Another GREAT Tommy Emmanuel Video…

Another video with Tommy. This time the video features Jack Pearson in an electric jam with Tommy.

This video is unusual in that it features Tommy on an electric guitar — a Fender Telecaster. Usually you’ll see Tommy with an acoustic guitar. Thank goodness Tommy is extremely generous with his YouTube recordings — there have to be hundreds, if not thousands, of them — so that you can watch and listen to one of the great guitarists of all time.

I should say something about Tommy Emmanuel: he can comfortably play with any guitarist who’s ever lived. However, the moment starting about 45 seconds into this recording, at the end of which Tommy feigns jealousy after witnessing a brief snippet of  Pearson’s mastery and liquid smooth touch (on what appears to be a mere Fender Squier!) is priceless!

Tommy then proceeds to rip through an absolutely exquisite electric blues solo on the Telecaster, which then causes Pearson to do the video equivalent of… “Whoa!” (I caught the look above)

If you love a good blues jam as much as I do, then it’s just a delightful, fun video, worth every moment of listening you can give it. It’s here:


— xPraetorius

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