Pithy Passages from our Pages — Part I

It’s a new series! We review our past posts from time to time… generally to see which ones might be suitable for a compendium or a book. In so doing, sometimes we come across passages that are worth repeating, and those will appear in this new series of ours.

We’ll also try to be diligent about providing the link back to the post that contained the passage.

Here’s one:

Remember, the Democrat Party, the political wing of the American Left, has been throughout American history the party of slavery, of segregation, Jim Crow Laws, abortion, environmentalism, socialism, feminism, racial strife, urban policy, and now, killing old people. Wherever these bastards go, they leave behind a swath of wreckage filled with snarling people, poverty, disease, despair, violence and death. More succinctly: whenever the Democrat Party takes a position on an issue, someone generally winds up impoverished or dead.

Link: Leftism is Ignorance and Stupidity

— xPraetorius

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