THE Proper Perspective on Trump vs. McCain (Part II)

In this post, I covered the tiff between Donald Trump, billionaire candidate for the Presidency, and John McCain, Republican Senator from Arizona. In that column, I said that:

Personally, I have no desire whatsoever for Donald Trump to become the President of the United States, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with his opinion of John McCain.

I should have noted something else: Any of the Republican Presidential candidates would be a better President, by orders of magnitude, than Hillary Clinton, the logical next step of the Great Obama Decline.

From the ridiculous (Trump) to the sublime (Carson), the Republicans are awash in people who would do, or would have done, a better job than Obama-Clinton.

Don’t read too, too much into that: a kumquat would do, or would have done, a better job than Obama-Clinton.

It’s long past time to demand of Republicans that they field intelligent, substantive candidates.(1) They appear to be living up to that responsibility with Fiorina, Carson, Paul, Walker, Rubio, Kasich and some more, but we don’t need just a great candidate, we need a great President.

To help clean up the Obama wreckage.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Because the Democrats signaled, decades ago, that they were no longer interested in presenting us with anyone but complete nitwits.

Can you imagine that? The fate of the world for the foreseeable future rests in the hands of the leadership of the Republican Party.



7 thoughts on “THE Proper Perspective on Trump vs. McCain (Part II)

  1. Thanks for this, x. The last part is particularly important, but I might have to disagree with you just a bit. You said, “…we don’t need just a great candidate, we need a great President.”

    That is self-evidently true. But, if you think about it for a bit, you will ask yourself why we don’t get either great candidates or great Presidents.

    I don’t know the answer, but I have a guess: “the system.” The system is very complicated, so when I say “the system,” I’m saying a whole lot. There’s the legal system, the electoral system, the Constitution, the laws, the judiciary, the media, and all else, and the people all acting together to be “the system.”

    They’re all flawed, so they all create a flawed system. Here’s the problem that every country always faces: people create the system. People are flawed. Therefore the system is flawed. I think it’s self-evident that flawed people can not, by definition, create a perfect system. Flawed people will do what they can to exploit the flawed system, no matter how great it is, thereby weakening it.

    As it weakens, the flawed people’s efforts weaken the system further, until it finally breaks down. When it breaks down, as our system is doing, the victorious flawed people will set up their own flawed system — no matter how wonderfully great — favoring their world view, and incorporating all the elements that will favor them. However, it’s still human nature to push and prod at “the system” to find its flaws and to exploit them to their own ends. And on and on it goes.

    The only difference I’ve ever seen is the “American Experiment.” However, I always wondered why there was ever an America at all. The only answer I could find was geographical. America was safe from the East — only ocean, and from the West, where there was never any organized opposition to expansion. To the South and North was the same: no organized opposition to American expansion westward.

    During all that time the “Founding Fathers” were able to set up whatever they wanted to set up, with only minor nuisances like the War of 1812, and token Indian opposition to thwart them.

    At first glance America looked like all the rest of the world and all the rest of world history. Then they did the unprecedented: George Washington refused monarchical power. What the HECK?!? Who had ever heard of such a thing?!?

    Then America abolished slavery. Not only did she abolish slavery, but she declared it beyond the pale; she said that an integral part of the economies of all countries before was morally and unacceptably wrong. No country had ever done or said such a thing!

    It was a radical break from human past the likes of which the world had never even come close to seeing before.

    And America did it. More to the point: Americans of white, European extraction examined their behavior as regards others, found it wanting, and changed it. No other worldwide ethnicity had ever done that, and none has done it since.

    However, we come to today, and we see the astonishing phenomenon of people with near total freedom to express themselves and to change things, whining and whining about how oppressive things are here in America.

    I know you have argued with them, and you have pretty convincingly proven them wrong. The problem is that they don’t see what you are saying, even though it is perfectly obvious. What do you do when faced with such stupidity, stubbornness, or such closed-mindedness?

    I admire your perseverance in staying with it, and in trying to convince them, but I can’t help going back to something that BorthaWolf said to you: “You will never persuade me differently.” Or something like that.

