Leftism is Ignorance and Stupidity

Leftism is ignorance because its “ideas” always seem the most attractive when one knows, or has thought, the least about them. When one is at his most ignorant about them.

However, the more one digs and delves into these ideas, the shallower, the less substantive, such thinking reveals itself to be.

This is true of all leftist thinking, on all issues. Here are just a few that seemed to make great sense at first glance, but then revealed themselves to be stupid, or even barbaric.

  • The most important of these is, of course, abortion.
  • Then comes leftist thinking on economics.
  • Then their thinking on all things sex- and gender-related.
  • Feminism.
  • Environmentalism.
  • Race Relations.

The goal of the Left has always been to get the non-thinkers and the superficial thinkers on their side early… to get policies, laws, rules and regulations implemented, well before anyone’s had a chance to think things through.

After all, “thinking things through” takes time, which allows the Left to establish a sufficiently large cohort of non- and shallow thinkers who will shout down anyone who might be tempted to say, “Wait a minute…”

Leftism is stupidity because when, with the passage of time, the leftist ideas prove as wrong-headed, damaging, disastrous or barbaric as they inevitably do, only very stupid, or corrupt(1), people remain leftists.

We see this time and time and time again, as ideas that were tried and found to be horribly wrong-headed come back — like some horrid game of Whack-a-Mole — over and over again. Look at Marxism and Eugenics, both enjoying a renaissance of popularity on — where else? — college campuses.

Marxism’s bloody history has had plenty of recounting in these pages, but it might be useful to consider the reason the twisted notion of Eugenics came about: the hoped for extinguishing of the black race. Today’s eugenicists, though, want to kill old people of all races, so now it’s okay, right? They’ve, apparently, evolved.

Today’s “woke” eugenicists no longer want to kill only black people, as his ideological and philosophical ancestors did, no today’s enlightened angel of death yearns to kill people of all races.

Furthermore, let’s not forget the role that abortion — a key component of Eugenics — plays in keeping black Americans’ numbers(2) down. To show you how skillful the Left is with their propaganda, black Americans still vote at a rate of around 90% for… Democrats, the very party doing its level best to keep them poor, dependent, ignorant and… few.

Feminist icon Margaret Sanger was a big believer in Eugenics, precisely because she dreamed of removing from society the people she believed to be “inferior” — black Americans. Margaret Sanger, if you’ll recall, was the founder of Planned Parenthood, the most prolific perpetrator of abortions in the country today.

Why is this, you might ask? And a fine question it is! The answer is simple: The Leftist’s Prime Directive is to obtain and retain power. There is no greater power on earth than the power of life and death. This is why whenever there’s a life or death (or closely related, like healthcare) issue, the Left always, always, always takes the position where someone winds up dead.

Adolf Hitler was a big believer in Eugenics. Obviously. In the late 19th and early and mid- 20th Centuries, the American Left openly espoused Eugenics as an important tool in shaping an ideal society. They stopped (temporarily) only when the monstrous Hitler revealed what Eugenics actually looked like as national policy.

However, now the American Left is the movement most loudly promoting the medical murder of old people, depressed people, sick people in America today. No surprise there. The Left, and their political wing, the Democrat Party, are, and have always been, the movement of death.(3)

Ignorance is the cause of the crashing stupidity of leftist thought. Stupidity makes leftists stay with those ideas long after they’ve been proven idiotic… or barbaric.(4)

Ignorance is a condition that can be overcome with learning and intelligent reasoning. Stupidity is, all too often, a choice. Those who choose to be stupid we call: Leftists.

— xPraetorius


(1) Corruption is, after all, just a form of stupidity.

(2) Life is, for the Left, nothing more than a numbers game.

(3) Remember, the Democrat Party, the political wing of the American Left, has been throughout American history the party of slavery, of segregation, Jim Crow Laws, abortion, environmentalism, socialism, feminism, racial strife, urban policy, and now, killing old people. Wherever these bastards go, they leave behind a swath of wreckage filled with snarling people, poverty, disease, despair, violence and death. More succinctly: whenever the Democrat Party takes a position on an issue, someone generally winds up impoverished or dead.

(4) This is, by the way, the only plausible explanation for the popularity of Marxism on college campuses today. Our young college students today are being taught by professors who are both ignorant and stupid! See if you can predict what kind of college graduate that produces.

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