Holy Mackerel! GREAT Song! (Part II)

So, I did a little tooling around on the web in search of more material by my new favorite guitarist, Alan Miner.

I stumbled on this video. It’s absolutely captivating! And it’s about … nothing that I can figure out. Just a bunch of family pictures, but accompanied by some really tasty guitar playing! In this video Miner sounds a lot like Robin Trower.

The pictures that float in and out are all nearly translucent, and lend an ethereal quality to the entire presentation. The background sound which is, I assume, Miner playing one of his guitar compositions, is just wonderful … perfect for this video.

In long passages of the video, we see a guitarist, presumably Miner, just playing, as images swirl around him, while he just plays and plays. Wonderfully. Suely there is a message there somewhere; but there doesn’t have to be.

The pictures have the feel of: a family at play on a gorgeous Summer day. There are numerous pictures at the end of, I presume, the guitarist himself. One keeps looking for a theme, and one keeps coming back to something like: Life. Family. Summer. Happiness.

I love listening to this video. I love to watching as well! There’s something in it that’s way above and beyond the trash that usually garners an Oscar for movies and videos. For me, that thing is: depth., suggestibility, evocativeness, enjoyable watching and listening. Over and over and over again.


— xPraetorius

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