NPR Watch (4-9-18) – NPR Endorses Thought Policing, NON-Diversity

It was astonishing to hear what I heard this morning on National Public Radio’s morning “news” program, called “Morning Edition.

The topic was the conundrum posed by social media and their, let’s say, slipshod handling of the vast trove of personal data they have collected from hundreds of millions of users.

I don’t know the names of the people who were speaking, but I remember it was a woman, and what she said. It was two absolutely remarkable and chilling things:

Thing (1): The reporterette was talking with former social media employees. She reported — as news — what a former employee of YouTube had said. She told us that the ex-employee spoke of YouTube’s beginning. It was, he said, supposed to educate and inform. But, reported the NPR droid, it had become a place where people were listening to all manner of viewpoints and, worse than that, to the wrong viewpoints.

Whoa! Excuse me? The wrong viewpoints?!?!?

To support the positively moronic notion that a YouTube employee or an NPR reporterette is the all-seeing possessor of the key to what are the right viewpoints, they played a clip of someone questioning whether the moon landings even happened. What these morons don’t understand is that people with fringe, out-on-the-limits, ideas are absolutely essential to a free society. They are no more nor less than the ones who confirm to you that you have the freedom to think differently!

There are “fringe elements” out there to show us… what the frickin’ fringe is! If the fringe nuts are prevented from expressing themselves, then other fringe nuts — you know, Democrats — will be able to spout their fringe, wacky viewpoints, and no one will know they’re nitwits!

It’s very simple; read it well: If the moon landing doubters disappear, it means your freedoms have disappeared… and you’re listening now to only leftists, Democrats and other fringe nuts.

Read this well: You have a responsibility to think for yourself! To expose yourself to and consume different viewpoints, to scrutinize them from many different angles, to throw out the obviously idiotic, and to embrace the ones that actually pass muster when viewed from many different angles.

National Public Radio’s reporter was making nearly explicitly the case that you are too much of an idiot to investigate these things for yourself. That you need to be led by those who are more knowledgeable, smarter, more informed, better educated… better than you, so that you won’t find yourself having “wrong viewpoints.”

Here’s what someone should say to NPR:

I’ll be da##ed if I’ll allow you ignorant, uninformed, totalitarian, buffoonish bastards to tell me what my viewpoint ought to be. Hell no!

Thing (2):  Then… in the same piece, some commentator was bemoaning all the “divisive content” on social media.

Serious question: What idiot edited this piece? Did a real editor allow her 12-year old daughter in to edit it? Were the copy writers and editors of NPR really suggesting that we should all view only content that either comports with their viewpoints, or with just one viewpoint? Or what?

And what was the moron commentator trying to suggest by being upset with “divisive content” in social media? That we should all believe all the same things? And that it should be what the moron commentator believes?

Guess what: that’s the only possible conclusion to arrive at. This half-wit knows that he has all the right viewpoints, and that if only you and I would simply believe what he believes, then everything would be okay.

I used to believe all that too. Only I was seven years old, and I outgrew it. I learned that I was not the possessor of All Truth. Leftists, apparently, never learn that basic truth.

Yes, leftism is a cult. Certainly the American strain of it is.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “NPR Watch (4-9-18) – NPR Endorses Thought Policing, NON-Diversity

  1. If the moon landing doubters disappear, it means your freedoms have disappeared… and you’re listening now to only leftists, Democrats and other fringe nuts.

    So … you do not believe there are any democrats, leftist and fringe nuts who believe the moon landings were faked?

    1. Lol! Silly Ark! Maybe you should leave this to others.

      The moon landing doubters are generally Democrats and fringe nuts.

      In fact, the world of fringe nuts consists of moon landing doubters, the grievance mongers, Democrats, Ark, leftists, and other assorted moonbats. However, the Left is busily working to constrain the scope of allowable speech everywhere in America. While the moon landing doubters are nearly all default lefty wingnuts, if their wingnuttery proves no longer useful to the Left, then they will be silenced, and as I mentioned, your freedoms will be diappearing.


      — x

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