RGI Watch — A Racist Attacks Us (Part IV)

Just some reflections on the latest in a long line of back and forths with “Brothawolf” (BW) and us here at our small, but increasingly influential think tank.(1)

Brothawolf has asked us several times: “Why do we care? Why not just leave him alone to post his rage-filled, racist little rants and go find someone else to pester?”

The question, like all questions, goes both ways, though. Any question someone asks you, you can, of course, turn around and ask right back to the original asker.

So, we’d ask BW the same thing. Numerous times he’s suggested that we’re insignificant, that we’re stupid, misinformed, ignorant, ill-informed, lying, uneducated… even that we’re crazy.

Yet, Brothawolf becomes so hurt, so offended, so weepy in the face of anything we say about his writing that’s less than charitable. If only, he says, we weren’t so darned mean, well, then he might listen to us! Then it’d be worth responding to our thoughts and ideas.

So, I re-pose the question: If we’re so insignificant, and crazy, BW, why do you care?(2)

Seriously. If someone I figure to be nuts says something horrible about me, why should that bother me in the slightest? I’d take seriously the critiques of someone who knows me well, but BW is not one of those people. So even though I don’t consider him stupid, crazy or dishonest(3), his insults and invective directed toward me (us) don’t bother me (us) in the least.

We interact from time to time with this guy. He’s kind of a moron with an way over-inflated opinion of his own intellect. He’s the quintessential empty-head with nothing worthwhile to say, who says it at great length. His thinking and his ideas are, as you might expect, kinda shallow and stupid, so it’s pretty easy to beat him in debate, and that heats him up. In reaction, he frequently trots out a juvenile potty mouth to call us here all the same nitwittish names that BW calls us, only more colorfully. The point: It doesn’t bother me (us) in the least. ‘Cause he’s an idiot! Why should I (we) ever care what he calls me (us)? Answer: I (we) shouldn’t, so I (we) don’t. 🙂

So, again, BW, since you consider me (us) so insignificant, so stupid, so whatever, why on earth were you upset by even one thing that any of us ever said to you in these pages, or at your blog?

— xPraetorius



(1) We’ve long since emotionally divested ourselves from Brothawolf. For a long time, we’d thought that BW was a pleasant, nice, well-meaning fellow, but that he had some beliefs that were wrong, and that deserved to be called out and addressed for what they were: racism. We did that important calling out, and we pretty much proved that BW’s a racist (he admitted it), and he admitted that he’s wrong to be a racist. Now, a good person, when faced with stark evidence that he has a serious character flaw, works to eradicate that defect from himself. Period. No excuses. No “explanations.”

We were wrong about Brothawolf. He’s not a good person. Faced with the evidence, which he openly admitted was true, he simply doubled down on insisting that it was okay for him to be a racist, doubled down on his name-calling and insults, doubled down on his oft-repeated refusal to change anything about his own state of mind, regardless of, well, of anything. That’s the hallmark of a… bad person.

(2) Look, I already know the answer… it’s all just a feeble dodge. A way to try to escape from the fact that BW has no arguments that counter our criticisms of what he says. However, we do try to operate under the assumption that people mean what they say to us here. That leaves us only two mutually exclusive possibilities with BW: (1) that he’s lying and trying desperately to dodge answering our questions, and addressing the issues we’ve raised, or (2) he’s not lying, and he simply lacks the brainpower and maturity. After years of interacting with BW and bumping into his granite-headedness, we’re left with only those two possibilities. Either way, there’s no sense in further interactions with him.

I take that last back. In this post (here) we outlined the conditions under which we’d return to commenting on BW’s blog. Here are those conditions again:

  • You (Brothawolf) must publicly apologize — on your blog — for all your name-calling. And you must publicly commit to not doing it in the future.
  • You must publicly denounce — on your blog, where she can see it — “diary”‘s obscene call for the violent death of all white people.
  • You must publicly admit — on your blog — that you were wrong to ban me (us) in the first place.
  • You must publicly admit — on your blog — that your assertion that “you’ll never change your mind” is both incorrect, and leads to intellectual stagnation and sclerosis, and that forthwith you renounce that state of mind.
  • You must publicly — on your blog — denounce and renounce your own racism, and pledge to rid yourself of it.
  • You must publicly — on your blog — adhere to a higher standard of discourse in which you address ideas, and refuse to speculate about the personal characteristics of those who come with dissenting voices on your blog.
  • You must publicly — on your blog — recommit to free speech. Currently, your blog is an echo chamber. Anyone who goes there and disagrees, and argues with you… you censor.

If you’re man enough to do all those things, you’ll signal that you’ve grown considerably, and I (we) might consider coming back to your blog to provide commentary. Until that time, though, you’ve demonstrated that your level of discourse and argumentation are unworthy of serious scrutiny by anyone with more than a third-grade understanding of the world around us, and it’s not worth our time to interact with you.

(3) At least as far as this blog is concerned. BW is part of the political Left, so much of his life is, by definition, a lie, wrapped up as it is in the Left’s Big Lie. Therefore, he repeats many, many lies that he sincerely doesn’t believe to be lies. It’s in this way that a person who regurgitates lie after lie after lie can be… not a liar. A stooge, a dupe, a useful idiot, yes, but not a liar.





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