RGI Watch (1/13/19): Uh Oh… Here’s the Headline: Black People Dismantle “White Privilege”

Uh oh… the Race Grievance Industry (RGI) really doesn’t want to see headlines talking about black people leaving the plantation and thinking for themselves!

And here’s the video:


The headline refers to dismantling the idea that there even is such a thing as “White Privilege.”‘

Now, I agree with what the above-shown influential black thinkers are saying… with one nuance. There is “White Privilege.” And there’s “Black Privilege.” And “Brown Privilege,” “Female Privilege,” “Male Privilege,” “Young Privilege,” “Old Privilege.” Etc…

Every identifiable “group” out there has some form or other of privilege based solely on the accident of their birth, or something else absolutely irrelevant to the character of the person under scrutiny.

However, there’s one much more important “Privilege.” Let’s call it “American Privilege.” It’s the fact that no matter your race, sex, sexual preference, age or any other characteristic, you should spend at least a portion of every day thanking God that you were born American.

Black people, women, sexually confused people, old, young, brown, green, purple… no matter your “group,” you live vastly better here in America than any of your counterparts have ever lived anywhere else or at any other time.

So, our position, here at our small but increasingly influential think tank is that there is “White Privilege,” but the notion that there’s more of that than there is of, for example,” Black Privilege” is extremely debatable.

More to the point, since all of American law, policies, practices, procedures, rules and regulations in the realms of hiring, housing, academics, even basic interactions between people, have all favored non-white people — for generations — a serious  case can be made that there’s one whole heckuva lot more Non-White Privilege in America than there is White Privilege.

— xPraetorius

One thought on “RGI Watch (1/13/19): Uh Oh… Here’s the Headline: Black People Dismantle “White Privilege”

  1. @x, this is excellent. I hadn’t considered it from this angle. I think I agree completely. I DEFINITELY agree about “American Privilege!” Didn’t you do a feature some time ago on the odds against being born an American in the 21st century? Might be a good idea to reprint that one.


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