*Sigh!* There’s NO Trump Cult! (and there never was)

*Sigh!* There’s NO Trump Cult! (and there never was)

There is no Trump cult, and there never was.


The Right, with its heavy emphasis on individual responsibility, and individual liberties, and individual rights is overloaded with anti-bodies against any cult-like behaviors or inclinations.


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A Pet Peeve

A Pet Peeve

A public figure is ACTUALLY only as “divisive” or “incendiary” or “controversial” as WE the PEOPLE CHOOSE to be divided or incensed or bothered by him.


OR… as the media decide to hoodwink our collective ovine gluteus maximi into believing that he is.


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Dark Horse… A Good Start?

Dark Horse… A Good Start?

Conservative thinking is challenged, derided, sneered at, condemned… from the moment it appears. When WE do our thinking and our formulations of potential solutions, WE have to PRE-consider the inevitable tsunami of accusations of Racism! Sexism! This-o-phobia! That-o-phobia! You hate children! You hate women! Etc., etc., etc…


When the Left proposes something, they think that the proposal is perfect and complete from the moment of its birth! It requires no further adjustments or tweaking or re-thinking… because all the loud voices in the media and academia and Hollywood and pop culture tell them so.


Bottom line: OUR thinking is stronger, more flexible, more commonsensical, more logical… more tested. If we COMPETE in the war of ideas, we will WIN the war of ideas.


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President Trump is, of course, cooperating mightily with the effort to make him the villain of the piece — his low character, tough-guy strutting, and habitual Twitter buffoonery all go a long way toward that. The Democrats are lucky to have him as a foil. Otherwise, they might be made to really seriously answer some uncomfortable questions, such as: Who has been in charge in Minneapolis lo these many years? Philadelphia? Chicago? Detroit? Los Angeles? Cleveland? Dallas? To the extent that governance matters, how is it that the situations in these communities is to be understood as anything other than the result of practically exclusive Democratic political power? And if Democratic political power is insufficient to turn things around in these places, then why is the answer to the current crisis more Democratic political power?


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The <b><i>REAL</i></b> Story Behind Trump’s Tweeting

The REAL Story Behind Trump’s Tweeting

You and I both know what Twitter, or its basic communications unit, the “tweet” is: a quick, off-the-cuff pronouncement, confined to 288 (or so, if I recall correctly) characters, about… things. Current events, thought-of-the-day, the latest Boston Red Sox news, the weather. You name it.


Well, what about that? Why is it such a big deal that Trump uses Twitter extensively to express himself? The thing here is that Presidents don’t talk “off-the-cuff.” Except, that is, for Trump… who does..


And, presto-changeo, just like that, Presidents do talk off the cuff! And will, for the foreseeable future. From now on, Presidents will have an entire team devoted to using Twitter, or “off-the-cuff talking,” most effectively to take the greatest advantage of it.


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How the Tara Reade Sexual Assault Accusation Against Biden is a HUGE GIFT to… the Democrats

In response to Tara Reade, Democrats could do two things they desperately want to do, by simply loudly and ostentatiously getting behind the Tara Reade allegations of sexual assault:


#1: They could — risk free and cost-free! remake the shattered illusion of their being the party concerned with women’s lives and well-being, and…

#2: Get rid of the Biden albatross. (Joebatross?)


Remember: the Democrats are betting everything on the hope that their deepest-held belief — that Democrats voters are idiots — is true.


So, back to the main point: the Democrats made the rules of this vile game, with en eye to short-term political gains (the defeat of people like Clarence Thomas, Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, among others), completely ignoring the potential down-the-road implications of setting up a game with rules they knew they couldn’t follow.


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The <b><i>Real</i></b> Virus: Socialism

The Real Virus: Socialism

Socialism is a primitive system. It’s the system that has prevailed around the world since caveman days. It’s not interested in progress; it’s not interested in solving problems; it’s not interested in improving things; it’s not interested in making advances; it is interested in obtaining and keeping power. That’s why every country based on Socialism becomes a primitive hellhole, whose inhabitants are reduced to living like beasts, surviving from day-to-day by begging, selling their own bodies, fraud or violence.


It’s why there’s a coronavirus emergency today.


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The Democrats and the Media are KILLING People(*)

A half-witted wanker — not so young or fresh-faced — was for a while the leading candidate — the odds-on favorite! — to head the Democrat Party in the upcoming Presidential election!


Nor is it insignificant that the Democrats recognized the problems with the half-witted wanker, and have firmly and resoundingly stated that a mumbling, incoherent geriatric sliding into dementia, is their real guy.


