Media <b><i>“Tassification?”</i></b> Media <b><i>“Pravdafication?”</i></b>

Media “Tassification?” Media “Pravdafication?”

Have the American media — regular and Social — been Tassified? Pravdafied? Do we need a new noun: media tassification? Media provdafication? Are media personalities like Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and the like merely now pravdacateurs? (pr.: prav-dah-ka-TERS)


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Hopeful News

Hopeful News

Margaret Thatcher said: “The facts of life are Conservative,” to which I countered, “But society’s white noise is leftist.” And it is. It takes a real effort to go against the tsunami of leftist messaging that washes constantly over all Americans, to become only an independent thinker, much less a contrarian.


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Platform Or Publisher?

Platform Or Publisher?

• Regardless of whether the social media outlets are platforms or publishers, they have vast power.


Censorship is how the Left does it. They deprive the right of the ability to communicate with the American people.


• The ones who censor dissenting opinions are admitting both:

     — their insecurity in the strength of their own beliefs, and

     — that they themselves suspect that their beliefs will not survive in a fair fight. 


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