A Challenge to Brothawolf

BW: I know you and I have exchanged a lot of words… some of them heated. You seem rarely to understand what I’m saying, and you resort way too quickly to scurrilous things that are simply out of the liberals’ playbook of Things To Say When You’re Losing An Argument. Or: Names To Call A Conservative When He’s Thumping You In A Debate, or Deflections To Use When A Conservative Is Mopping The Floor With Your Arguments.

In all that mess, you’ve accused me of being a racist, and you’ve accused America of being a racist nation. You’ve also asserted — wildly incorrectly — that America’s political Right wing is where most racism directed toward black Americans resides.

You’re accusations are wrong — but not completely wrong! — and I challenge you to read this essay in National Review. As I’ve often said to you, there is white racism directed at black Americans. It’s this kind of racism that the linked essay discusses.

It’s about one of the ways America does things really badly. Particularly as it pertains to black Americans, and to other minorities. It’s regulation, and yes, the vast, vast majority of it comes from… the American Left.

If you want to keep a group of people down, then regulate away all their economic mobility, and squash all their efforts — even when they’re very young! — to learn how to better themselves, or to learn to take advantage of the greatest opportunity society in the history of the world.

The essay talks about three children who were engaging in a beloved American tradition: making some spending money by mowing lawns or selling refreshments to the neighbors on a hot day.

See if you can guess what happened. Yep. Some busybodies, certain that the youngsters weren’t in possession of the proper business permits, called the cops on the kidlets.

But,  wait there’s more! The kids were all black; while the idiotic buttinskis were all white.

The essay tells how regulation can  be used by racists — of all colors — to perpetrate discrimination against people whose skin color they may not like.

However, there’s something more interesting even than that in this essay. It’s this link. In the book review behind that particular link, we read some details on some of the things that we’ve been revealing in these pages for years: The home of white hostility — racist hostility — toward black people in America is… on the political Left. 

The book being reviewed is named: “Illiberal Reformers: Race, Eugenics & American Economics in the Progressive Era,” by Thomas Leonard, a research scholar in the Humanities Council and a lecturer in economics at Princeton.

When today’s leftists call themselves “Progressives,” they probably don’t understand the horrible pedigree of that word. Progressives from turn of 20th Century America were the direct intellectual and philosophical ancestors of today’s American Left.


Progressives of turn of the 20th Century America had some ugly, ugly beliefs. They had plans to eliminate black — and other so-called “inferior” — people. The vast majority of America’s eugenicists were leftists. A big fan of America’s leftist eugenicists was another famous leftist, noted race thinker Adolf Hitler. America’s Left is responsible for the KKK, for Jim Crow Laws, segregation, literacy tests for voting and more.

Here’s an interesting passage from the linked book review:

Leonard shows, however, that their [Editor’s Note: the Progressives’] policies were undergirded by social Darwinism and eugenics and excluded groups deemed inferior — including women, Southern- and Eastern-European immigrants, Catholics, Jews, and blacks.

“They wanted to help ‘the people,’ but excluded millions of Americans from that privileged category on the grounds that they were inferior,” he says.

Progressives pushed for voter registration, literacy tests, and poll taxes to mitigate fraud and corruption, bolstering the Jim Crow South. In 1913, they proposed a minimum wage to benefit skilled Anglo-Saxon workers by requiring immigrants to prove they had a job paying that wage to enter the country.

Even more interesting, it was Republicans — in every case — who put an end to each of the ugly things the Left established. Yep, the political party holding down the starboard side of the political argument was the one — in every single, solitary case — to get rid of the racist cr*p implemented by the Left.

Yet, how do black Americans vote? Overwhelmingly for their historical tormentors: Democrats.

And the Left, along with the leaders of the Race Grievance Industry, are always howling about how the Right — the Republicans and Conservatives who eliminated the racist structures that the Left put in place — are all a bunch of, you guessed it… racists!

There’s a funny/not funny T-Shirt out there. It has a picture of Abraham Lincoln on it, and reads: “Haven’t seen the Democrats this mad since we took away their slaves.” (here) There’s a lot in that T-shirt… For example, for the word “slaves,” you could substitute: “Jim Crow,” “Segregation,” “Separate but Equal,” or “KKK.” and it’d still be accurate. Or, you could sub in “Literacy Tests,” or “Poll Taxes,” and it’d still be on the nose.

— xPraetorius

5 thoughts on “A Challenge to Brothawolf

    1. Thanks, GF! Race relations are a lot more complicated than BW ever admits they are. There are no perfect groups of any kind, but there are trends and measures, and these are practically all against all the arguments that BW tends to make, eg: All white people are racists in this the most racist country on earth.

      BW seems to want to be able to make these vast, sweeping statements about entire peoples, and then get only pats on the back from his Amen chorus.

      Then, when someone does push back at his simplistic posts, he gets hugely defensive. It’s silly, and it should be an opportunity for him to learn things. Instead, he chooses to hunker down and stay defensive.

      It’s easy to pick apart his arguments, and so I do.


      — x

  1. GF,

    You haven’t read nor responded to my comments on your blog either. And we both know why we’re no longer allowed on my blog, or at least I and those with a strong grasp on reality know. And if I decided to ignore this, why should you care? You obviously don’t care to have a conversation about race and racism. So, whatever.


    Before I fully decide to engage in this billionth fruitless attempt to drum up a non-argument, let me ask you something. Have I ever ONCE denied that racism didn’t exist or was minimal on the left, NOT the African American left but the left IN GENERAL?

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