   “Heh heh. We were just kidding about the raving, dopey, fatuous, loony-eyed, boneheaded, Socialist tosser. We really meant the senile, rambling, incoherent, delusional, old dork! You know, the one who couldn’t find Florida on a map of… Florida.


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Here Are The Institutions That Have Failed(1) Miserably in This Crisis

Here Are The Institutions That Have Failed(1) Miserably in This Crisis

Did anyone really doubt that in the case of such a crisis, left-wing people and institutions would fail miserably? Thinking back, how would a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton have handled any of this differently? How would the press have covered her efforts?


Well, the crisis arrived, and — surprise, surprise! — all the left-wing people and institutions — around the world! — failed miserably.


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If This Crisis Hadn’t Happened…

If This Crisis Hadn’t Happened…

Here’s the important point: Absent something like this horrendous coronavirus crisis, Trump was going to cruise to re-election, and the Democrat Party was staring in the face of the destruction of their agenda for the next 50 years.


If there’d been no coronavirus event, the Democrats would have had to come up with one.


It’s absolutely certain that the Democrats are crossing their fingers that this is the thing that will bring Trump down.


It’s also absolutely certain that the Democrats will try to make this the thing that brings Trump down. They had no chance of it without this crisis… and they knew it.


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The Trap Biden Fell Into… Will Anyone Else Catch it?

The Left makes no sense, and if you’re paying attention, you can spring the traps they always set for themselves. You have to understand this, though, and you have to be ready for it, and watching for it, and… you have to spring the trap.


Here’s what Biden said (roughly): “If I’m nominated to run against President Trump, then I’ll pick a woman as my running mate.” Did you see it?


The obvious next question is: “Mr. Vice-President, would you select someone who was born a man, but who now ‘identifies’ as a woman?




There’s no right answer to that one, and that’s the very kind of trap that the Democrats always set for themselves… if, that is, you’re paying attention.


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Best Assessment of the Suleimani Blot Out I’ve Seen So Far

Best Assessment of the Suleimani Blot Out I’ve Seen So Far

We can be all nice and civilized to them… after we beat them. Kind of like how in World War II we bombed the crap out of Dresden, Hamburg and Tokyo. The régimes in Nazi Germany and Tokyo needed to go away, and the amputations needed to be cauterized. So they were. Then we were nice, very nice actually, with the populations of those countries after the war.


That was, and remains, the only morally correct, strategically effective way to treat hellishly barbarous régimes and terrorist organizations.




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Another Observation…

Let’s face it: the so-called “impeachment” has at least the following component: the desire to be able to refer to Trump as “disgraced President Trump,” and “the disgraced President.” You’ll see that, from now on, this word will make its way frequently into Democrat/Socialist campaign speeches. This is further proof that the Left has long been reduced to silly word games to try to bamboozle the American people.


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An Extraordinary Internet Piece: <i>“Apologies to President Trump”</i>

An Extraordinary Internet Piece: “Apologies to President Trump”

Whatever his supposed flaws, the rampant accusations and speculation that shrouded Trump’s presidency, even before it began, ultimately have proven unfounded. Just as Trump said all along. Yet, each time Trump said so, some of us in the media lampooned him. We treated any words he spoke in his own defense as if they were automatically to be disbelieved because he had uttered them. Some even declared his words to be “lies,” although they had no evidence to back up their claims.

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This Struck Me…

This Struck Me…

Consuming many media sources, learning to think critically, then combining numerous media sources with finely-honed critical thinking, to become ACTUALLY informed,” is a nice summary of “The Basic Responsibility of All American Citizens.” If all American citizens were to take this responsibility seriously, the Democrat Party’s electoral viability would evaporate overnight. Continue reading This Struck Me…

The Left is in END-GAME Mode

The Left is in END-GAME Mode

This “End-Game Mode” means that all future Republican nominees to any high office in the land will face SOMEONE with undisprovable accusations of something grotesque long ago. Frankly, it would have been a SHOCK if there had NOT been a parade of unprovable and unDISprovable accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, and amplified by the press, as soon as he was nominated for a Supreme Court seat.  Continue reading The Left is in END-GAME Mode

The RGI Says: Black People Don’t — and Must NOT — Think for Themselves

The RGI Says: Black People Don’t — and Must NOT — Think for Themselves

The ideas and thinking of the Left, and of its puppets in the RGI, are so stupid, so cringe-inducingly, embarrassingly idiotic, that the only way they can become the currency of a country is if #1: you don’t allow any other ideas, and #2: you don’t permit anyone to think independently.  Continue reading The RGI Says: Black People Don’t — and Must NOT — Think for Themselves

