You Heard it Here First…

Well, not really, but the below is all true.

Just some quick, stream-of-consciousness observations and predictions about the upcoming presidential primaries and election.

I’m trying to enter  these as quickly as possible, because people are arriving at these same conclusions quickly:

  • Hillary Clinton — what a doofus!  — is out. Too stupid, too boring, too corrupt, too old, too obviously lacking in any substance or accomplishment, outside of being her doofus husband’s wife.
    • Out well before the Democrat Party convention next year.
  • Bernie Sanders — what a troglodyte! — is out.
    • Too stupid, too fun, charismatic and extroverted. He’s like a game show host. You always feel, after watching something about him, as though you need to take a shower; as though you’re somehow dirtier just by watching him.
  • Joe Biden – Too funny. He’s out. Though I almost wish he were in. Talk about grist for Conservative comedians!!! This is the poster child for the idea that America is a mediocritocracy.(1) Interesting Note: People are worried about her Hillariness because of her “gaffes.” And they want Joe Biden instead? The man’s a gaffe machine! He walks, talks, breathes, exhales, exudes gaffes!
  • Martin O’Malley – Should be too funny. This is the guy who used to be the mayor of Baltimore, and who helped to contribute to the disaster that is Baltimore today. A sane party would have expelled him long ago, as if he were a  cancer cell in the party. However, this is the Democrat party we’re talking about. They welcome loonies like O’Malley.

Your next Democrat Party nominee — after the parade of mediocrities and nutcases we’ve seen recently — is Martin O’Malley.

If, that is, nothing changes from today to when the inevitable Democrat Party simpleton is selected next year.

I’ll keep you posted.

Remember: in the very recent past the Democrats have selected John Kerry, Al Gore and Barack Obama. How’s America doing under those birdbrains? Remember: when Kerry and Gore lost their presidential elections? They didn’t just go away, as a sane person would have done, they become High Administration Officials and Important Environmental Activists. They are … embarrassments and buffoons.

If the Democrats  hadn’t chosen Obama in 2008, they’d have chosen … Hillary Clinton.

I defy you to show me a greater collection of morons, mediocrities, misfits and brainless boobs than the assemblage of steaming offal atop the leadership of the today’s American Democrat Party.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Rule by the mediocre. In other words: the more mediocre you are, the better your chances at excelling in a mediocritocracy.



5 thoughts on “You Heard it Here First…

  1. Just the word I was thinking for Hillary: doofus.

    I defy you to show me a greater collection of morons, mediocrities, misfits and brainless boobs than the assemblage of steaming offal atop the leadership of the today’s American Democrat Party.

    Lol! Perfect!


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