An RGI Sampler

— These are the ones calling white people “Racists” —

We’ve often said some variation of the notion that the Left and the Race Grievance Industry could write all our material for us. Sometimes all you need to do is quote them to show how ridiculous they are, and how idiotic their thinking is.

We’ve also said in these pages, “The new racists are here, and they’re the ones furiously waving the banner of Anti-Racism.” It’s a variation of that great expression of unknown provenance: “The new fascists will come waving the banner of Anti-Fascism,” and it’s just as true.

Well, we decided to compile some of what the RGI say and present it in these pages to illustrate our point. We may or may not comment, depending on how stupid the quote is. If it’s incandescently moronic then we may allow it to stand alone in all its fetid, odoriferous, craptastic glory.

So, without further ado, here are some of the things that the “Anti-Racists” of the RGI have said (sometimes to me! 🙂 ) I’ve highlighted in red some of the more… ummm… eye-opening passages:

  • That is why whites are dying out. We are thinking them into non-existence in accordance with our own prophecy that we are fulfilling for ourselves. We are not separate from God just because we are in temporary physical bodies. Whites live one life and die like an insect. We are eternal people. I would much rather go down fighting. I take time each and every day to focus mental and spiritual energy into the extermination of whites. I do altar rituals, mantras, Kemetic execrations against Set and Apep, etc. This collective energy will annihilate whites in a few years from now…..but it’s always darkest before dawn. (link here)

Well! White people are like “insects?” Nothing racist about that, eh? This is the same writer who, in BrothaWolf’s blog fantasized about a “solar assassination” that would exterminate all white people on Earth. Every man, woman and child. And why? Well, because you see, white people are racists.

Here’s some more, from the same post, from the same “thinker.”

  • They know black liberation = white death….even if only instinctively. Whites are animals so they only operate out of the reptilian brain and the lower three chakras of fear, greed, perversion and control. How do I know they are not humans? Because we made them near the end of Kemet and the genetic experiment went awry and here we are. Our punishment was what we have been experiencing. Never screw around with DNA is the lesson and whites will never learn it. We are gods in flesh but we are not the Supreme until we reach that level. (link here)

Our comment: Remember our sub-heading. These are the ones calling white people racists! This is America’s Race Grievance Industry.

Want some more? Here’s a response from the whack-a-doodle “moderator” of the blog in question:

  • A most magnificent response. I too do many rituals on our freedom and their demise.

All from the same blog post! Here is a black person doing “many rituals” on the demise of white people.

Here’s a sample from another post on the same blog:

  • During my tenure, the white female has been my most formidable opponent, my deadliest foe and the most underhanded entity I’ve ever met. I’m awake. Are you? (link here)

Awake? More like “Out-In-Hallucinogen-Induced-Wack-Job-Ready-For-Some-SERIOUS-Meds-Crazy!

And here’s a comment to the post that contained the above gem:

  • White females feel entitled to ALL black men. When they get rejected then they get on the KKK wagon. White females are opportunists and nothing more. They have no loyalty nor allegiance to anything or anyone except drugs, sex and money. They are HOLLOW.”

Just in case you feminists thought you could make common cause with the RGI!

Here are a couple more comments in that same comments section:

  • White people are deranged.”
  • They are deeply upset and nasty women! Non-white men who are in relationships with these nasty don’t know what they will go through!”

Remember: these nutcases are the ones calling themselves, “AntiRacists!”

— xPraetorius


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