Jane Sanders Under Investigation for Bank Fraud — the Real Story

As usual, we have a more in-depth take on this.

First some background:

Jane Sanders is the wife of Socialist former candidate for President, Bernie Sanders. Jane is in some hot water for apparently having cooked up a weird money-grabbing scheme to try to prop up a hoity-toity art school in Vermont, of which she was the last President before it closed its doors forever. The scheme resulted in a lot of money going to Jane herself, as well as to her daughter (Bernie’s step-daughter), who taught at the school. Here’s a link that will give you some more detail.

People are shocked — Shocked! — that committed Socialists like Bernie and Jane Sanders would do such a thing! That they’d go out and grub for money — big money! — in hyper-stereotypically capitalist fashion.

Many of us on the Right reacted with glee. What hypocrisy!  Bernie and Jane are nothing but a couple of two-faced, self-righteous, duplicitous, sanctimonious frauds! they said.

And they’re right. But they could have known all that the moment they learned that Sanders called himself a Socialist.

Point I:

However, and here’s Point One: Anyone who’s studied Socialism, and Socialists, even a teentsy-weentsy bit knows that since its inception as a “School of Thought,” its grandees and luminaries have always approved of luxuries, fabulous riches, vast land and property holdings… for themselves.

You see, they deserve all that good stuff because they’re acting in the people’s interests! Therefore, they need all the trappings of vast wealth in order to continue their vital work under the best possible conditions.

All of them, without exception, have been that way.

In the Soviet Union, there was an ironic joke that used to make the rounds: Leonid Brezhnev was showing his mother around his luxurious offices and his various dachas, as well as his huge collection of expensive foreign automobiles, all cared for by his many servants. “Well, mother, what do you think of all your son has accomplished? Are you proud of me?” Brezhnev’s mother replies, “But Leonid, I’m worried, what will happen if the Communists come back into power?”

The point: That is how the Communists — ie the Socialists — rule. Without any difference whatsoever between them and the supposedly corrupt, decadent, out-of-touch monarchs they deposed. It’s always how they’ve ruled. It’s how they think.

Bernie Sanders and his wife Jane are of the same ilk. They’re better than you and I, so the rules shouldn’t apply to them. Not even the rules of the political doctrine whose precepts they believe.

Don’t get me wrong, The Sanderses are committed Socialists. That’s how Socialists think: they’re smarter, wiser, more sensible, perceptive, discerning… better than everyone else. So they deserve more… and better than everyone else.

Again, anyone who’s studied Socialism even for a tiny bit, recognizes that there’s not a lick of difference between Socialism and serfdom. Between Socialism and slavery.

Bernie and Jane aren’t thinking that they wish they hadn’t been caught, they’re thinking that they should be entitled to act as they did, to defraud the bank out of a million bucks or so, because, well just because they’re Bernie and Jane. But you and I shouldn’t be able to get away with that kind of thing, you see, because we’re not Bernie and Jane.

Point II:

Now here’s Point Two: Really, no one should blame Bernie and Jane for thinking they could get away with just ripping off a million bucks or so: the media don’t care about the crimes and corruption of the Left.

Want proof? Do a little thought exercise with me: If Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 Presidential election, do you think there would be the investigations going on to find out about the Clinton campaign’s actual collusion with Ukrainian nationals to buy dirt on Donald Trump? Remember: this is actual collusion that everyone knows, and admits, actually happened.

Also, the media, in the form of Donna Brazile and others, actually colluded with the Clinton campaign to pass along debate questions before the Trump-Clinton debates. This represents an actual crime by actual media figures, actually colluding to undermine American democracy. Do you remember a single hearing in Congress? Just one? Any hand-wringing denunciations from Democrats about this blatant attempt to subvert our sacred American democracy?

Me neither.

But, wait… Republicans have denounced all the Trump-Russia stuff too! Surely some Democrats have spoken out, in outraged fury, at the attempts by leaders in their own party to undermine all that we Americans hold dear! Right? Surely, some Democrats are upset that hugely important members of the leadership of their party have abused their authority so irresponsibly! Surely some Democrats! Right? Even one? Just one?

Nope. Not one. Not even one.

Democrats watched as Lyndon B. Johnson, possibly the most corrupt President ever to occupy the Oval Office, faced no serious repercussions for his corruption. Then, they watched as Richard Nixon was forced to resign the Presidency for a third-rate burglary. They watched, and they learned, and they drew conclusions. The correct conclusions: Why not me too?

And time and time and time again, they watched as prominent Democrat after prominent Democrat got away with murder, with no consequences whatsoever, while a Republican who might have sneezed insensitively… was gone. Out.

Democrats and Socialists learned well: there’s fame and fortune, luxury and popularity, power and control over the lives and fortunes of others, to be had on the Left, while, of course, operatically proclaiming their opposition to all that’s just so unfair in America. Never, of course, questioning just how fair it is for them to defraud and lie their way to vast wealth and power, and then go home to their gated community, their servants, luxury cars and their opulent meals… because the media don’t care what they do.(1) That, you see, is “fair.” And, yes, they believe that it’s all fair, because of Point I, above: they’re better than you and I.

Point III

Look for all this to go quietly away. The facts of the case look bad for Jane Sanders, as well, possibly, as for Bernie. It turns out that he may have used his office to help his wife and step-daughter get all this money.

What, you say?!? A leftist politician using his position to enrich his family and himself?!? You’re kidding, right? How could that possibly be?!? Well… because: that’s all they do. That’s why they become leftist politicians!

Maybe there’s a slap on the wrist somewhere in there for Janie, but that’ll be it. If it had been you or I, there’d be jail time and fines and the end of whatever career we had at the time. Don’t worry your pretty little head for Bernie, though: there’ll be no repercussions whatsoever for his political career, because the Left can never allow the first ever “legitimate” Socialist candidate for President to be discredited.(2)

In these pages, we pointed out a very sad reality a long time ago: there  will never again be a Presidential election cycle without an avowedly Socialist candidate in it.

— xPraetorius


(1) As long as, that is, you don’t get too flagrantly caught at it. See, Clinton, William J. If you get too flagrantly caught at it, the media will — kicking and screaming — come to make some desultory inquiries into the story. However, as in the above-mentioned case of William J. Clinton, they’ll do their level best to make sure that it all works out okay for the leftist in question.

(2) There have been other Socialist candidates for the Presidency: Eugene Debs (early in the previous century), Angela Davis, and Gus Hall come to mind. However, none of them ever had a chance of garnering more than a few thousands of votes. Sanders had a shot — a really long shot, but a shot all the same — at being the Democrat Party’s nominee for the Presidency in 2016.

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