Explaining the Relationship Between Trump and the Political Right — Simply

We view things and people on a continuum that stretches from REALLY bad (-10) to REALLY good (+10), and all points in-between. And THAT is the secret to the relationship between Donald Trump and us on the political Right. In the election of November, 2016, we had the choice between a minus SEVEN and a minus FOUR, and a lot of us — including me — voted for the less awful. It was the right thing to do, but almost none of us liked it. Not one bit. Continue reading Explaining the Relationship Between Trump and the Political Right — Simply

Trump said: “S—hole Countries!” (Part III)

Two things: (1) When some idiot breaks out the “Racist!” accusation, interrupt him immediately, and tell him that he sounds like an idiot, and that such a slander ought to be beneath anyone with any brains or any decency. Then ask him innocently, “Are you an idiot? If not, cut out the idiotic insults and try to talk like a mature adult.” And (2)
Someone should take Trump aside and say, “Listen Mr. President… you’re the President of the United States… that kind of language makes you look juvenile and crass. I think you should cut it out.” Continue reading Trump said: “S—hole Countries!” (Part III)

Republicans: Stop Flaking Out!

Republicans: Stop Flaking Out!

Let’s face it: Trump merely says what the Democrats are always thinking anyway! At some point, we Republicans and Conservatives were going to have to stop being such patsies all the time. We should have done it a long time ago, and we should have done it with a better, smoother, more articulate spokesdude than Trump. But for now, Trump can deliver some MAJOR POSITIVES for us Conservatives and for America. Furthermore, for a very long time, we on the Right have needed to do something to counter the guns that the Left keeps bringing to the nice, polite, genteel knife-fights we keep inviting them to. Continue reading Republicans: Stop Flaking Out!

No One Should EVER Be Able to Hurt Your Feelings

If people would realize that a mature person’s feelings simply CAN’T BE hurt, then 95% of all the perfectly pointless problems in American inter-personal, inter-racial, inter-sex, inter-religious, inter-ANYTHING relations would… disappear. Overnight. So many Americans seem to be perfectly okay with being SCREWED just as long as the one wielding the screwdriver doesn’t say anything mean! What on EARTH is up with THAT?!? Continue reading No One Should EVER Be Able to Hurt Your Feelings

NPR Watch (10/6/17) — NPR’s Selective Outrage

NPR Watch (10/6/17) — NPR’s Selective Outrage

NPR’s anchor implied that Pres. Trump is artificially keeping Obamacare premiums high in support of his agenda to rid the country of the law.
One might wonder where NPR was when Barack Obama stated outright his intent to raise energy prices to “painful” levels for tens of millions of Americans in order to support his political agenda. There was not a peep from NPR. I know. I listened. Continue reading NPR Watch (10/6/17) — NPR’s Selective Outrage

NPR Watch (9/28/17) — Republicans: STOP Apologizing for Doing The Right Thing!

Republicans, Conservatives, and President Trump: STOP apologizing for doing the right thing. STOP getting defensive when someone accuses you of doing something, and the BASIC PREMISE of the accusation itself is wrong. STOP being defensive at all! On the Conservative side, our entire core idea is comprised of two things: (1) equal opportunity for all to succeed in America, with absolute minimal interference from the government, and (2) when all prosper, it’s a good thing. We have nothing to be defensive about. We need to put the Left — whose well-documented legacy is one of poverty, squalor, feebleness, dependency, division, violence, lies and misery — on the defensive. And we need to keep them there. We have nothing to apologize for; nothing about which to be defensive. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, we need to knock down the poisonous cr*p that the Left spreads. Continue reading NPR Watch (9/28/17) — Republicans: STOP Apologizing for Doing The Right Thing!

One of the Left’s Biggest Frauds: Telling YOU All About… You

One of the Left’s Biggest Frauds: Telling YOU All About… You

If the Left were deprived of their major vanity  — the obviously fraudulent notion that THEY know who, how and what YOU are better than YOU know it — then they’d lose ALL their arguments. Think of it: how many of the Left’s arguments are entirely dependent on the notion that those who oppose their ideas are simply bad people? Continue reading One of the Left’s Biggest Frauds: Telling YOU All About… You

President Trump’s Munich Moment

You read it here first: This is the 21st Century’s, and President Trump’s, Munich Moment. Bill Clinton gave North Korea their nuclear program; George W. Bush backed down when the Norks showed they were developing nuclear weapons, and Barack Obama overtly gave them the blessing to obtain their bomb. Great jobs the appeasers do, eh? Now, Trump has a Munich Moment. What will he do with it? Continue reading President Trump’s Munich Moment