The REAL Racists Are The Ones Waving The Banner of ‘Anti-Racism.’ (Part II)

A while back (Sept. 22, 2019), we penned a post that was a bit of a test. The post proposed a couple of thought experiments in which a genie pops out of a bottle and offers some gruesome services to various defined groups of people: for black people, the elimination of all white people; for white people, the elimination of all non-white people, etc.

The output of our small, but increasingly influential think tank, is widely read in academia, and I was curious as to whether people would come forward — from any group — and rise to the defense of their confreres in that group, and say, “Hell no! We’d never allow you to eliminate all [fill in color here] people! Of course not!

It would be such a simple thing. And, it would counter some of the things that I’ve read many, many times on web sites run by people who call themselves “anti-racists.” who are, in fact… virulent racists.

What, you ask, have I read many, many times in the pages of the fake anti-racists? Good question! I’ve read hundreds of posts, produced by fake anti-racists as they fantasize about the total extermination of all white people. I’ve seen the occasional post from the occasional white racist fantasist. The fantasies have always taken the form of separation… never of extermination.

White people have learned — and internalized — the notion that to harbor any kind of negative feelings toward others, merely because of the color of their skin is both wrong and… deeply stupid. This is not the case of the people who hate white people merely for the color of their skin. They continue to hate white people — merely because of the color of their skin. Furthermore, they do so with all the very same jackasseries of which white racists used to be guilty a century or so ago: examining the shape of their heads, their lips, their ears, the color of their eyes, the shapes of their heads… and especially, the color of their skin, and its comparative lack of melanin, to which the fake anti-racists ascribe nearly mystical properties. It’s instructive to remember that at that time people like Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, ran around offering black women money to undergo sterilization in order, long-term, to eliminate the black race.

Back to our post: Where were the people standing up for their race? Serious question. There’s only one proper reaction to our thought exercises: as stated above, “Hell no! We’d never consent to the extermination of any group of people for any reason, and especially not because of the color of their skin!

It’s funny (not funny “ha ha,” but funny ironic) that the fake anti-racists also consider themselves, mostly, “Progressives.” The word is a funny one. Looking at it, one would think that it has something to do with “progress.” Progress, of course, means both “change” and further: “change for the better.” Change for the worse is never considered “progress.”

As it turns out, the fake anti-racists are really just reactionary throwbacks to a long, long ago time, a century ago, when race relations were governed nearly entirely by ignorance, irrationality and superstitious codswallop. This antiquated, long discredited, much-scorned, much-derided zeitgeist of the distant, primitive past, is the race view that the fake anti-racists embrace enthusiastically today.

How else to understand the deafening silence from so-called “anti-racists” in response to our thought experiments? Especially since the only reasonable reaction would have been deafening repudiation of our thought experiments!

— xPraetorius