No One Should EVER Be Able to Hurt Your Feelings

It’s true. There should be nothing that anyone on the face of the earth could ever say to you that would hurt your feelings. Nothing. Not questioning your looks, your character, your intelligence, honesty, personality. Nothing. None of that, or anything else for that matter, should ever hurt your feelings. Ever.

Everyone is upset at President Donald Trump because he says things that hurt people’s feelings.

Let that sink in for a moment. Why? Who is Donald Trump that you would allow what he says to hurt your feelings? Who is anyone for that matter, that you would allow him to hurt your feelings? Because he’s rude? Because he’s a boor? Seriously?

Look, I’m upset with Trump too, but not because he ever hurt my feelings, because he never has. Nor did the execrable President Obama. I’m upset with Trump because he sure seems like the New York moderate-liberal that everyone figured him to be as he was working his way through the Republican primaries.

But, a rude boor? Bill Clinton anyone? Barack Obama? You know, the same Barack Obama who made you all these nice promises, knowing full well that he was lying. That Barack Obama.

How about Hillary? You know, the same Hillary who treated your safety and mine so casually? Yeah, that Hillary. Heck, let’s not forget that the Democrat Party is the party of Harvey Weinstein. And of all of Hollywood.

The Democrat Party is the party of rude boorishness, of sexual harassment and assault, of half-witted goons who can neither keep their pants on, nor keep it in their pants even when they are on. Both men and women.

So many Americans today seem to be perfectly okay with being screwed, just as long as the one wielding the screwdriver doesn’t say anything mean while turning the screws! What on earth is up with that?!?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the fever swamps of the Left and the RGI. I’ve been called all the names: racist (a million times), sexist, homophobe, Nazi, liar, mean, cruel. stupid, ignorant, hateful… all because of nothing more than the color of my skin. It was very liberating.

I’ve long known, at least in the abstract, that there’s nothing on earth anyone can say to hurt my feelings, but it was nice to know it was actually true, when faced with people actually doing their level best to hurt them.

Every time Trump comes out with a tweet, the hyper-sensitive among us, the excitable, the immature, the feeble, weak, flaccid-brained ones prepare to whine. They love it when they can whine, because the press — the mouthpiece for the hyper-sensitive, excitable, immature, feeble, weak, flaccid-brained ones — jump all over it with their characteristic cry, “How dare he?!?”

It’s the same with this latest hoo-hah about the Green Beret who was killed in Niger. The man, Sergeant La David Johnson was a great hero. Period. But his Congress-nitwit, one Frederica Wilson, is a grotesque caricature of a person, a foaming, half-witted, card-carrying member of one of America’s most irrational, hyper-sensitive, whiny groups: The Race Grievance Industry.(1)

You have to be in such a group to believe that President Trump was calling Sergeant Johnson’s widow to be intentionally disrespectful to her. You have to be part of such a super-whiny, mondo-touchy bunch to look for offense in everything Trump ever says.

Look, Trump is no silver-tongued, smooth, glib snake-oil salesman. Oh, he’s a snake-oil salesman alright, just not a silver-tongues, smooth, glib one. The point: he tried, hard, to make a proper call to Mrs. Johnson, and to be of comfort to her. Trump’s problem is his massive, stratospheric… but misplaced confidence in his own ability to handle any situation under the sun… off the cuff.

He can’t.

And he should have had some remarks prepared for Mrs. Johnson. The other point: Mrs. Johnson should have been slightly touched that the President didn’t go from some pre-processed, prepared script, but instead came to her as a person… not as a politician.

However, Mrs. Johnson and Congress-nitwit Wilson were not prepared to take a gracious, if poorly carried-off, gesture from the President. I can tell you that, even if I were on the receiving end of such a heart-wrenching telephone call from a President I can’t stand — say, Obama — I would be touched even if what Obama said was ham-handed, awkward, and ridiculous.

Come to think of it, “ham-handed, awkward, and ridiculous” describes everything Obama ever said as President! But if he were calling me to try to offer comfort, then that’s how I should react to the call no matter what was said.

