Admitting It: I’m a White Guy, and I Might Be a Racist!

Yep. After a long, long time of denying it. I’m a white guy, and I’m thinking I’m possibly actually a racist!

All these years of denying it! All these years of trying to convince this guy, and this guy, that I’m not… and here I am admitting it to all of you, in front of God, family and country, for all to see and read: I might be a racist!

I’m watching a a video by one of my favorite YouTube commentators, a black man named Alfonzo Rachel. I love this guy! He’s brilliant, articulate, very, very thoughtful, a strong Christian and chock full to the brim of deeply positive energy.

Watch this:  The Liberal Lie of Lynching. It’s brilliant. Kind of off-the-cuff, kind of stream-of-consciousness, kind of improvised, but brilliant. Because Zo’s brilliant.

As I watched, I was sitting here just thinking, “Man! I wish this guy were my neighbor so I could get to talk with him from time to time, bounce ideas off him, and if there were ever a problem in my part of the neighborhood, this guy would run, not walk, directly at the problem, whatever it might be, to save my life or the lives of my young adult children.” Because you can just tell… he’s that kind of guy.

Then I was thinking some more.

Who else, thought I, would I want in “my neighborhood?” Well, absolutely Thomas Sowell. Brilliant, grandfatherly type, loaded with equal portions of knowledge, common sense and wisdom, along with a preternatural ability to distill the complex into clear, easily intelligible insights.

Who else? Well, Larry Elder! Of course! Watch Dave Rubin’s “Red Pill Moment” interview with Larry Elder and you’ll understand why.


Then I thought some more. I’d want Sheriff David Clarke in my neighborhood. Oh, yeah!

And Ben Carson! Same thing. Brilliant beyond brilliant, articulate, soft-spoken, courageous. Oh, and obviously just a really nice man.

I was starting to get an inkling of an idea of a notion of a hint of where I was going with all this.

My thoughts continued. Who else?

Well, Jason Riley, of course. And Lawrence Jones and Candace Owens. Then: Allan West, the great Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, David Webb, Deneen Borelli, C.L. Bryant, and more just like these people.

All of a sudden I realized that in my mind I was putting together my dream neighborhood, and it consisted entirely of non-white people! More to the point, it was made up entirely of black people!

If you look at that group, what are the most obvious characteristics of the people in it? Well, they’re all black, of course, and they’re all staunch political Conservatives. But they have one other characteristic that should be evident to everyone, but that the political Left does its level best to prevent everyone from knowing about: they all have uncommon courage. It takes real courage to be a black Conservative in America today.

How’s that, you say?

Easy: it requires far more courage to pronounce oneself publicly unconvinced by the cacophonous crackpotteries of the Left than, for example, to out oneself as gay in public. To do the latter is to open oneself to… a warm, soothing, affirming shower of fawning praise from ovine herds praising your courage to the skies. Awwww… Sorry. There’s just no courage in that!

But… to do the former — to announce oneself as a black Conservative — is to open the door to angry, lynch mob-style hordes shrieking that you’re a sell-out, an Uncle Tom a “House Negro,” a “race traitor,” and even… not black! It is to lose in a stroke all those whom you once called a friend — black, white and other — who believed before that you thought as they do because of the color of your skin. Gee… nothing racist about that, eh?!?

As I might have mentioned about the great Alfonzo Rachel above, if any of the above-enumerated people saw that you were in trouble, they would run to you, to help you get out of trouble. Especially if it was serious trouble. These are people of real courage, real character, real integrity, real intelligence, insight and wisdom. Who wouldn’t want such neighbors?

So there I am, in the ideal neighborhood of my imagination, a 6’4″ tall, 280-pound massive hunk of a white man, surrounded by… black people.

Oh, I still admire white Conservatives. A lot. And I’m absolutely not suggesting that anyone is inferior merely because of the color of his skin. But, black Conservatives are: Stronger. Wiser. More insightful. More courageous. More intelligent… Better (yikes!) people.

The group of people I admire most all have dark brown or black skin!!! I just possibly might be an anti-white racist!

— xPraetorius


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