You Heard it Here First…

Well, not really, but the below is all true.

Just some quick, stream-of-consciousness observations and predictions about the upcoming presidential primaries and election.

I’m trying to enter  these as quickly as possible, because people are arriving at these same conclusions quickly:

  • Hillary Clinton — what a doofus!  — is out. Too stupid, too boring, too corrupt, too old, too obviously lacking in any substance or accomplishment, outside of being her doofus husband’s wife.
    • Out well before the Democrat Party convention next year.
  • Bernie Sanders — what a troglodyte! — is out.
    • Too stupid, too fun, charismatic and extroverted. He’s like a game show host. You always feel, after watching something about him, as though you need to take a shower; as though you’re somehow dirtier just by watching him.
  • Joe Biden – Too funny. He’s out. Though I almost wish he were in. Talk about grist for Conservative comedians!!! This is the poster child for the idea that America is a mediocritocracy.(1) Interesting Note: People are worried about her Hillariness because of her “gaffes.” And they want Joe Biden instead? The man’s a gaffe machine! He walks, talks, breathes, exhales, exudes gaffes!
  • Martin O’Malley – Should be too funny. This is the guy who used to be the mayor of Baltimore, and who helped to contribute to the disaster that is Baltimore today. A sane party would have expelled him long ago, as if he were a  cancer cell in the party. However, this is the Democrat party we’re talking about. They welcome loonies like O’Malley.

Your next Democrat Party nominee — after the parade of mediocrities and nutcases we’ve seen recently — is Martin O’Malley.

If, that is, nothing changes from today to when the inevitable Democrat Party simpleton is selected next year.

I’ll keep you posted.

Remember: in the very recent past the Democrats have selected John Kerry, Al Gore and Barack Obama. How’s America doing under those birdbrains? Remember: when Kerry and Gore lost their presidential elections? They didn’t just go away, as a sane person would have done, they become High Administration Officials and Important Environmental Activists. They are … embarrassments and buffoons.

If the Democrats  hadn’t chosen Obama in 2008, they’d have chosen … Hillary Clinton.

I defy you to show me a greater collection of morons, mediocrities, misfits and brainless boobs than the assemblage of steaming offal atop the leadership of the today’s American Democrat Party.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Rule by the mediocre. In other words: the more mediocre you are, the better your chances at excelling in a mediocritocracy.


5 thoughts on “You Heard it Here First…

  1. Just the word I was thinking for Hillary: doofus.

    I defy you to show me a greater collection of morons, mediocrities, misfits and brainless boobs than the assemblage of steaming offal atop the leadership of the today’s American Democrat Party.

    Lol! Perfect!


  2. Hi, Viewer! Good to hear from you!

    I’m not wrong yet, buddy! 🙂

    Keep watching! Though, I have to admit, it’s not looking good for O’Malley!


    — x

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