NPR Watch (7/13/17) – Trump’s Disapproval Rating 80% in France

Bottom Line:  Europeans disapprove of a President when they think he’ll be a good one. Simple as that. Let’s hope they’re right. And let’s hope they continue to disapprove of President Trump.

On their morning fake news program, National Public Radio (NPR) “reported” that the French “disapprove” of American President Donald Trump at the rate of 80%.

Oooohhh! you might say! That’s pretty bad! That’s a whole bunch of people who think that Trump must be a really bad President! You might say that if you were a leftist. You know, one of those leftists who believe that NPR is a serious network, transmitting actual information.

As you probably know, we have some thoughts on all this.

The French, and all sorts of other Europeans had about the same 80% approval rate for… Barack Obama. Yep. One of the worst Presidents in American history — the only question is: how close to the very bottom is he? — and the Europeans loved him!

There’s a reason for all this: Europeans, and all manner of other foreigners approve or disapprove of American Presidents according to the extent to which they believe that said President will operate in America’s best interests. If they believe that an American President will not act in America’s best interests, then they love him. Conversely, if they believe that the American President will operate in America’s best interests, they’ll hate him.

The Europeans are particularly schizophrenic in this. They know they need America and her vast ability to provide nuclear and economic deterrence, as well as all manner of assistance… but they don’t like that one bit. You see, Europeans views themselves as America’s older, wiser, smarter, much more sophisticated sister. When Obama became the President, Europeans saw another European in the White House, and they loved it, and Obama. President Obama validated the self-destructive, ever more Socialist, path that most of Europe has been following since World War II. It made them think they can survive it.

They can’t and they won’t, but self-delusion is one of humanity’s most powerful characteristics. It allows people who see someone — Barack Obama — who will enfeeble a great country with which they have a love-hate-need relationship — America — and say they love him.

More to the point, when they see that someone is in the White House who’s promised in many different ways to act in America’s best interests, they “disapprove” of him in vast numbers.

One thing is sure: Europeans who “disapprove” of President Trump, do so because they think he’ll act in America’s best interests.  And those same Europeans who so approved of Barack Obama did so, as did so many around the world, because they were pretty sure that he was not acting in America’s best interests. They were, of course, right. Let’s hope that they’re right about Trump too.

So, not only does the word “disapprove” not mean anything — Europeans overwhelmingly disapproved of Ronald Reagan too — but the word’s actual implications are often the exact opposite of what NPR is trying to communicate. In saying that the French disapprove of Trump to the tune of 80%, the disdain, the scorn, the tsk-tsk’ing and the tut-tutting in their voices as they reported it, was plain for all to hear. They wanted you to believe that European disapproval of Trump is really bad for Trump.

Furthermore, their implied meaning was that Trump should act in a way that will bring his approval rate in Europe up. What NPR couldn’t possibly understand is: European “disapproval” is a very good thing.

To illustrate this a bit: right here in America, in the 1980’s when Mikhail Gorbachev was becoming the most powerful Soviet leader in the then Soviet Union, I was certainly rooting for him, because I believed, correctly it turns out, that his ideas of “Perestroika” (reconstruction) and “Glasnost'” (openness) — particularly Glasnost’ — would absolutely sink the Soviet Socialist system and cause the Soviet Union to collapse. I believed strongly (and correctly again) that no Socialist country could survive even a little bit of openness. Gorbachev allowed a little bit of openness, and the Soviet Union collapsed like the house of cards it was.

Did I approve of Gorbachev? Well: Yes, and no. If I had to answer the question, as in these polls, and I had no choice but to give a Yes or No answer, then I’d have said “Yes.” Mind you, Gorbachev didn’t want to bring down the Soviet Union… just loosen things up a bit so that the sclerosis that was strangling the country would ease up. I was pretty sure that Gorbachev’s “loosening things up a bit” would sink the entire ugly, blood-encrusted, sick, corrupt, worm-ridden Soviet hulk. It did.

We Conservatives in the ’80’s “approved” of Mikhail Gorbachev because we thought that he might bring the Soviet Union down. Europeans “approved” of Barack Obama because they hoped he’d do the same thing, if perhaps a bit less drastically, to America. It’s a sure bet that the French overwhelmingly “disapprove” of Trump because they fear that he’ll do the opposite of what Gorbachev did to the then Soviet Union, and make America stronger.

In other words, Europeans disapprove of a President when they think he’ll be a good one. Simple as that.

Let’s hope they’re right. And let’s hope they continue to disapprove of President Trump. Or, better yet, let’s hope they change their dumb state of mind and start liking good American Presidents instead of execrable ones.

And, as we’ve often said in these pages: don’t look to National Public Radio to increase your understanding of the world around you. You always come out of a session with NPR “news” less knowledgeable than you go in.


— xPraetorius

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