Republicans: Stop Flaking Out!

Republican Senator Jeff Flake (shown above) of Arizona is not running for re-election. He’s all torqued off at the “tone” that President Trump has set. I admit, I don’t like it either.


How do you like the tone the Left has established for the last 60 years? This is notwhataboutism.” For a very long time, we on the Right have needed to do something to counter the guns that the Left keeps bringing to the nice, polite, genteel knife-fights we keep inviting them to.

Let’s face it: Trump merely says what the Democrats are always thinking anyway! At some point, we Republicans and Conservatives were going to have to stop being such patsies all the time. We should have done it a long time ago, and we should have done it with a better, smoother, more articulate spokesdude than Trump.

Furthermore, we can easily beat these shallow, superficial, undisciplined thinkers with smooth, polite language, but only if we choose to engage them fully, and fully committed. And only if we have the spokespeople who have the confidence, the knowledge and the vocabulary to do it. Until then, we need not to eat our own, and at least for the moment, Trump is one of our own. You can’t have a “Big Tent,” without having some in your tent whom you find, ummm… distasteful.

Let’s not forget, also, that whenever you separated President Obama from his precious teleprompter, he became what he really is: a stumbling, fumble-mouthed, inarticulate boob(1). On our side, or ostensibly on our side, we get someone who actually disdains the teleprompter — for the use of which, by the way, we teased Obama mercilessly — and now we jump all over our guy and tell him to use a, you guessed it… a freakin’ teleprompter!

Are you worried about Trump being a boor? Worried about Trump being rude? Crude? Who freakin’ invented the politics of personal destruction? It was the American Left and their political mouthpiece, the Democrat Party.

The Democrats have no qualms whatsoever about calling anyone who disagrees with them, the entire litany of worn-out slurs: racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe, nativist, fascist, Nazi… They do it right in the halls of Congress. Just the other day Congress-clown Frederica Wilson called Trump a racist in public on television!

All the things for which we on the Right rightly excoriate Trump, let’s face it, the Left does every day… in bulk. Lies, slander, libel, insults, vituperation, hatred, vitriol come cascading off their tongues in Niagara-like torrents. If the American Left couldn’t lie or insult, they’d immediately go mute. They’d have nothing to say whatsoever.

The Left are the ones who brought racial division, religious bigotry, entrenched poverty, inner-city violence, despair, drugs, death, entire dependent classes, vast regulation, class envy, the destruction of the family, the end of marriage as a meaningful concept, people who imagine they can be any sex, color, race they please, and so many other piles of steaming codswallop into our lives.

We have to stop being such prisses on the Right! Sure, we want everything to be all genteel, but the Left is composed almost entirely of gap-toothed, slope-headed, drooling, grunting, sweating, IQ-deprived barroom brawlers. They’re playing this game for keeps, as if it’s a back alley brawl complete with broken bottles, brass knuckles, shivs, and Saturday Night specials.

Even worse, though, we get all ticked off at the boorishness and rudeness of Trump, and somehow think it’s better when the likes of Barack Obama whispers honeyed words to us as he slips the shiv between our ribs! Somehow, we think, that’s more civilized!

Barack Obama wasn’t a person, he was a product. No one has any idea what he actually thinks. In a public setting, no word ever escaped his lips that hadn’t already been manipulated, massaged, word-smithed, focus-grouped, tested, trial-ballooned through a phalanx of literate propagandists. I’m sorry, but that kind of polished opacity, which as often as not, turned out to be rank, cynical dishonesty, just is not obviously a superior thing to Trump’s seemingly undisciplined transparency.

When Trump tweets at 2:07 in the morning, you know that he’s tweeting it, and not anyone else. These tweets are rough, unpolished bits from a rough, unpolished mind. But, read this well, you know what he’s thinking.

Whenever Obama spoke, whatever came out was either perfectly meaningless, or a lie. You had no idea what the packaged product that was Barack Obama actually thought. By the way, there was good reason for that: if people in general did know what he actually was thinking, no one ever would have voted for him. Certainly no one in his right mind.

Whenever Obama spoke, it was always about how we were going to make this or that all better. But if you were paying attention, you could readily identify the tens of millions of people, in America or around the world, who were going to be made or kept poor, who were going to be sacrificed, flung into despair and war… or who were going to die.

Look, I don’t like Trump either, but his high-level policy prescriptions have been sound: • Get rid of Obamacare • reduce taxes • secure the border • reduce regulation • appoint sound legal minds to the Supreme Court • Get rid of ISIS. The main obstacle has been… Republicans! Republicans who don’t like Trump. Well, boo hoo! For crying out loud, we didn’t send you there to like the President, we sent you there to be freakin’ Republicans!

You made promises and promptly broke them?!? What on earth was that?!? I don’t like Trump either, but I’m not interested in inviting him over for dinner anytime soon! I want him to rollback the disaster that was the Obama Presidency, and I want you Republican fatheads to help him to do that!

Americans, in general, didn’t like Trump, but they thought he could do a good job! The vast majority of Americans — white, black, brown, yellow, or other, are good, solid, upstanding citizens. For the moment, though, let’s talk about the white ones(2). They voted for Trump. Heck I voted for Trump! We did that because, among other reasons, we were, and are, sick and tired of being accused of all manner of horrid things, of which we knew we simply were not guilty.

