Ah, The <b><i>Science!</i></b>

Ah, The Science!

“Unfortunately, researchers’ dramatic conclusions too often go unexamined. Fearful conclusions make us abandon our critical thinking and valid contrasting research gets ignored. Too often research gets designed to fit prevailing fears so that science now suffers from a “replicability crisis”. Ten years ago, Stanford epidemiologist tested over 400 research published claims and only one could be replicated and validated. The editor of Europe’s top medical journal, the Lancet, speculated half of their published research was likely false. Outside the laboratory, claims about ecology and climate are far more difficult to verify.”


Well! What happened to… The Science?!?


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Is The Unraveling of the LEFT Accelerating?

Is The Unraveling of the LEFT Accelerating?

The left’s “canon” is a hodge-podge of contradictory, stupid, supercilious conclusions unsupported by facts or evidence, because they’re really based on what leftists believe will bring them power.


To obtain and retain power is, of course, the only reason for the Left’s stance on environmentalism. 


Well, here’s a prominent environmentalist — Michael Schellenberger — admitting that what we’ve been saying has been true all along!


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