NPR Watch – 7/27/15

I was listening to National Public Radio this morning on the way to work. Someone came on to promote a feature of theirs: “Science Friday.

The key phrase: “Science: it’s not just for geeks anymore.”

At first glance, that sounds just great, doesn’t it? People taking science, with all its complexity and sophisticated-sounding words and all, and distilling it down for the common ruck?

What’s not to like?

Needless to say, it’s in that “distillation” process that vast mischief lurks. What, after all, do you get when you combine (1) scientists needing money to keep their research going, with (2) a credulous public willing to believe nearly anyone with “scientist” attached to his name, with (3) a left-wing ideology that’ll use anything to advance its agenda, with (4) a thoroughly corrupt media-academia-pop culture complex willing to do or say anything to promote that left-wing ideology? Why, you get: environmentalism.

The 21st Century’s greatest scam, environmentalism, is being perpetrated right in front of our eyes, and all by “scientists,” supposedly interested only in where “the science” will take them.

it’s important to note that environmentalism is not the only such scam. Remember all the hullabaloo over the “gay gene?” Supposedly, “scientists” had discovered the existence of a gene that makes gay people gay. Then, when that idea was no longer needed politically, gays have quietly admitted that there was never any such gene, and that homosexuality is merely a state of mind.

So, what could possibly go wrong with something like “Science Friday?” Well, either the scientists or the self-appointed “interpreters” of the science simply lying about that science, as they did to fabricate the fraudulent “science” of environmentalism. That’s what could go wrong, and is going wrong, with “science.”

Don’t forget, it was “scientists” — not religious people — who fought hardest to keep the idea of a flat earth alive. As well as the idea of an earth-centered solar system, and so forth.

Since NPR is nothing more than a part of the vast propaganda wing of the American left, you can know, without a doubt, that anything they do they do to support a leftist agenda. Period. That is the Prime Directive of NPR.

And, in America today, anything that comes wrapped in a package labeled “Science” has automatic credibility — whether it’s actually science, or an out-and-out fraud, like environmentalism.

— xPraetorius


2 thoughts on “NPR Watch – 7/27/15

  1. Scratch the green surface just a little bit and you’ll see red color.
    Scratch further and you’ll have a stinking, rotten brown core emerging.
    Science? Settled science?
    Many know the story of Gallileo but it’s never told that the church actually defended the “settled science” of the day, the almost universally accepted world view among the scientists of the day. What an irony.
    But though we have an inquisition today the science is neither settled nor is it almost universally accepted.

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