It’s been decades of this moronic abuse. We saw someone who wasn’t taking it anymore! Sure he was rude, yes he was a boor, but that’s what the Left has been en masse for 60 freakin’ years! I swear, some Conservatives are the poster children for Stockholm Syndrome! Thank you, Mr. Leftist, may I have another?

If you’re on the Right, you’ve heard yourself accused of the entire litany of moronic sludge: racist, sexist… yada, yada, yada. You know the list. Trump gave it right back! Wow! And he called out the media!

In this blog, we’ve been calling for that for years! Yes, we wished for a much better spokesperson, but, read it well, there’s been no public Conservative spokesperson willing to duke it out with the Left in the political arena in forever!

On the right, we’ve always obsessed over not sinking to their level. In the meantime, they always simply went ahead and punched us below the belt with their brass knuckles, shot us in the back, stabbed us with the shiv hidden in their sock, and then ran to Mama Media sobbing about how unfair and mean we’d been!

Trump doesn’t fear mixing it up with the Left. And guess what… that gives the next Republican President precedent to take the gloves off too. Remember what we’ve always said in these pages: If we were to punch back — rhetorically speaking of course — at the Left, and give no ground, then we’d defeat them as if we were debating with a half-deflated balloon and we had pins.

The problem is that Trump isn’t a policy wonk, or a deep philosophical thinker, so while he has exactly the right attitude toward the Left, and toward the media, he’s not very good at simply smacking them down with the fairly simple logic that would do it. But maybe the next Republican President will be versed in policy details, and will be able to call upon a wider, deeper body of knowledge of how things work, and will be able to smack the Left down, as they so richly deserve. Trump has opened the door to do that.

In the meantime, Trump has done something else for us as well. He’s rendered the media apoplectic. And no wonder! He’s taken their mouthpiece clean away,  stomped on it, and ground his heel into it. He’s taken to speaking with the American public directly in a way that even FDR, and the Great Communicator himself, Ronald Reagan, never did. Those last two were great communicators, but Trump has given us the microphone! As Joe Biden might say, “that’s a big f***kin’ deal!”

Republicans: you don’t understand the gift that Trump is giving you. He knew that the media were going to do their level best to crucify (figuratively) him, as they’d do with any Republican in the White House… so he went around them. Now, the next Republican President can do that too!

Can you imagine? Getting around the freakin’ media?!? For how long have we Conservatives and Republicans wanted to do that?!? The media who will do everything in their considerable power to make every Republican look like either a despicable jackass, or a complete idiot. Now, we can bypass those jackasses!

So, Republicans, I don’t like Trump either. And I don’t even think he’s a fully convinced Republican  or Conservative. But, so far at least, his policy ideas have been pretty good. A solid B+. You and I both know that a President Hillary Clinton would be a full-throated, full-fledged, full-blown, Grade-F horror show of a President! And that the successor to the great Antonin Scalia would be some half-witted clodpole whose half-witted reasoning would lead to half-witted Supreme Court decisions, then read to us by the aforementioned half-witted successor to Scalia.

But we don’t have that. We have a flawed tiger by the tail, named Trump. However, so far at least, he’s our tiger, and we can take several extremely important positives from his time atop our party. in the meantime, it’s time to stop Flaking out, and be Republicans. If you, like me, wish Trump would be more Conservative, then make the Republican Party Conservative again. Make the Republican Party great again! For now, though, let’s work with Trump and stop doing everything we can to prevent his really pretty good policy vision from taking effect.

— xPraetorius


(1) The proper use for that word, I might add.

(2) Because there are no phrases like “Black Privilege,” or “Brown Supremacy.” “Systemic Racism,” refers to, quite specifically, the allegation that all across the land there are white people who are openly or covertly discriminating against non-white people. No one is accusing any non-white people of anything perfidious at all, while numerous are the voices raised against all the horrors of that infamous monster: the White Male.



2 thoughts on “Republicans: Stop Flaking Out!

  1. Jeff Flake isn’t a patsey. He’s a pastie. He provides the democrat socialist lap dancers just enough cover to claim they’re not actually naked. Now that trump is illustrating exactly what they are there is no need for him. Socialists with “R” behind their names are finding it increasingly difficult to be seen as anything other than what they really are… Plausible deniability for pumps, prostitutes and pushers. Good riddance Flake, take McCain with you… Sooner the better.

    1. I love the pun, and the metaphor, Mike! I might offer just one demurral: Flake’s a patsy and a pasty. A literal one of the former, and a metaphorical one of the latter. Does that hit it roughly?

      I’m not sure that he’s a full-out Socialist, but certainly the absence of any meaningful resistance, or push-back against the rapid socialistification of the Democrat Party makes him one by omission, or by apathy, or by ignorance. Either way, he should go… in favor of a full-fledged, full-throated Conservative.

      We’re way, way, way far down the road to dismantling what has long been the greatest country the world has ever seen, and it’s all because the Left, and their political mouthpiece the Democrat Party, are vile power-mad, cynical creeps and perverts, while the Republicans are weak, timid, go-along-to-get-along milquetoasts. What’s worse: the Republicans are heads and shoulders better than the Democrats!

      Great! Two major political parties, and one is evil, while the other is feeble.

      Whatever anyone thinks of Trump, his slogan: Make America Great Again was right on the nose!


      — x

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