An RGI Sampler (Part II)

— These are the ones calling white people “Racists” —

We’ve often said some variation of the notion that the Left and the Race Grievance Industry could write all our material for us. Sometimes all you need to do is quote them to show how ridiculous they are, and how idiotic their thinking is.

In one of the sickest, most twisted posts I’ve ever read (here), our own friend Brotha (I-DON’T-Hate-White-People) Wolf joins in, adding a comment in which he casually hints that a lot of white people need to be slaughtered.

By the way, the post to which BW was replying was a screed in which the author, a racist ghoul named Alliyah Gallows, crowed and jeered at young Otto Warmbier who was tortured and murdered in North Korea. The author’s message was that young Warmbier had it coming, because he was a white person going to a fascistic country.

In the post Gallows engages in the ubiquitous left-wing fantasy: mind-reading. She proceeds to tell us what Otto Warmbier was thinking and feeling as he took the journey that would result in his murder. Warmbier, the idiot Gallows tells us, thought that his “White Privilege” would keep him safe in North Korea. Here’s BrothaWolf’s comment:

  • White privilege has been cracking slowly, but surely for some time now, and white people are witnessing it and are losing their sheltered, reality fearing, narrow minded s##t over it. North Korea’s punishment of Otto Wambier was that silver bullet that shot through the massive inflated chest of whiteness. There will be more shots fired and more cracks forming. (link here) Gallows thoughtfully replied, “God I hope so.”

Gee, maybe we should tell you what’s going on in-between Alliyah Gallows ears. I’d do it, but I can tell you for sure that it would be (1) so grotesque, or (2) incoherent, or (3) slack-jawed, slope-headed, knuckle-dragging, drooling, blank-eyed stoooooopid, that there’d be no real point in it.

If you have the stomach to read the truly ghastly, then read the essay by Gallows. It’s linked at top.

But wait, there’s more! The repulsive Alliyah Gallows was actually riffing on another post, written by another hideous racist, with the same howlingly stupid sentiments, and the same hallucinatory mind-reading, written by the same kind of delusional racist who’d go completely ballistic if someone ever told her what she was thinking. That post is here.

— xPraetorius


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