A Challenge to the RGI

Okay, Race Grievance Industry… what do you say about this:


The presenter is Professor Carol Swain, and the comments afterward both agree and disagree with her. (It should be noted that I can fairly easily beat down the comments that disagree with Swain. Note: this video is a bit like the one to which I pointed “Brothawolf,” that proved that during the era of slavery, there were more white slaves in Africa than there were black slaves in America.)

I don’t ask that you in the RGI just… change your minds, only that you admit the obvious: that a reasonable case can be made that:

  • Disagrees with your conclusion that America is a racist nation.
  • Not everyone who disagrees with you is a racist.
  • Conservatives are not racists, while… leftists are. In fact, the Conservative political movement in America is the only political movement that treats black Americans as people in full.
  • The Democrat Party is not the friend of black Americans.
  • The Republican Party is much more friendly to black Americans.

These are things that you should have admitted long, long ago. They are the things that — when you admit them — you allow real dialogue to happen, and you allow real problems to be solved.

Until you can do that, RGI, your racism, your bigotry, your narrow-minded pettiness, your prejudices, are the real obstacles to real solutions for the real problems of real people.

— xPraetorius

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