Fifteen Minutes of Brilliance

It’s right here.

In a great interview, the great Thomas Sowell expounds on intellectuals and race. Just in case you think we’re a bit “extreme,” Dr. Sowell says much of what we’ve been saying for a while.

I don’t claim to be Dr. Sowell’s influence — the reverse, rather, is true — but it’s still nice to observe one of America’s all-time most brilliant thinkers agreeing with us here at our small, but increasingly influential, think tank.

In this short video, we hear Dr. Sowell and his interviewer confirm that racism is a phenomenon largely of the left, not of the right.

The two confirm many other things we’ve been saying here for a long time too.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes of Brilliance

  1. Thanks, Mike! I’ll check it out. I’ve been a huge admirer of Professor Sowell’s for years, but I’ve fallen behind on his books!

    I read “Illiberal Education” and “Marxism” a long time ago, and then lapsed for a bit. I almost never missed a column, though, so I figured I was keeping up.


    — x

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