Some Quick Observations on the Debate

• Ben Carson had the lines of the night with (1) the “half-a-brain” remark and (2) “operating on what makes people what they really are,” and (3) “I’m the only one to have separated Siamese twins…”

• Quietly, Ted Cruz won it. So quietly that no one noticed that he’d won it.

• Rubio did very well, and just as expected. He’d be a whole lot better than Obama or Clinton, or — heaven forfend — Sanders or O’Malley. On the other hand, so would a walnut.

• Cruz’s final statement was the best with the “things I will do on day one as President.”

• Of course, Carson’s final remarks were the most fun. Carson is a brilliant, decent, really good man. I don’t care what the results of the upcoming primary and election tussles are: someone needs to find a way to get that man front-and-center on a regular basis.

• Cruz pledged to get rid of Dodd-Frank. Excellent! And there’s much more to get rid of too: Sarbanes-Oxley, Mark-to-market… Obamacare.

• Based on the precedent that Obama set, there are numerous things a President Cruz could do to make Obamacare unworkable and “kill it on the vine.” The Democrats would have nothing to say about that, since they supported the obviously unconstitutional executive orders that Obama has been doing. Not that that would prevent them from howling to high heaven though.

• Would I want a President Cruz to do the executive order thing to roll back the disaster that is Obamacare? Dunno. I have to think about it for a bit.

• On that topic: no man in history has been more destructive to the principle of “balance of powers” than Obama. You and I both know that what he has done is illegal, certainly immoral, absolutely unconstitutional, and he has done it because any substantive opposition will come under a torrent of abuse from Obama’s lackeys in the media. In other words, he did it because he knew he’d get away with it.

• The Republican field is amazingly deep. The list of candidates who gave thoughtful, substantive replies to questions numbers exactly: 10. Yes, even Trump, when he wasn’t being ridiculously bombastic, gave some interesting responses… responses that proved that, indeed, he is smart, and decisive and possessed of a clear vision, and … slightly … possessed.

• I wish others would be as plainspoken as Trump is about the opponents. He called Hillary Clinton “incompetent” and a bunch of other unflattering things. I wish the rest would be as honest about her. The “thinking” of the left is ugly, divisive, stupid, racist, destructive, substanceless, soul-sapping and cretinous. It needs to be discredited forcefully and forthrightly. We won’t be able to discredit such abominable thinking while giving credit to the ones thinking it. At some point you have to call the ones holding really stupid ideas… stupid.

• The previous item bears repeating: Take off the gloves with Hillary. Call her what she is: corrupt, not too bright, incompetent… a failure. When you’re called “sexist” tell the accuser to grow up, get a life, and stop being a whining crybaby. Heck, tell the accuser to “man up.” I’d love to hear someone accused of sexism turning on his accuser like that!!!

• Something else that bears repeating: “The “thinking” of the left is ugly, divisive, stupid, racist, destructive, substanceless, soul-sapping and cretinous.” It’s true — couldn’t some one or two — or more — of the candidates just freakin’ say it? Trump would — if, that is, he believed it, which is not a sure thing.

• Now, Carly Fiorina… That’s how a real woman candidate should be: highly intelligent, articulate, obviously accomplished, yet approachable and gracious and graceful.

• Three more who deserve — if one examines real, objective accomplishment, and brains — to be in the top tier of contenders: Fiorina, Jindal, Perry. No doubt about it.

— xParetorius


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