You Heard it Here First… (Part II)

In this post, we called it… and we’re calling it again.

Hillary Clinton is out.  Before the convention.



She’s too stupid. Too boring. Too corrupt.

She’s unable to answer a question honestly, because, simply: every single honest answer she could ever give shows her either to be stupid, or incompetent, or a complete cretin… or it shows her to be a criminal.

  • The reason she can’t answer questions on the stump? Too stupid. The media can protect her from her own silence only so long.
  • The reason she can’t answer questions about Benghazi? Too incompetent.
  • The reason she can’t talk about her e-mail server? She knows it was illegal, and she’s corrupt.
  • The reason she can’t talk about what she’s done? Everything she’s ever done has turned to poop. She’s an incompetent nitwit.
  • The reason she can’t talk about the Clinton Foundation? It’s a  criminal organization masquerading as a charity.
  • The reason she can’t talk about anything? She has no accomplishments, nothing to point to, nothing she has done that has ever succeeded. What is she going to talk about? Her tenure as Secretary of State? How’s the world doing?
  • There is literally nothing she can say that doesn’t have a withering, devastating, contradictory retort.(1)
  • Finally, because she’s such a horrible candidate, there are people in the Democrat Party taking the idea of a Joe Biden candidacy seriously. If you’re making the hyper-buffoonish, gaffe-tastic, super-groper Joe Freakin’ Biden look appealing…

Where does she go from there?

She’s gone.

Just a question of when.(2)

— xPraetorius



(1) – This is the one that will get her pushed from the race. The leadership of the Democrat Party is psychotic, racist, power-mad and thoroughly corrupt… but they’re not stupid. They know that she has and is nothing of substance to offer to the electorate. And transparently so.

(2) – The only — only — caveat: if the thoroughly corrupt American media let her get away with being the stupid, incompetent, idiotic criminal that she is.


13 thoughts on “You Heard it Here First… (Part II)

    1. Nope. She’s out.

      You’ll see. The drip-drip-drip is turning into a torrent. I did give myself an out. The media are the wild card here.

      Absent the media, though, she’s particularly toasty toast.

      I haven’t been shocked, though, by media corruption and depravity for a very long time.

      I made the assertion sometime this year that if the media were simply honest — I don’t worry at all about bias — then the Democrats wouldn’t have a viable candidate for dog-catcher, much less for anything more exalted than that.

      I stand by that.


      — x

        1. Ummmmmmmmm… Yep.


          What think you? Is she done? Or will she survive this thing that would have sunk any serious candidate(1) years ago?


          — x

          (1) – A candidate who’s not a complete media product.

  1. Yep. Out. Done. Toast.

    I see no reason, however, not to dance around the grave that the Dem leaders are digging.

    Then, we have to put Bernie Sanders into the same hole. How that moron is a viable candidate is a mystery if and only if you consider the Democrat Party a serious political party.


    — x

    1. Seriously X, do you sleep?
      If the Establishment A-Holes end up retaining power in the house and senate it could be fun have old Bernie at the helm. All the gridlock and all the entertainment one could want. Let’s hope neither happens…

  2. I don’t sleep nearly enough, Mike. What with being a single daddy of two kids and two jobs and a bunch more stuff, there truly are not enough hours in a day. I have enough trouble keeping up with this blog.

    I’m with you on your Sanders conclusion… talk about “interesting times.” I’ll take boring any day. Also, what good could possibly come from a Sanders presidency? Some on the sensible side of the political spectrum wondered whether an Obama presidency would “show ’em” what damage the election of an extremist would cause, and would bring a backlash that would re-orient things correctly.

    It didn’t.


    — x

  3. You’re starting to look prescient here, x. Hillary is in a world of hurt. It’s looking like she WON’T make it to the convention!

  4. Nope. She won’t.

    Look at everything going against her.
    (1) She can’t speak in public.
    (2) She can'[t answer any questions about specific things that are problems (Benghazi, e-mail server) without looking completely Clintonian, ie: corrupt
    (3) She’s not very bright.
    (4) Her record as Secretary of State has not one single positive to point to.

    Look what she has going for her:
    (1) The press covering for her.

    Remember: any Republican candidate for anything would have been out long ago if he had been responsible for any single one of the disasters that have followed in her wake in whatever capacity she has “served.”

    The political future of any Republican candidate for anything would have been mortally wounded — permanently — by CattleGate. Or whatever they call it when Hillary turned $1,000 into $100,000 or the like.

    The one thing going for her candidacy — the willing corrupt collusion of the American media — can last only so long.


    — x

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