Syria: Some Preliminary Observations

  • People who should not be on the international scene: Vladimir Putin, Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong Un, the Top Jerk in Iran, Isis, Al Qaeda… many others… but those are a good Top Six. If any of these scum-sucking whores can be removed, prevented, hobbled, crippled, without unleashing a much wider conflict, then the action is justified.
  • The bottom line idea is: Unleash N violence today to prevent N x 100 violence tomorrow. That was the idea behind Hiroshima, Dresden, Nagasaki, Tokyo, Cologne, Hamburg. You can debate the justification for it, but it’s hard to argue against.
  • The loss of one human life is an infinite tragedy. The loss of thousands of human lives is an infinite tragedy. Stalin recognized this truth, and trivialized it to: A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. Needless to say, Stalin was one of history’s most abominable monsters.
  • We Conservatives used to condemn — rightly — Barack Obama’s constant and knee-jerk impulse to blame all the problems of the world on his predecessor. He did this all throughout his pathetic tenure in the White House.
  • Obama’s tenure in the White House was pathetic, resulting in the extraordinary phenomenon that we remarked on numerous times in these pages: Around the world, literally nothing had improved as a result of Obama’s Presidency. All indicators of quality of life around the world declined during the Obama years.
  • Barack Obama, the idiot that he was, set the stage for all this. When all manner of jerk, scoundrel, wack-job, psycho lunatic around the world saw Obama take up residence in the White House, they all breathed a deep sigh of relief. Finally! they thought, a clear path forward for our psychosis! As a result, we have:
    • Obama’s Nuclear Iran (not to be forgotten: Iran in the hands of psychotic islamists is the legacy of Jimmy Carter)
    • Obama’s Nuclear North Korea
    • Russia on the rise, and on the roll
      • Crimea re-absorbed into Russia
      • Ukraine under 24/7/365 threat from Russia
    • Russia the pre-eminent superpower in the Middle East
    • Obama’s Syria
    • Obama’s ISIS — all the horrible things around the world, that Obama gave us, that need desperately to be cleaned up.
  • We Conservatives used to condemn Obama for his constant blame-shifting, and now many of us are doing the same to other Conservatives who point out the fact that Obama left today’s Syria to Trump(1). The problem with that is that those who point to Obama’s tenure as a serious historical problem are… right. Obama was wrong to blame Bush, because he, Obama, supported and implemented policies guaranteed to perpetuate, or to worsen, or to cede influence in already bad circumstances. Leaders of the Democrat Party knew that the policy prescriptions they were endorsing were not going to make things any better, anywhere — they never have — and therefore Democrat leaders knew that they had to blame Bush. They were busily implementing policies, laws and regulations guaranteed to lock people into poverty and dependency, to leave billions around the world to the tender mercies of lunatics, to lead to the murders of millions upon millions… and they didn’t want anybody to know it.
  • Bottom Line of the the Blame Game: Obama was wrong to blame Bush; We’re right to blame Obama… that’s the difference. Kind of a major difference.
  • Otherwise stated: we should not hesitate to blame Obama for phenomena like Syria, because it’s the truth. The fact that Obama constantly blamed Bush for his own failings, and was wrong, doesn’t mean that we should avoid pointing at Obama… because it’s right.
  • The worldwide rubble left over from the disastrous Obama tenure should give us the extremely important lesson that we should never, ever, not ever, do that again. But it won’t. The corrupt American media will see to that.

With all that said… I’m switching gears:

  • Everyone — no exceptions — appears to have bought into the notion that (1) a chemical attack occurred in Syria, and (2) Syria’s Assad ordered it and carried it out.  I’m okay with conclusion #1, but have serious reservations about #2. Talk about something that Assad had to know was not in his interest! He was winning his civil war! He’d nearly completely vanquished the various factions of resistance to his malignant régime. Only a complete idiot would have done a chemical attack that close to complete victory. Don’t rule out the possibility that Assad is a complete idiot. But don’t rule out, either, the possibility that the Russians and Iranians were simply using their puppet in Syria to see (1) whether Trump was the feeble milquetoast that Obama was, or (2) whether the media and Democrats had sufficiently weakened Trump to the point of Obama-level feebleness and ineffectiveness.
  • Trump’s actions prove that Russia’s Putin wanted… Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency. Does anyone doubt that, regardless of the motivation or responsible parties behind the chemical attack, a hypothetical President Clinton would do nothing in response to it? A nothing response is, obviously, Vladimir Putin’s preferred result of the chemical attack.
  • Media/Democrat/Leftist Corruption: The media and the Dems are attacking Trump for the strikes on Syria. Does anyone doubt that the media and the Dems would attack Trump no matter what he did, or did not do, in Syria?

— xPraetorius



(1) As well as North Korea, rising Russia, Iran, etc. It should be noted that other serious trouble spots around the world deteriorated as well: Africa, South America, Southeast and Central Asia.


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