That’s why Congress-moron Wilson is to blame for all this. For all her racist assumptions, for trying to score political points at the expense of a fallen hero in her district, for exploiting a young widow’s most vulnerable moment for her own profit. Hard to blame the Congress-blockhead, though, that’s the Leftist way. That’s the RGI way. Sign on to the Left, or the RGI, and you can’t help but become a cold, calculating, power-obsessed caricature of a human being.

The sad truth is: Trump should have had some canned, sterile, prepared remarks for Mrs. Johnson because she’s black, and because she’s in Congress-clodpole Wilson’s district. As a white man you do, simply stated, have to be very careful around black people; especially around black women. Sorry… that’s just the way it is. Thank you, media. Thank you, RGI.

In treating Mrs. Johnson as a real person, and not as either an opportunity for media points, or as a potential trap, Trump was actually being a good guy. A fumble-mouthed, awkward-talking… but good, person.

If Congress-moron Wilson had been a good person, then she wouldn’t have acted like such a graceless, feather-brained bonehead.

If people would realize that a mature person’s feelings simply can’t be hurt, then 95% of all the perfectly pointless problems in American inter-personal, inter-racial, inter-sex, inter-religious, inter-anything relations would… disappear. Overnight.

— xPraetorius


(1) It should be noted that Wilson is also the most ridiculous-looking member of Congress. She always wears some gaudy, bejeweled 10-gallon cowboy hat that even the worst stereotype of a white, trailer-trash lounge lizard wouldn’t be caught dead in. The hat makes Wilson look pathetic. Then, when she gets up there and tries to psersuade people to take her flapdoodle seriously, well… it’s more than a little bit hilarious.

12 thoughts on “No One Should EVER Be Able to Hurt Your Feelings

  1. Hmmm, interesting. There is some truth in what you say. I’ve been fascinated by the way people like to engage in shaming. The thing about shaming is that it only works if there is a trigger there, something you are insecure and fearful about. It’s tragic, but comical too, this trend for safe places is a panicked response to “I have feelings and I don’t know what to do with them.”

    I dislike the saying, “sticks and stones,” but in the grown up world most of us have learned that nobody can “make” us feel anything without our permission. So something like “Donald Trump is ruining my life,” is just nutty.

    1. Au contraire, mon ami….
      It’s “I have feelings and… I’m going to leverage them for power and control over everyone around me.” The ‘safe spaces’ are just tangible results of this desire turned into action.

      1. LOL. Indeed. Embrace the crazy ,it’s avoidable anyway. 🙂

        I do take note of the fact that “feelings” has been a powerful political weapon, designed to send men especially, into a tailspin. I watched the movement form, the way “trigger alert” was used to shut down conversation, the way accusations of “misogyny and racism” were designed to sow confusion.

        It’s a bit comical to me, President Trump stepped in and exploited a totally different set of feelings. I’m rather pleased by that, it steered us away from totalitarianism by two year old.

        1. I think our return to ‘greatness’ will require our removal of power from feelings. I’ll believe we’re winning when I start seeing “Follow your Brain.” bumper stickers everywhere.

          1. No! Don’t follow your brain anywhere, it’s far to little to run around without you. 🙂

            I actually dream of a day when we aren’t so much about fear, power, control, and manipulation. I’m totally dreaming here, doubt we’ll ever see it on earth, but in a democracy, we should be able to sit down together with some like-mindedness and come up with some well reasoned solutions.

            Of course, than there is congress, aptly named after a bunch of baboons.

          2. It’s the 5% rule, IB. We’ll never all hold hands and find solutions because 5% are not interested in them and ruin it for the rest of us.
            And you’re right… My brain is indeed too small to run around without me. I keep it on a leash.

    2. I agree, IB. I might have left something out. I was in a hurry this morning. Another point: it doesn’t change the fact that people ought to be polite, respectful, decorous. However, if they’re not, then we need not to be so all-fired think-skinned. 🙂

      But, to repeat, there’s no excuse for the boorish behavior either.


      — x

  2. “So many Americans today seem to be perfectly okay with being screwed, just as long as the one wielding the screwdriver doesn’t say anything mean while turning the screws! What on earth is up with that?!?”

    – It’s the essential useful idiot mindset. Without it, socialist ideology would cease to exist.

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