Great Quote by Jonah Goldberg!

Wish I’d said this…

But here’s the thing: Virtually any other Republican could have or even would have nominated Brett Kavanaugh, and most of the garbage we’ve heard over the last two weeks — he’s evil, he doesn’t deserve the presumption of innocence, he must be guilty because other men or white men or prep-school men are sexual predators, he’s guilty because Mazie Hirono thinks his rulings on abortion are proof of rapey-ness, he floats on water just like wood, etc. — would be spouted by these people all the same. Sure, you can put some of the blame on Trump for the climate in Washington. You can blame him for making it harder to speak credibly about sexual misbehavior since there are so many credible allegations against him.

But you can’t blame him [Editor: Trump] for Democrats believing that Brett Kavanaugh ran a rape gang in high school. Nor can you blame Trump for all of the liberals who know it must be a lie and refuse to say so. That’s on them.

The rest of Goldberg’s post at National Review Online is here. Like everything that Goldberg writes, it’s well worth the read!

Yep. Well said.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Great Quote by Jonah Goldberg!

  1. Love Jonah G’s writing and read that article myself just this morning. He hits the nail right on the head about the season of extreme nonsense we are in.

    1. Yes, he does, Tricia!

      What I like most about JG is that he’s the most fair-minded partisan out there. If you’re willing to go toe-to-toe with him on an issue, he always, always, always gives you credit where you score points, or make a credible point.

      This means simply that he’s scrutinized, with an open mind, all the various possibilities advanced as legitimate arguments.

      The fact that he, and others like him, then comes down on the Conservative side of things is a huge argument in favor of Conservatism.

      It doesn’t hurt that he’s an excellent writer too!


      — x

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