc! Etc! Etc! AndSoForth! AndSoOn!

The Left can’t help it. They’ve spent so much time shutting down debate by name-calling, or doxxing, or shaming, or canceling, or in some way slamming shut the expression of the dissenting opinion.

Don’t believe me? Okay. Here’s another fact:

The Left owns:

  • The dominant media
  • Hollywood
  • Pop culture
  • Academia
  • The major American cities, and much of the suburbs around major American cities.

In every last one of these corrupt institutions, the opinions and views of Conservatives are actively and aggressively squashed.

Serious question: What do you think will happen to your free speech when the Left takes over the American government permanently?

Don’t forget: the Democrats in the House and Senate have already said they favor getting rid of both the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution.

If you’re a Conservative, you already curtail your speech.

If you’re a Conservative, you already limit your ability to speak your opinion, your belief in what’s true and what’s not, by wrapping it all up in disclaimers that, you hope, will immunize you against the Twitter goons and the Facebook mobs and the pathetic, virtue-signalling media half-wits.

If you’re a Conservative, you already curtail your vocabulary, you already  think long and hard about exactly how you express what you express.

If you’re a Conservative, you already know full well that if you don’t dramatically control your speech, and keep it within accepted parameters — defined by the corrupt Left, by the way — then you can get into serious trouble. Serious life trouble.

If you’re a Conservative, the squashing of your free speech is already teed up. It’s just waiting for the bastards to get into the halls of power so that they can finish it off.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Us and Our Disclaimers

  1. I admit, I’m guilty of having used many disclaimers! It’s sad but true and they never really work anyway because, you know, the Progressive Thought Police don’t care at all about them.

    1. Me too, Tricia!

      I’ve been (in my mind) prepping a post that contains absolutely no disclaimers, and still says truths.

      I want to see how it’s greeted.


      — x

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