    You responded perfectly correctly. You said something like, “You need to keep an open mind” or something like that. BrothaWolf, of course, turned that around and told you that your mind was closed because you were not seeing his argument.

    That his argument was superficial, stupid, and that you had debunked it completely meant nothing to him. He held onto his idiotic thinking as a young girl might hold onto a treasured teddy bear.

    All of which leads me to believe that the rest of the world is probably just as stupid as BrothaWolf. You will never convince them of anything different from their sheep-like worldview, even when the evidence is clear and right in front of their faces.

    You can not convince the stupid of what is not stupid. They’re too stupid.


  2. Lol! Babies are not stupid, they’re ignorant. 🙂

    I should say they are not YET stupid. They just have not yet chosen to be stupid.


  3. Indeed, Babies Are Ignorant!
    But my experience with them is when they do know better… they then begin to choose to be Stupid. They also Cry and Poop alot.
    My only point is, once we have repeated, and repeated, our instruction… corrected their aberrant behavior… and they master a certain step we then progress to the next step. We don’t give up. This is true even when it is someone elses child and that someone else fails to perform the duties of parent. Some slip through the cracks and we have to work with them at a much later period in their lives… frustrating to us, and frustrating to them. But this is the small ‘work’ we do if we care about certain things.

    When it comes to this Great Experiment in Individual Liberty and Freedom… Limited Government… and Self Rule, I care. I suspect you do too or you wouldn’t have finished reading my foolishness.

    Brotha Wolf et al. need push back. Their insulated bubble carefully constructed to protect themsleves from opposing opinion, ideology etc. Demands our Attention lest they be able to create the impression that theirs is so enlightened there is no other thought. And sadly, we already have our University System for this. (Yes… I’m a product. It took a lot of Drugs and Alcohol, but I recovered.)
    I know you’re one of the good guys. The only reason I replied to your post (something I rarely do as I always try to direct my stupidity at the author) is because I heard a theme buried in there which seemed to ring of giving up wrapped in genuine concern.
    Well… it may just be hopeless, but I for one am going to annoy the sh*t out of them until there are no more Stupid Babies. Join Us! The Army is growing… fighting a war which you correctly identified as never ending.

  4. I have to agree with Mike, viewer. I might chime in with my belief that there is no such thing as a hopeless cause. There are those who actually do grow up, keep thinking, think a bit more, keep their minds active and questing, and finally turn around.

    Who ever would have thought, for example, that Eldridge Cleaver — once as racist a lefty as you could possibly imagine — would proclaim himself an enthusiastic Reagan voter?

    How about Jerry Rubin? David Horowitz? And many, many more. The numbers of those who go the other way are tiny (I can think of David Brock and Arianna Huffington) and their stories usually indicate that their previous rightishness consisted more of parroting than thinking,

    The great Thomas Sowell was a Marxist, who refused to stop challenging himself, until he realized that Marxism is just untenable.

    Not only do I think the task is doable, I think it’s very doable, but that doesn’t relieve us of our responsibility actually to do it.

    The arguments of BrothaWolf, Abagond, et al, are so rudimentary, that I needed only to deploy rudimentary arguments against them, to debunk them. Well, we might as well debunk them, or the nitwitteries they spout just sit out there unchallenged, appearing to be “settled.”

    One more important point: maybe we don’t convince racist troglodytes like BrothaWolf and Abagond, but maybe we do convince some who read the exchange. After all, if you read them, you see that my colleagues and I have the better of it pretty much every time. I’m not being immodest here, but the arguments the RGI use are, like most of those on the left, flabby and weak, precisely because nobody challenges them.

    It always amazes me how rapidly the left and the RGI have to degenerate into name-calling, mind-reading, taking-their-ball-and-going-home, and all the other leftist-patented evasions, that all say: “Help! I’m out of ammo!”

    On this last one: they’re not used to having their insults and mind-reading thrown back in their faces either. It’s fun to watch them squirm when you do.


    — x

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