The Great American Stupid

The Great American Stupid

Still, no one states the obvious conclusion that everyone should draw from this: The Left recognizes — loudly, publicly and ostentatiously — that they can’t win a real debate on any important issue. So they simply dispatch whatever goons they’ve got hanging around to prevent the debate entirely.


Surely everyone’s also noticed that all goons are leftists, yes?


There are points — legitimate points — to make that run counter to Conservative ideas. Conservative thinking, though, is apparently so far beyond the ken of your average Democrat politician, and many of their voters, that they don’t bother even to try to engage with them.


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Have Top Democrats Actually Gone Mad?

A leftist does the math,” and comes to the conclusion that Michael Bloomberg could “easily afford to give everyone $1 million dollars and literally never notice.” She tweets that out.


An MSNBC “news” show with Brian Williams —  prominent “news” man who was fired for, well, lying — and his colleague Mara Gay, discussed the tweet — on national television! — and treated the million dollar number as if it were a real fact. The real number, however, if distributed among all 327 million Americans would be… $1.53. 


The million dollar number is off by a factor of… more than 650,000.


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Lessons From the Left — or: Leftists are Child Molesters

Lessons From the Left — or: Leftists are Child Molesters

Our problem on the Right is that we want desperately to think leftists are simply good, but misguided, people. Nope. They’re actually bad people. They mean to do you and me harm, both in order to take power AND to reshape America into their vision of what’s good and right: a country in which they hold the reins of power. The struggle, as far as the Left is concerned, is to the death. We need to be aware of that, and we need to recognize the implications of that. On the Left, at least at the leadership levels, they don’t care if we, and others, die. In fact, that wouldn’t bother them in the least. Leftist leaders are simply bad people. Continue reading Lessons From the Left — or: Leftists are Child Molesters